See What I'm Saying
The Deaf Entertainers Documentary
See What I'm Saying
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"Complex, candid and all-but-essential viewing for hearing audiences, Hilari Scarl's intrepid debut feature, 'See What I'm Saying: The Deaf Entertainers Documentary,' educates without lecturing and engages without effort." - Jeannette Catsoulis
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"An outstanding documentary exploration of the travails of four deaf entertainers, Hilari Scarl's "See What I'm Saying" provides a glimpse into a performance circuit that few hearing-enabled Americans likely realize exists. Rather than a disability, deafness begins to seem almost an entry fee into a singular subculture with celebrities, traditions and prejudices all its own, and this community's actors and artists face troubles that are both familiar and fascinatingly strange. Well-made docu should have little difficulty finding a receptive audience at fests and on homevid. Flying along with a snappy pace and sharp comic timing, the film follows four highly distinctive performers."
- Andrew Barker
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"In truth, this unique documentary is not meant to be read about. This preview will not pretend to do it justice. See What I'm Saying: The Deaf Entertainers Documentary is meant to be seen, for both hearing and deaf audiences. From it, one will learn you do not need to be able to hear to listen to the truth. So, start listening." - Andrew Hall
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ABC Channel 9 interview - captioned!

Hilari and cast on red carpet SWIS by Karen Ballard
Robert, TL, Hilari, CJ, Bob on red carpet at world premiere- photo by Karen Ballard

Thanks to our recent success, now in over 50 cities nationwide!! Special thanks to our recent screenings in Syracuse (Tom DeFrancisco and Terre Slater and special guest CJ) and Union County College in NJ (with surprise guest Robert!) and all who came out to support us and see the film.
More screenings added every week.
Congratulations, fans - we're doing it!


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Start off your Mother's Day with a present to remember.

May 8 and May 9, 2010 - 11:00AM
All three Laemmle Theaters in CA below

Laemmle's Monica 4-plex - Q&A with CJ Jones
1332 2nd Street
Santa Monica, 90401

Laemmle's Town Center 5 - Q&A with Hilari Scarl and Bob Hiltermann
17200 Ventura Blvd.

Laemmle's Playhouse 7 - Q&A with TL Forsberg
673 East Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, 91101

Please be patient with times, ticket info, and details. We post them to facebook and the website as soon as they become available.

May 7 - May 13               Denver, CO - Harkins Northfield 18

May 12                          Private screening at DreamWorks with Hilari Scarl
                                    and editor Marcus Taylor

May 14 - May 20             Des Peres, MO - Wehrenberg Cine 14 - Director
                                     Hilari Scarl in attendance opening weekend!

May 20                          San Diego - Madison High School Performing Arts Center
                                    4833 Doliva Drive, San Diego, CA 92117 6:30PM.
                                    Tickets $5 in advance, $10 at the door. Proceeds to
                                    benefit Deaf and Hard of Hearing high school students
                                    memory book. Director Hilari Scarl and CJ Jones at the
                                    screening. For info contact
                                    or 858 496 8427 v/tty.

May 21 - May 27             Olathe, KS - AMC Studio 30 - CJ Jones in attendance!

May 21 - May 27             Houston, TX - AMC Studio 30

May 22 - May 24             Yakima, WA - Yakima Theatre

May 25                           Royal Oak, MI - Oakland Community College 7:30pm
                                     hosted by D-PAN (Deaf Performing Arts Network)

June 7                           Silver Spring, MD - AFI Silver Theatre
                                    (more information coming soon about this screening.
                                    Shhhh - it's a surprise, but we've been chosen as the
                                    opening night film for VSA (Very Special Arts) Festival
                                    at AFI! Hold the date!

June 11 - June 12           Livonia MI - Madonnna University  (7pm)

August 23 - 29               Melbourne, Australia - The Other Film Festival
                                    [exact screening dates TBD] 
                                    Info at:

September 10 - 16          New York City - Village East Cinema [tentative]

September 10 - 16          Dallas, TX - Angelika Cinema [tentative]

September 18                 Ohio - Kent State University 
                                     Hilari Scarl will be in attendance.

