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More insights, less data - Why your research should tell a story

Behavior over attitude: A path to more actionable segmentation

What (not) to do this research conference season

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Research War Stories: Responses were very enthusiastic - except for one boy...

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More insights, less data - Why your research should tell a story           

By Scott Fiaschetti                      


Researchers are caring by nature. We worry about many things during a project. We make sure every last detail of the survey is perfect. We write - and rewrite - questions, thinking about that one person who might not understand what we mean. We continually test the survey and monitor it all very closely as the completes start coming in. Are we going over quota? What is the drop-off? Is the survey too long?  


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Behavior over attitude: A path to more actionable segmentation
By Ryan Kocher and Alisa Hamilton     


How many times have we observed that consumers say one thing but do another? This apparent disconnect is based on the fact that, when asked, we frequently cite logical or functional reasons for our purchases and never reveal (or even realize) what really motivates us. Take the recent launch of the iPhone 5. Ask people why they purchased the phone and you will likely receive responses such as, "It's high quality" or, "It just works." But would we ever admit that we bought it because it's shiny and made by Apple? Would we admit (or acknowledge to ourselves) that we feel good when we have something that others do not?


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What (not) to do this research conference season
By Colleen A. Rickenbacher 


Currently in the throes of the 2012 research conference season, many Quirk's readers are attending shows in the coming weeks. From our archives, this article offers tips for making the most of your time at trade shows and conferences.

At their best, conferences, trade shows, seminars and meetings can be wonderful - and fun - learning experiences. To make the most of the events you attend, and to help you avoid any embarrassing, or even costly, mistakes, here are some guidelines from Colleen A. Rickenbacher, a business etiquette expert and author of the books Be on Your Best Business Behavior and Be on Your Best Cultural Behavior.

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This executive understands how to use research 

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Research War Stories: Responses were very enthusiastic - except for one boy...

Kevin Reilly reports conducting a focus group with five-year-olds and explaining a five-point rating scale utilizing the familiar face of Snoopy from the "Peanuts" comic strip. On this scale, the emotive  expressions on Snoopy's face ran from "elated" to "sad." In order to test kids' understanding of the rating scale, Reilly first gave them a few throwaway questions, usually extremes on the emotional spectrum.

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