House of Menuha
(Women's Center for Body, Mind and Spirit) 

June 1, 2011

After 19 years of offering services to women in the Kansas City metropolitan area, the House of Menuha Board of Directors had to make the difficult decision to dissolve the organization.


The House of Menuha was founded in 1992 by Annie Loendorf, a Sister of Charity of Leavenworth, and provided a physical space for personal rest and renewal, and a center for women who were seeking personal and spiritual growth and guidance, away from the never ending demands of their lives.


During the past several years, many of the women who attended programs and events at Menuha had to make some difficult financial decisions about how they conserved their funds.  The recession forced women to make choices between putting gas in their car, buying food for their families, or taking a course at Menuha for their own personal and spiritual growth.  "It was a difficult decision for a woman to put herself in the background knowing she had other daily priorities she needed to meet," said Carol Johnson, Board Chair.  "This decision affected the bottom line at Menuha and was difficult to overcome.  Foundations and other donors were also facing difficult hardships and the money was just not available for an organization like Menuha."


The first step in the dissolution was to sell the property, which was accomplished in late Fall 2010.  The second step was to dispose of all of the assets of the organization.  "Several non-profits were invited to take the furniture, household goods, etc.," said Ms. Johnson.  "We knew that everything we gave away would be put to good use."


The final step was the distribution of the proceeds from the sale of the property.  The Board decided we needed to give our money to organizations serving women and selected St. Teresa's Academy and The Women's Foundation of Greater Kansas City. 


 "St. Teresa's Academy is very grateful to be the recipient of a House of Menuha Legacy Scholarship," said Nan Bone, President of St. Teresa's Academy.  "Menuha blessed so many women with its nurturing environment for spiritual renewal and growth.  St. Theresa's is similarly committed to the spiritual strength and personal development of women, and our academic environment enhances leadership, self confidence and the development of a positive self image."  Ms. Bone stated " It will be an honor to award an annual scholarship in honor of the House of Menuha and continue its legacy of supporting and empowering women."


"The Women's Foundation of Greater Kansas City is honored to be the recipient of this very special gift - The House of Menuha Legacy Endowment," stated Executive Director Dawn Oliver.  "Over the years, The Women's Foundation has supported the services of House of Menuha.  Together, we have provided a nurturing environment for women so they can become more 'inner-directed' and less dependent on unhealthy and unproductive cultural expectations that became barriers to becoming all they can be," said Ms. Oliver.


The Board of Directors of the House of Menuha knows that the spirit of Sister Annie, the organization's founder, and all of the women we served, will continue in these two great organizations.  "While we are sad about having to make this difficult decision, we are glad that we will have a role in the future of women who will still have places where they can learn about themselves, nurture their spirits, and lead blessed lives," stated Carol Johnson on behalf of all of the House of Menuha Board members.


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House of Menuha (Women's Center for Body, Mind and Spirit)