See What I'm Saying
The Deaf Entertainers Documentary

Wishes you a very happy New Year!

See What I'm Saying
See What I'm Saying follows four deaf entertainers:
an actor, comic, singer and drummer
as they attempt to crossover to mainstream audiences.


I just want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for sharing 2010 with me. It was a magical year that inspired me, humbled me and encouraged me. Here are a few of our highlights looking back at 2010:

- After 3 years of work by an amazingly dedicated team, we finally had our world premiere of SEE WHAT I'M SAYING to a sold-out crowd in Los Angeles on March 18th.
Hilari CJ Bob TL Robert and limo by Karen Ballard

- The film received the Critics' Pick in the New York Times when it ran for two weeks in NYC, followed by dozens of great reviews, stories and interviews.
Photo NYC premiere

- We screened in over 100 cities all over the world. It was also the very first time that an original open captioned film screened in mainstream commercial movie theaters in the U.S. (not just at a few special screenings, but is accessible at 100% of all screenings because the original film is open captioned.)
Baltimore fans waving

- The film brought deaf entertainers to Australia, Moscow, Canada and across America to share their stories live with audiences during Q&A's, panel discussions and workshops.
Robert performs in KY  CJ in Australia Radio All in the Mind Kentucky all 4 for Q Robert and Hilari in Baltimore

- We secured a great distribution deal with New Video who is releasing SEE WHAT I'M SAYING on DVD on February 22nd on Netflix, Amazon, Blockbuster, their website and on our website (you'll see the link coming soon.) 90 minutes of new bonus features included!
New Video logo

- We had so many great DVD extras beyond the 90 minutes of bonus features on the official DVD that are coming out with the film. Instead of hitting the cutting room floor, we are creating two additional DVD's. 
Keep an eye out for "ME HEAR NONE" (Robert DeMayo live/additional performances DVD) and the Educational Extras DVD.
Robert DeMayo

- Created the Sprint See What I'm Saying Short Film Contest that has encouraged deaf filmmakers to create work for mainstream audiences, motivated hearing filmmakers to caption their films and has generated over 34,000 viewers over the past few weeks alone. See below to help them out - they're working hard to get votes!
Sprint PNG logo reverse

- Have the chance to give back - sending 3 winners above to Hollywood to screen their films at our red carpet Gala DVD release party happening at Universal Studios on February 20, 2011.
Universal Studios interior

- Have more of a chance to give back - donating $2,500 to our community partner, the Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness (GLAD) after winning WE TV/Ladies Home Journal WE Do Good Award (check out page 80 in this month's magazine.) 
Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness  Ladies Home Journal

- Have seen more deaf actors getting cast in film and television and getting booked for live entertainment (we won't take complete credit for that - just listing this as a highlight.)
Robert DeMayo 

- Was humbled to win several more festivals, including "Best Film by a Hearing Filmmaker about the Deaf Experience" at Worldeaf Cinema Festival at Gallaudet, and "Best Treatment of Personal Development Through the Performing Arts" at the Breaking Down Barriers Festival in Moscow.
Gallaudet awards

- But most of all, had the chance to meet so many of you who have inspired me with your stories, your support and your good wishes while I was touring with the film, via email, facebook, Twitter and in person. I am deeply grateful for so many cherished moments.
Bob, TL, Teal, Ali and friends at Laemmle Terry with Hilari at LaemmleHilari at Gally with fan Baltimore QA

Thank you, See What I'm Saying friends. You have built a very special community. I wish each and every one of you a happy and healthy New Year.

With deepest gratitude and much love,
Hilari Scarl

P.S. My New Year's Resolution? To be able to announce my next directing project - a narrative comedy - before the end of 2011. Promise to buy lots of DVD's to help make this happen! 


The Sprint See What I'm Saying
Short Film Contest is happening now! 

Deadline to enter and to vote is January 5, 2011

Sprint is sponsoring the See What I'm Saying Short Film Contest with some amazing prizes to promote captioned films.  

Please go to our website
to read all of the rules, upload your video and vote on your favorite films.

These filmmakers are working hard for your votes! Help make their dream come true by voting on your favorite films.


Thank you for making 2010 such a great success.

Wishing you a very happy New Year and much joy in 2011!

Much love,
See What I'm Saying

NYC premiere - I love you