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PRSM is partnering on a global survey on energy practices and investments in the real estate, facilities management, and buildings sectors to explore the priorities of energy decision-makers. We invite you to participate in this Economic Energy Indicator (EEI) survey to contribute your knowledge to provide all of our members some useful benchmarking data around current retail business practices.

If you are not the appropriate person to respond, please forward this to an appropriate colleague in your company, to participate in the survey. The survey does not require specific energy usage information, and should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

The survey respondents are kept anonymous, and the results will be publicly available in May 2011. Please respond by April 8, 2011.

As a thank-you for participating, all qualified respondents who complete the survey will be able to enter a drawing, with the chance to win one of four Apple iPads.

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Patricia Dameron

Executive Director