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September 2011 

Wyatt Farms Newsletter

Hummingbird visiting Salvia 'Wendy's Wish' at Wyatt Farms





Our little Hummingbird friend was having so much fun floating from flower to flower in the greenhouse.  There were actually 2 hummingbirds on this particular day, and it was so amazing to watch them dip and dive as if they were playing with each other.  Salvia 'Wendy's Wish' and Salvia 'Black and Blue' appeared to be the fan favorite for the day.


The evenings are brighter with the blooms of this Moon Vine, which only open at night.  I hope you got the chance to purchase one while we had them in stock.  This is an annual vine so when frost comes, it will die but you can collect the seeds for replanting next year or purchase the vine from us next spring.

Moon vine     



We have so many NEW things arriving in the garden center.  I have included pictures of some below in our 'What's New' Section, just to give you a taste.  But you must come in and see for yourself.


Are you having trouble getting your kids to eat their vegetables?  Try letting them grow their own.  If they grow it, changes are they will eat it.  Fall Veggie gardens are lots of fun.  We have 4 packs of broccoli, collards, cabbage and brussel sprouts to start in your garden.  Hmmmm, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.


Mums, Pansies, and Snapdragons will be arriving soon.  Watch your email for notifications of their arrival. 


I look forward to seeing you in the Garden Shop soon. 

Happy Gardening,

Bess Thompson


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  What's New at Wyatt Farms 


Botanicals add a splash of color and character to your interior...and they don't need watering 

Miniature Gardens!! 
Fun for all ages.   Furnish a Container Garden or even an area of your landscape with miniature furniture and accessories for the occasional fairy.   This is such a fun way to garden and the best part is that it doesn't require any heavy lifting, digging or a back hoe.  

rose pot  
We have beautiful new pots and urns.  

Farfugium gigantum - beautiful shade plant with huge leaves 

Barberry 'Admiration' 
I love this variegated Barberry, you can't beat the yellow edged burgundy leaves.

Blue ice
Blue Ice....stunning
This tree is beautiful in the Landscape 

Endless Summer
Endless Summer Hydrangeas...and they are still blooming 

We have a fresh crop of Encore Azaleas in and they are blooming. 

Blue Chip
Blue Chip Butterfly Bush - this bloomer is coveted for its smaller size.  I personally love it for the fragrance.  Heavenly! 

Wyatt Farms is a full service Design, Install, and Maintenance company. We can help you come up with a landscape design for your yard that suits your family's needs.  We use Computer Aided Drawings (CAD) so you can easily see the design on paper and many of the plants that we design with are right here in our nursery for you to see, touch and smell.  We also have a professional installation and maintenance crew to help you create your landscape and keep it looking beautiful.

landscape picture 


We carry a list of referrals that you can visit  

and see our work up close and personal.



     Fall is the best time to plant so schedule an appointment with Wyatt soon to plan the garden you have always wanted.





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