September 21                 Brookline, MA - Coolidge Theater (7pm)

September 25                 Milwaukee, WI - Deaf Awareness Festival -
                                     Hilari Scarl will be in attendance

October 13                     Chico, CA - Focus Film Festival OPENING NIGHT FILM
                                     director and special guests will be in attendance.

Many more dates coming soon - tentative (unconfirmed) screenings in Las Vegas, Kansas, Florida, Vancouver, Philadelphia, Norway, Hong Kong, South Dakota, Kentucky, Mississippi, Cape Cod, Arizona and Seattle. We announce on facebook the moment any booking is confirmed, so please follow us at:

Facebook SEE WHAT I'M SAYING fan page

If you would like to book the film, please email Hilari with the name of your organization, school, theater or event along with the size of the theater and requested screening date(s) to receive a screening package.


New York - thank you for two great weeks.
Thanks to you, the theater is bringing us back in September!

NYC premiere - I love you
                                 NYC premiere - photo by Jon Levi

"It's more than a movie. It's a historical movement whose time has come. Think DPN (Deaf President Now, a historical event at Gallaudet University in 1988) and let's show that there is a demand for deaf actors and open captioned films!"
How you can help:
  • Forward this newsletter to friends in cities listed above.
  • Plan on going as a group to any (or many!) of our screenings
  • Encourage others to sign up for this newsletter (and let us know if you change email addresses.) Sign up here
  • Join us as a Facebook fan of See What I'm Saying: The Deaf Entertainers Documentary Facebook Fan Page 
  • Follow HilariScarl on Twitter
FAN MAIL AND COMMENTS - small selection

These are just a few emails/comments out of several hundred that I have received. Please take a moment to realize the enormous difference that we are making in the world. Comments have been edited for length. Each and every one has profoundly touched me and made a difference when the going gets tough (and yes, there are many challenges and uphill battles every day.) Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I'm very pleased that you are getting theaters (and proof to distributors) to see that closed captioned films can draw a hearing audience as well.  How great!

What a momentous achievement. I was completely and totally blown away last night everything!
I'll do my utmost to spread the word.

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your film.  I came with 2 of my co-workers to the 7:30 screening on March 23.  We all work as pediatric audiologists. 
I think the music video in the beginning of the movie really showed the importance of communication with a deaf child and people in general.  We see too often children who are not connected with their parents, family and friends because of this communication barrier, and on the flip side of that see parents who have really stepped up and immersed themselves in a culture so unfamiliar to them.
We have some aspiring entertainers here who I am sure will really enjoy your film!
Kuddos on a great film!

I just want to said about the Documentary was such a big, BIG exposed to me as I was in shock and so into the Documentary. It was such a very moving to me that I could not explain how I feel about that documentary you Produce. I always believe there is people will always find a way to achieve though struggle and sacrifice we all make to reach the dream we want.

I am hard of hearing.  Learning about this film and seeing the trailer brought tears to my eyes.  I don't know. Validation I guess?  Thank you.

I traveled to the Columbus, OH showing today.  I didn't travel as much as some of the other people only 2 1/2 hr drive.  WONDERFUL movie.

I joined your mailing list and I went to the premiere of See What I'm Saying last night and HOLY COW, was I blown away. I studied Hearing and Deafness in college as my minor, worked at a Deaf/Blind center, and took ASL so obviously I enjoyed the film. What I really want to point out is that I brought my boyfriend along with me who has never even met a Deaf person before, and knows next to nothing about Deaf Culture. Not only did I enjoy the film, but HE was also completely blown away by it. We talked well into the night about many aspects of the film and what both of us learned, but he kept coming back to the point about beginning to see the world through the eyes of your four incredible main characters. I have to agree, the stories were so well developed. 
It's easy to make a great film like Avatar when you have a $50 million budget. I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume you weren't given millions of dollars and support from a major studio, and yet you produced a wonderful, quality film product that is accessible (physically and cross-culturally) to so many if people just buy the ticket. I've been encouraging many of my friends to go see the film, both those who have experience with Deaf culture and those who don't. I am just so glad that someone (YOU!) took such a huge chance in making this movie because even aside from the intriguing subject matter, it is simply this-- A GREAT FILM.
Thank you (and I really mean it-- Thank You),

A mom and her daughter drove from an hour North of Sacramento - after her speech class this morning . Both the daughter & her oldest son are Deaf.
The brother saw the movie last week with CSUN and insisted that his Mom made the 13-hour round trip!
When asked by his Mom to rate the movie out of 10 - he said 20!!!
A true WOW moment!


