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Volume 8, No. 2

Published 03/07/12


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In this issue of PowerPoint Tips, I respond to how I am able to link to another presentation so smoothly. 


Link to Another Slide Deck and then Return Smoothly to Your
Main Deck 

When I present our capabilities presentation I invite my audience to choose the topics using a table of contents that I link to both other slides in my deck and other presentations. When I link to another presentation and then want to return to my main deck I simply press [Esc] to exit the second presentation. I am then back on the same slide that contained the link.

To set up the hyperlink

First, create your main presentation. Then you're ready to link to another presentation.

To link to another presentation:
  1. It is important to keep a copy of the linked (second) presentation in the same folder as
    your main presentation. Keeping the presentations in the same folder avoids
    broken links that can occur.
  2. Decide which slide in your main presentation
    will link to the second presentation.  I usually create a copy of the title slide from the
    second presentation for linking purposes.
  3. Insert an AutoShape (called a shape in PowerPoint 2007). I usually use the full square Action Button and create a transparent shape that covers the entire slide.  In this way
    I can simply click anywhere on the slide to activate the hyperlink.  
  4. If you choose to create an action button then
    a Hyperlink dialog box opens, choose
    "Other PowerPoint Presentation".
  5. Navigate to the second presentation and choose precisely which slide in the second
    deck you wish to hyperlink and click OK.   
  6. I then suggest formatting your action button to transparent by right clicking to get the Format Shape dialogue box. Select Solid Fill from the Fill Dialogue box and choose 99% Transparency, and then choose line colour and select no line. Note that if you make a shape 100% transparent this will not work. 
I always test my hyperlinks in Slideshow view to make sure they work. When I click the hyperlink, my second presentation opens. You may see a dialog box
(which varies according to your version of PowerPoint) requiring you to allow the hyperlink.

Run through the presentation and press [Esc] to end the presentation. You'll automatically return to the slide in the original presentation containing the hyperlink. You can now continue the original presentation.

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