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April 2012

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Drexel 50 Years Ago - and Some Research

 May 3, 2012    


Alumni Weekend
May 4 - 5, 2012

June 25, 2012  

This month, our College has been busy in the community raising awareness on the importance of STEM education through more than 20 events we participated in during the Philadelphia Science Festival and Philly Tech Week. Drexel recognizes that science education reform is needed in order to maintain leadership in STEM. The Philadelphia region has long been the birthplace of innovation and continues to be the incubator of countless breakthroughs across the scientific and engineering disciplines. Drexel is a part of this history and we're proud to celebrate this. We're home to the founding father of the Internet. We're home to the creator of the barcode. Our own graduates have been to space and back. As seen in this month's newsletter, students and faculty consistently win awards and discover solutions to tomorrow's problems. Drexel will continue to write the history of breakthroughs and innovation. Let's continue to inspire our future leaders.

Drexel's Humanoid robots played the Beatles "Come Together" on a variety of instruments in this music video. Watch the video here.


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Dr. MinJun Kim Unlocks the Secret of Beetle Flight

Beetle FlightDr. MinJun Kim, associate professor of the Mechanical Engineering department, is leading a team of engineers in a NSF-funded research project that examines the function and aerodynamics of the Allomyrina dichotoma beetle (rhinoceros beetle) in collaboration with Konkuk University in South Korea. In the rhinoceros beetle, Kim's team has found what could be the perfect candidate for the controlled study of biological flight capabilities. Kim's research aims to study the movements of a beetle's wing by controlling its motion remotely via four tiny electrodes implanted in its body. This research will provide insight into designs for efficient and stable flapping wing micro aerial vehicles. Read more.  


Drexel Celebrates Philadelphia Science Festival and Tech Week

Philly RoboticsDrexel University played a big role in the Philadelphia Science Festival and Philly Tech Week April 20-29. These events brought the Philadelphia community together for a week of exhibits, demonstrations and gatherings throughout the city. The Philadelphia Science Festival unites schools, universities, cultural institutions and research centers to put science in the spotlight. Philly Tech Week highlighted the work of its signature initiative KEYSPOT, which provides free internet access and computer training to over 60,000 Philadelphians. Read more.


Students Earn Honorable Mention at National EPA Competition

EPA P3 competitionA team of professors, graduate and undergraduate students led by Mira Olson, assistant professor in the Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering department, presented the possibility that liquid waste discharge from landfills could be turned into a valuable fuel source. They presented their research as part of a sustainability design competition posted by the Environmental Protection Agency during the People, Prosperity and the Planet (P3) awards program. During Phase I of the competition, the team was selected to receive a $15,000 grant and advance to the finals. The team received honorable mention at the final awards ceremony. Read more.   


New Class of Ferroelectric Materials Designed by Dr. James Rondinelli

Dr. James Rondinelli Dr. James Rondinelli, assistant professor in the Materials Science and Engineering department, has developed a method of constructing new electrically switchable materials through a form of atomic alchemy that resembles microscopic sandwich making. This research of atomic sized "club sandwiches," which are formed by combining two non-ferroelectric compounds to produce a new hybrid material that shows ferroelectricity, is being implemented in a wide array of memory technologies. In collaboration with Dr. Craig Fennie, an assistant professor of applied engineering at Cornell University, Rondinelli has designed guidelines that offer the experimental and industrial scientific communities a step-by-step prescription to create these compounds, resulting in new materials. Read more.

Dr. Kevin Scoles Receives SAE Faculty Advisor Award

Kevin ScolesDr. Kevin Scoles, associate professor of the Electrical and Computer Engineering department, received the 2012 Faculty Advisor Award from SAE International for his work on the SAE Formula Hybrid racing program. SAE International is a global association of more than 128,000 engineers and related technical experts in the aerospace, automotive and commercial-vehicle industries. This award recognizes Scoles' dedication and contributions to SAE and Drexel's Collegiate Chapter. Read more.


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