See What I'm Saying:
The Deaf Entertainers Documentary

March 2008
Springing forward - Happy Daylight Saving Day!
See What I'm Saying Hello cast, crew, fans, supporters and industry folk -

I hope all of you are springing into action today as we roll into an extra hour of sunshine.  After hours and hours (and hours) in the editing room with our hard working team I am poking my head out for an update on the documentary.

Our screening of the SEE WHAT I'M SAYING promo at the Cinema Slam during Sundance was a smash success.  We won a whole new group of friends, fans and investors giving us additional momentum to finish the film by the end of the summer. 

The Entertainers

Max Fomitchev at Beethoven's Nightmare
We have filmed over 50 deaf entertainers across the globe, and want to take a moment to give these talented performers recognition for their work.  We have found a creative way to show as many entertainers as possible in the film.  We are still gathering footage/clearances from others so this list is not yet complete.  I also know that there are many whom we haven't filmed but haven't forgotten.  Hopefully this documentary will open up doors for everyone so this list will continue to grow.

Adrian Blue
Anthony Natale
Bernard Bragg
Bob Hiltermann
Brian M. Cole
CJ Jones
Deanne Bray
Debbie Rennie
Ed Chevy
Evelyn Glennie
Fred Beam
Garrett Zuercher
Howie Seago
John Maucere
Linda Bove
Lisa Chahayed
Max FomitchevMural by Julio Sims
Megg Rose
Michael Davis
Michelle Banks
Modela Kurzet
Monique Holt
Nat Wilson
Norman Weiss
Phyllis Frelich
Rita Corey
Robert DeMayo
Russell Harvard
Shoshannah Stern
Steve Longo
Talia Dagan
TL Forsberg
Troy Kotsur
Tyrone Giordano
Wawa Snipes

Top photo by Peter Hopper Stone:  Max Fomitchev, Russian-Canadian mime
Bottom photo mural by Julio Sims:  CJ Jones, Michael Davis, Megg Rose, Anthony Natale, Shoshannah Stern
"Where does my voice touch you?"
[Mural can be seen in Los Angeles on Sunset/St. Andrews]
You can visit our website for more information.
If you are curious how a deeply motivated team meticulously works through almost 300 hours of footage in the editing room, here is a little sampler: log and capture all of the footage into the editing system (2 months of work); transcribe and interpret all of the interviews for our editor with the assistance of our spectacular interpreters James Foster and Derryn Grey (1 month); review almost 200 hours of verite footage (non-interviews) of various rehearsals, meetings, road trips, events and incidents narrowing the footage down to about 30 hours and assembling them in story order (3 months); work with a small team of consultants, a writer, my editor and myself to craft a 90-minute film that celebrates the incredible journeys of these entertainers (2 months).  We will be done with editing by early summer and are right on track to begin the rest of post production (music, sound design, graphics, mixing, etc.)  to finish the film by early fall.

And I love it.  It keeps getting better and better with each step and I catch myself laughing out loud at the funny moments, and getting choked up during the more difficult moments. 

Our spectacular marketing team is meeting and planning fundraisers and screenings.  A big thanks to Sheena McFeely and Manny Hernandez for their tireless work and support.

And even further away, a small yet mighty team of Team Leaders across the country, many of whom I have never met, are quietly setting up screenings and events in small towns, large cities and events across the nation planned throughout late 2008 and 2009.

We have some spectacular fundraisers planned for this summer in Los Angeles so keep an eye out for upcoming invites.  If you would like to host an event, make a tax-deductible donation or invest in the film, please send me an email at for more information.  We are almost there!

I hope this update puts a little spring in your step. 
Thank you for continuing to follow our great adventure.

One-hour ahead,                                  Robert DeMayo - scream
Photo by Chris Voelker: Robert DeMayo

Hilari Scarl
Worldplay, Inc.
See What I'm Saying:
The Deaf Entertainers Documentary