See What I'm Saying:
The Deaf Entertainers Documentary

May 2008
Post Production Update
See What I'm Saying Hello cast, crew, fans, supporters and industry folk -

We are close to the finish line!  After nearly a year of production and 6 months of intense post production, SEE WHAT I'M SAYING is shaping up into a beautiful and powerful film.

As of this update, we have filmed nearly 300 hours of some of the most extraordinary entertainers and stories that I have ever seen.

The film is on schedule to be finished by August in time to submit to film festivals around the world and tour throughout 2009.


Robert DeMayo
A big, big thank you to Microsoft who came on board as one of our sponsors, The Morrison Foerster Foundation who matched Elizabeth Frank's donation and to our newest investor, a generous CODA!

We have some spectacular fundraiser called Vizual on June 5th with Cirque du Soleil-esque performances with the Silk Sisters, Dan Thurmon, Gary Anthony Williams and CJ Jones in Los Angeles and a wrap party/cast and crew screening in the fall so keep an eye out for upcoming invitations.  If you would like to host an event, make a tax-deductible donation or invest in the film, please send me an email at for more information. 

Nels Bangerter has joined our editing team and is doing fantastic work as our additional editor.  Nels just won the audience award for his last documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival after premiering at the prestigious Berlin Film Festival.

We are lucky to have Kubilay Uner who will be scoring the film as our composer and James Foster, Dalan Musson and Lisa Leeman on our consulting team. 

I wish to thank the Theatre Development Fund in New York for their kind support and allowing us to film their Interpreting for Theatre program at Juilliard.  A special thanks goes out to Lynette Taylor as one of the TDF instructors who appears in our promo.  For more information, please visit the Theatre Development Fund

Photo of Robert DeMayo by Chris Voelkerİ
Please visit our website and keep an eye out for our updated web design later this summer.

TL Forsberg
Photo of TL Forsberg by Chris Voelkerİ
Bob Hiltermann

A big congratulations to many of our entertainers who have been having a fantastic year:  Beethoven's Nightmare drummer Bob Hiltermann appeared in an episode of COLD CASE along with Michael Davis, Ryan Lane, Shoshannah Stern, Kalen Feeney, Lisa Hermatz, Evelina Gaina (all of whom have been filmed this year for the documentary) along with tons of deaf extras.

Photo of Bob Hiltermann by Chris Voelkerİ

Another congratulations to Marlee Matlin who did a superb job on DANCING WITH THE STARS and recently starred in SWEET NOTHING IN MY EAR Marlee and Hilari
along with a stellar cast including Ed Waterstreet, Phyllis Frelich, Deanne Bray, Shoshannah Stern and Noah Valencia.

Photo of Hilari Scarl and Marlee Matlin
 at Very Special Arts in Philadelphia by Robert DeMayo

Bravo to CJ Jones who was honored by KCET
for the 2008 Black History Awards and continues to delight audiences across the country.                                                                            
CJ Jones
Photo of CJ Jones by Chris Voelkerİ

Thank you to Deaf Life Magazine for giving us a shout out in their previous issue (along with this photo)

Hilari, CJ and Robert by Harvey Finkle
Photo of Robert DeMayo, CJ Jones and Hilari Scarl by Harvey Finkleİ

One of the entertainers we filmed this year was the One and Only JAG, who truly lives up to his name.  Jag is the only deaf blind comic who performed at the PaH! festival in Philadelphia in 2007.
                        Robert DeMayo - scream
Hilari Scarl, Jagannath "Jag" Einhorn, Robert DeMayoİ

I will keep you posted on our progress and information on screenings (we plan to premiere in early 2009.)  Thank you for continuing to follow our great adventure.

Warmest wishes,

Hilari Scarl
Worldplay, Inc.
See What I'm Saying:
The Deaf Entertainers Documentary