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Hard Times - New Opportunities
April 2009/Vol 1
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Time for Change
80% of Sales are Made...
The New Status Quo
Qualify Your Vendors
Losing Customers to Technology?

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Time for Change                                                          Jim Bernardi
Change What a week in the news, GM is running out of excuses to restructure their company while Chrysler was given a 30 day window to make a difference. (Fiat is the likely choice to partner with Chrysler.) While we all are wondering what the heck is happening to our country one can only imagine the grave concerns the Dealers are having.   view article

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It's Working

80% of Sales Are Made on the
  5th to 12th Contact                                       Bill Zahrte
Repeat Business The last time you had dinner, or stopped to pick up you cleaning, or left your favorite super market, or left the doctor's office, or had AAA bring gas to you, or went through a toll booth, or went to your favorite clothing store, or stopped at the meat market, or left the local drinking establishment, or picked up your neighbors news paper and dropped it on their door step as a favor ... did you ever receive a thank-you note, or email, or a direct letter just saying how much they love for you being there and being part of their life. Based on the scenario's I have given I am sure you never have.   view article

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The New Status Quo                                                  Joe Verde
Running Out Front Train and Change
There aren't 10 people reading this who don't agree our market has changed in the last few months. The 'status quo' of our prospects and our market is not the same as it was last year.
  view article

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New Opportunities!

Qualify Your Vendors                                                 Stan Sher
Check mark
It is very common to work in a dealership environment where different vendors and consultants make frequent visits to sell a product or service which promises to increase business.  In fact, many of the people that are reading this experience this on a weekly basis.    view article

Losing Customers to Technology?     Thom Mckenna
Cell PhoneTechnology has improved our lives dramatically.  You need it to keep up with the competition; your staff needs it; your customers are looking for it; and the manufactures are marketing it.  It SELLS, Vehicles, Service, You and Your Products.  However, it can hurt you too.    view article

Government to Back Auto Warranties
Along with harsher demands, President Obama has offered support for GM Corp. and Chrysler, hoping to soothe consumers' fears about buying new vehicles from automakers teetering on the brink of bankruptcy.The main source of support is the Warranty Commitment Program, which has been designed by the Treasury Department to ensure that customers buying a new vehicle will still have a warranty even if GM or Chrysler slides into bankruptcy and is forced to restructure - or, even worse, liquidate its assets.  view article

Getting my Car Serviced
I am leaving on a vacation and was driving this time.  It had been awhile since I had major work done on my car so I thought it would be good idea to take it to the dealer this time to make sure it was done right.    view article

Thrive in a Stormy Environment
picture of Jim Bernardi
Because of the major economic crisis we are currently experiencing their has been a heightened interest in business opportunities and franchises that have the right stuff to weather and potentially thrive during this stormy environment. view article

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