Can't wait for this to be released in the DC, VA, MD area!!!
I am a Gallaudet student that saw your video premeire in the Philadelphia film festival and loved it!!!The deaf population near Gally is HUGE.... so hurry here!!! 
Good luck!


I was in the audience last evening at the Bremerton High School to watch the much anticipated first showing of your film See What I'm Saying. I felt a close tie to TL as I too am extremely hard of hearing and often find myself involuntarily in the middle of two worlds I will never fully be a part of.
I brought my sister with me last night just to see her reaction. She has impeccable hearing and until last night, I don't believe she really "got" my situation. She was completely dumbfounded to realize the hardship, discrimination, and emotional trauma inflicted on people who are hard of hearing and those with deafness on a daily basis. Now she understands.
Thank you so much for bringing this film to all the blinded and naive people of the hearing world.


CONGRATULATIONS!   I am so excited for you and everyone involved with "See What I'm Saying". My family & I saw your movie here in Philadelphia and it was fabulous.  We are new to the Deaf Culture due to my son's hearing loss and this was a wonderful introduction.  To see the struggles and most importantly, the triumphs, of these four individuals living their lives and pursuing their dreams was a great mind-expanding experience.  My son, who was 14 years old at the time, was greatly impressed.


I attended the sneak peak ASU and was very touched by your work. I am an ASL student and went to the screening as part of my Deaf Community Activity. My husband and I really enjoyed the documentary. I feel that it really opened my eyes to the Deaf Community and helped me understand a lot more than I ever could have in a class room setting. Thank you for all of your hard work on this piece, good luck with your endeavors.


You have moved me, inspired me, motivated me, educated me. I NEED to see this film many times more.

I just watched the See What I'm Saying trailer, award show previews, and almost every other video clip you have on youtube and I have 1 thing to say..... you are such a beautiful person and the entire world (deaf and hearing) is truly blessed to have you!  The message in what you're doing is wonderful.  I'll admit it, I had tears in me eyes as I watched your movie clips.  It touched me in a way that I could have never imagined.  I am sure I have crossed paths with at least a few hearing impaired individuals in my life, but I personally do not know anyone that is deaf.  After watching your clips, I wish I did.  I've been shown a completely other view of the world, a beautiful view, and my heart and mind have opened to it.  I want to learn more!  I want to see this movie!  I want to see where these people (the 4 your movie follows) go in life and how they are able to get past the obstacles the hearing world has put in place.  It really puts things in perspective & makes me feel like my problems and challenges in life are really not so big when you start to look at the big picture called life. I want to congratulate you and your cast & crew on a terrific job. Please keep me updated on your journey to get this movie released in theaters worldwide.  I can't wait to see more!

My deepest gratitude to each and every one of you who have followed us, supported us and continue to cheer us on.

Please visit our facebook fan page for many more additional comments from our fans!

Facebook Fan Page

Exclusive SEE WHAT I'M SAYING merchandise!
T-shirts, CD soundtrack, autographed posters now available at screenings attended by director Hilari Scarl. All proceeds go towards the distribution costs of the film and bringing attention to deaf entertainers everywhere.

Diamando and Paul
Diamando Stratakos and Paul Burgess at Village East Cinema merch table in NYC

DVD will be available late autumn. Details coming!

A big THANK YOU to our title sponsor Sprint.
See What I'm Saying

And a special thank you to those helping us out in every way from passing out postcards, emailing your friends, volunteering at the theaters, helping with distribution behind the scenes and our interpreters. We couldn't do this without you!

Big big thanks go to our NYC coordinator Diamando Stratakos and premiere VIP party organizer Sonya Prasad, our NYC helpers Garrett Zuecher, Alexandria Wailes, John McGinty, Paul Burgess, Eileen, Quinn Cooke (and many more), and our newest assistants Paul Burgess and Amanda Springer as our associate producer Sheila Dvorak is on leave for the summer with her own documentary (go Sheila! We miss you. Hurry back!)

I look forward to seeing each of you at a screening!

Warmest wishes,
Hilari Scarl
See What I'm Saying

Hilari Scarl, director

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