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Wishing you a very happy holiday season

Production Update                                                                         December 21, 2007
See What I'm Saying:
The Deaf Entertainers Documentary

See What I'm Saying
      photo by Chris Voelker

  The title of the film signed by:

  CJ Jones - comic
  Robert DeMayo - actor
  TL Forsberg - singer
  Bob Hiltermann - drummer

Robert DeMayo
 Robert DeMayo   Photo by Chris Voelker

TL Forsberg
 TL Forsberg        Photo by Chris Voelker

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Bernard Bragg and Brian Cole
   Bernard Bragg                  Brian Cole
   Actor/NTD Founder            Actor/Producer

   Photo by Harvey Finkle

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See What I'm Saying - website
Short promo on the trailer page

Hilari Scarl - website

CJ Jones
  CJ Jones               Photo by Chris Voelker
Sneak peak film quote
 Response to an interview question

   Hilari:  Have you ever seen a deaf
  entertainer before?

   Man on the Street:  Deaf Entertainer?  Well,
   I once saw an autistic boy play the piano.


Bob Hiltermann as Beethoven
    Bob Hiltermann      Photo by Chris Voelker
Happy holidays!

Thank you for following the adventures of our film production
SEE WHAT I'M SAYING: The Deaf Entertainers Documentary.

If you are getting this newsletter, our paths have crossed at some point
during production: the hundreds of participants we have filmed at dozens
of deaf events/performances; the many Hollywood industry insiders who
have been championing our little film; those who have so generously
donated funds, time and assistance; and a few hundred fans across the
country who are waiting to see the finished film.

We have just returned from filming almost 300 hours of some of the most
incredible, unique footage that has left me breathless.  We have now begun to edit the film while simultaneously translating/transcribing the footage.  You can see more information on our website below. 

I will be sending a newsletter when the film is completed. Please feel
free to forward, add your friends to the list, remove yourself from
the list, email me with comments or just send good wishes. 
It's going to be a long eight-months until we're done.

Thank you for your continued support.  This is possible thanks to you!

Warmest wishes and happy holidays,
Hilari Scarl
See What I'm Saying
Coming in Fall 2008

Max Fomitchev at Beethoven's Nightmare

Max Fomitchev
Russian/Canadian Mime
Performing with Beethoven's Nightmare
Photo by Stacey Hughes
CJ performing - Beethoven's Nightmare
  • We are going to Sundance!  The promo for SEE WHAT I'M SAYING will be screened at the Cinema Slam in Park City during the Sundance Film Festival on 1/22 and 1/24.
                                   Photo of CJ Jones by Peter "Hopper" Stone 
  • I'm happy to announce that Dame Evelyn Glennie, the world's only solo percussionist (who happens to be deaf and the main subject of the documentary TOUCH THE SOUND) is graciously participating in SEE WHAT I'M SAYING.  Both her interview and performance were truly inspirational.
  • Here are a few other filmed events featuring Deaf entertainers:
          House of Blues (Los Angeles)
          Arizona Total Immersion  (Carefree, Arizona)
          Juilliard School - TDF Program (New York)
          North Carolina Black Theatre Festival (Winston-Salem, NC)
          Beethoven's Nightmare - El Rey Theatre (Los Angeles)
          PaH! Festival (Philadelphia)
          International Sign Language Theatre Festival - Los Angeles
          Deaf Freedom Cruise (Miami, Jamaica, Mexico)
          ...and a few surprises (I can't give everything away just yet!)

  • A warm welcome to our newest crew member, Mason Cooper who is serving as our Music Supervisor.  Welcome Mason!
Hilari, CJ and Robert by Harvey Finkle
Hilari Scarl filming CJ Jones and Robert DeMayo at PaH! Festival
Photo by Harvey Finkle

Pedja films deaf cruise

Pedja Radenkovic filming passengers boarding the Deaf Freedom Cruise
Photo by Robin Robin

See What I'm Saying
Documentary crew - Pedja, Robin, Hilari, Chris and Jeff in the 1800 seat
theatre on the Deaf Freedom Cruise
Photo by helpful interpreter before the performance began
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For our holiday fundraiser, we are adding a "special thanks" section at
the end film credits in SEE WHAT I'M SAYING for any donation
of $500 or more.  It is tax-deductible, and you can have your film
credit listed as any name that you like - a friend, family member,
your own name or in memory of someone ("in memory of John Doe")
or in honor of someone special ("In honor of Jane Doe" or "In honor
of CSD class of 1996").  Guarantee that your name ends up in the
film credits no matter what happens in the editing room.

Tax-deductible donations may be made online to us at:

International Documentary Association - donation page

Or make a check out to "Worldplay, Inc." and mail directly to:
Worldplay, Inc.
Hilari Scarl
1320 N. Martel Avenue #6
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We are in immediate need of funding to get us through editing
and post production.  Your donation insures that the stories of these
incredible entertainers are told.  Every dollar truly helps and your
generous assistance has enabled us to get this far.  Thank you!!
CJ, Bob, Robert, TL

CJ Jones, Bob Hiltermann, Robert DeMayo, TL Forsberg
Photo by Chris Voelker


A beautiful, personalized gift certificate for your "special thanks" credit
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If you would like your film credit gift certificate to arrive in time for the
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