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Dealer Survival Guide
March 2009/Vol 1
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The Winners are...
Survival of the Biggest?
Improve Processes to Improve Sales!
Capturing Elusive Customers
Understanding Turbulent Times
The Power of Creativity

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The Winners are....                                                 Jim Bernardi
3 medals I hope this message finds you well this day. I am constantly reminded of many conversations I have had with New Car Dealers over the past few years. The past 2 years is reticent in my mind due to the rampant utter blindness to the causal condition of the current dilemma and more than problematic recessional curve ball that we have all been hit with.  view article

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Survival of the Biggest?                                    Nancy Phillips
World's Biggest Truck Who will come out on the other side of this economic disaster is anyone's guess.  Outside of the standard fare consisting of Honda, Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, Lexus and several other favorably franchised dealers who have floor plan financing with solvent institutions - everything else is up for grabs.   view article

Improve Processes to Improve Sales       Al Mullins
Process Chart From our first days in the business way back in 1975, we were always told to "log your ups, log your ups and follow-them-up until they buy or die!" Most successful dealers, managers and salespeople have attempted this practice and many realized that improved process execution led to improved sales success!   view article

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Capturing Elusive Customers                     Jason Parman
Hunter w/magnifying glass
It has come to my attention that in the wake of today's ever decreasing economy that more and more dealers are catching the Zombie disease. Now I know that everyone has heard of Zombie Banks, but there are a plethora of dealers that have been bitten by the Zombie bug too.  view article

Understanding Turbulent Times          Michael Roppo
Working hard"Many times Success comes Disguised as Work requiring more Effort" view article

The Power of Creativity                                   Stan Sher
Power Anyone that  has ever worked in a dealership as a sales consultant all the way up to a management position can share many experiences of dealing with the difficult issue of having downtime in the showroom.  This is a sore subject for many people because they are affected negatively: They are not selling cars which mean that they are not making money.  view article

Integration for GM Sales Workbench
DMS provider AutoSoft International announces it has begun the roll out of GM Sales Workbench integration to its General Motors dealership customers. view article

Lenders & Investors Needed
Investors wanted for acquisition & working capital for high performance dealers looking to expand. Nancy Phillips Logo

Detroit Report Card
American automakers are struggling after decades of producing mediocre cars. Building the right vehicles is a key to a successful turnaround.  view article
Keep Moving
picture of Jim Bernardi
A local dealer and I were talking in very general terms when he asked me a question. He said; "So, how do you like all those beautiful trucks in front of my showroom window?" view article
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