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World Premiere
Los Angeles
March 18, 2010
7:30pm (red carpet begins at 6pm)
Egyptian Theater

Buy Tickets - March 18 Egyptian World Premiere

See What I'm Saying


March 19th - April 1st

Laemmle Sunset 5 - Los Angeles
8000 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, 90046

1pm, 3:10pm, 5:20pm, 7:30pm and 9:50pm

Buy Tickets Here - Laemmle Sunset 5

Laemmle marquee


April 9th - 22nd
Village East Cinema - New York City
181 - 189 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003

Buy Tickets - Village East Cinema - NYC

See What I'm Saying


April 17, 2010 - 7:00 PM
Syracuse, NY
Palace Theater
2384 James Street
Director Hilari Scarl and comic CJ Jones will be in attendance.



April 9 - April 15              Mesa, AZ - Harkins Superstition Springs 25

April 9 - April 15              Peoria, AZ - Harkins Arrowhead Fountains 18

April 9 - April 11              Phoenix, AZ - Harkins Christown 14

April 9 - April 11              Denver, CO - Harkins Northfield 18

April 9 - April 11              Chino Hills, CA - Harkins Chino Hills 18

April 16 - April 18            Elgin, IL - Marcus Elgin Cinema

April 16 - April 18            Gurnee, IL - Marcus Gurnee Cinema

April 16 - April 19            Addison, IL - Marcus Addison Cinema

April 16 - April 18            Oakdale, MN - Marcus Oakdale Cinema

April 16 - April 18            Columbus, OH - Marcus Crosswoods Cinema

April 16 - April 18            Pickering, OH - Marcus Pickerington Cinema

April 16 - April 18            Ashwaubenon, WI - Marcus Bay Park Cinema - Green Bay

April 16 - April 18            Appleton, WI - Marcus Hollywood Cinema

April 16 - April 18            Brookfield, WI - Marcus Majestic Cinema

April 16 - April 18            Menonomee Falls, WI - Marcus Menomonee Falls Cinema

April 16 - April 18            Sturtevant, WI - Renaissance Cinema - Sturtevant

April 16 - April 18            New Berlin, WI - Marcus Ridge Cinema - New Berlin

April 16 - April 18            Saukville, WI - Marcus Saukville Cinema

April 16 - April 19            Madison, WI - Marcus Eastgate Cinema



October 13         Chico, CA - OPENING NIGHT FILM - Focus Film Festival Director and special guests will be in attendance.

Hollywood is watching us!!

If we sell out, more captioned films will be distributed.
Our success = more jobs for all deaf actors and crew.

Red carpet premiere

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Hollywood Reporter

Story in Hollywood Reporter - February 22, 2010

By Jay A. Fernandez

I had the pleasure of running into filmmaker Hilari Scarl at a cocktail party up at Sundance last month, and she had me captivated while talking about her documentary "See What I'm Saying: The Deaf Entertainers Documentary."

Scarl was a TV producer and short-film maker who was chosen to compete on Steven Spielberg's reality show "On the Lot" a few years ago. Among Scarl's achievements in putting together "See What I'm Saying" is the fact that it's the first American theatrical release to be fully subtitled for the country's 30 million deaf and hard of hearing viewers.

The film follows four deaf entertainers - a stand-up comic, a drummer in an all-deaf rock band, an actor and Juilliard professor who is homeless, and a singer - as they navigate their personal and professional lives over the course of a year and try to cross over to mainstream audiences.

The film will screen March 19-April 1 at the Laemmle Sunset 5 in L.A., and April 9-22 at the Village East Cinema in New York, if you want to check it out. "See What I'm Saying" will premiere March 18 at the Egyptian Theater.


The Award Winning Festival Run Culminates in our Multi-City Opening!

  Laurel Leaves Newport Beach winner    Laurel Leaves Philadelphia winner  Laurel Leaves DC Festival Winner

Laurel Leaves St. Louis selection    Laurel Leaves Deaf Rochester
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Music video of our title song
"See What I'm Saying"
by the rock band Powder

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This song was written by for the film by the rock band Powder to play during our closing credits. Sprint made it possible for us to make the song accessible to all audiences. We had fun making it. Enjoy!
Our screenings so far have been incredible. The Mayor of Bremerton came out to welcome SEE WHAT I'M SAYING for our Washington State screening, fans drove in from NC and AL for our screening in Athens, GA and the email responses and YouTube comments have profoundly touched my heart.

I read the Facebook Fan Page every day, and really appreciate all of the love you have given this film.

I look forward to seeing each of you at a screening!

Warmest wishes,
Hilari Scarl
See What I'm Saying

Hilari Scarl, director