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Driving Profitability               November/2008 Vol 1
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Getting Results                                                           Jim Bernardi
'GET RESULTS' street sign It seems the way our economy is going we need to be ever so creative in retaining our customers who are at bay. I consistently train managers and dealers on how to create an atmosphere of results. But getting your current team out of the proverbial slump can be a daunting task at the very least. Good Managers must be prepared to meet the dealer's forecast - or at least make a valiant effort to obtain a favorable profit margin. view article

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James A. Ziegler, CSP                            800-726-0510

Strategic Internet                                                   Stan Sher

chess piecesThere are two typical scenarios used for an a dealership's internet department. A department where appointment setters work to set up appointments for the sales floor and a department where sales professionals make their own appointments and sell the car. Many professionals in the industry often have an opinion as to why one way works better than the other. The problem that is not realized is that there are some things that are not being taught properly to the people working in these department .  view article

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New Drivers of Profitability                 Jon Strawsburg
Service Advisor & Customer
 Vehicle Sales are down across the country. And with the price of gas, consumers are driving less and looking for smaller, more fuel efficient models. Consequently, many dealers are looking at Fixed Operations to maintain overall profitability.  view article

Ford Digital Marketing Summit
Red Rock Hotel
Ford Lincoln Mercury announces its Digital Marketing seminar in Las Vegas on November 19, 2008. This seminar is for all Ford and Lincoln Mercury Dealers and General Managers. view article
Top 10 Deals Now
Mercedes BenzThese vehicles are purported to have the best deals in either financing, leasing options or cash. See what Edmunds has to say.  view article
No Bottom Yet?
Analysts are predicting even worse sales as the months move on. Toyota's unprecedented 0% financing and. view article
Understanding Your Customers
The starting point for differentiated service is to profile your best customers. view article

Jim Bernardi, Publisher
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