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Recession Proofing                   December/2008 Vol 1

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The WOW! Factor                                                          Jim Bernardi
Couple Smiling Customers of every kind of business imaginable these days bemoan the state of customer service. While the global economy and the Internet have given businesses the opportunity to serve more clients than ever before, the trend has also given way to impersonal, lackluster customer service. view article

When The Going Gets Tough -
            Run In The Right Direction                            Joe Verde
In a great market, dealerships play offense and they make easy touchdowns, sales and money. But the game has changed and for some dealerships, the results are brutal. view article view article


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Recession Marketing                                              Jim Burness

Recession MarketingWith car sales at levels lower than many in the industry have ever seen, dealerships
nationwide must rely even more heavily on fixed operations. To make the challenge greater, independent shops and chains are becoming more aggressive marketers in an attempt to get customers to defect from their dealer.
  view article

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Opportunities Ahead                                                      Scott Reas
man on cell phone
Every era has presented both challenges and opportunities to the automobile dealer; economic, social, environmental and international to name but a handful.  However, no era has ever had the impact or brought on the dramatic changes for all retailers that the Age of Information has.  view article

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Dealer Profit Concepts

Used Car Pay per Lead Program
AutoUSA announced the launch of a used car inventory pay-per-lead program for dealerships. The new program, which was successfully piloted by AutoNation, lets dealers post their used vehicle inventory at top automotive sites such as AOL Autos,,,, and AutoUSA's used car Web site. view article
Buy One Get One Free?
2 Dodge Avengers
As the automotive industry struggles with the worst sales figures seen in almost two decades, ridiculous deals have begun appearing.  They're typically short-lived, apply only to a handful of cars on one particular dealer's lot, and cover only models that aren't selling well.  But they're still jaw-dropping. view article

Activity Based Costing
In today's ever complex market we must first realize that we have several choices to control our marketplace. We must determine the best solutions that exceed dealer's needs as well as profitability goals.  view article

Jim Bernardi, Publisher
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