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Dear TESL Ontario Member,


The Nominations Committee is pleased to present the slate of directors for the 2011-2012 TESL Ontario Board.

The work of the Nominations Committee begins almost immediately after the AGM.   It starts with a review of the previous year's process to fill the vacancies on the Board. The next step is to revise the skill matrix which allows the Board to identify skills that it may be lacking with the departure of some board members. The Expression of Interest form is also evaluated for its effectiveness and is revised to reflect the goal of filling the skill gaps on the Board. The invitation to submit an Expression of Interest and a resume is posted on the Board website as directed by our by-laws.

Once the deadline to receive the Expression of Interest has passed, the Nominations Committee reviews the Expressions of Interest that have been submitted, eliminating those who do not meet requirements such as membership in TESL Ontario, or those whose submission was incomplete. Expressions of Interest that were received after the deadline are not considered.

This year, the Nominations Committee was encouraged by the number of Expressions of Interest that were received. Using the skills matrix, we evaluated the submissions and created a short list of potential candidates. We then obtained references for those on the short list. Based upon the content of the references, we identified four outstanding applicants who would be candidates in an election to fill three vacancies on the Board. Unexpectedly, just prior to beginning the election process, one of the candidates withdrew.

As a result, this year we will not be having an election for the new directors. We will ask the membership to acclaim them at the Annual General Meeting at the Conference in October.

The slate of directors for the 2011-2012 TESL Ontario Board is posted on our website at http://www.teslontario.org/about-us/slate-of-directors-2011-12/ .


Nominations Committee

TESL Ontario