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Join us This Upcoming Shabbat Succot    

for lively Services,  

cholent & learn   

a  light meal &  

  Kumsitz in the Sukkah   


Friday night, October 5th

Shabbat Carlebach Services 6:45 pm

Led by Yair Shahak

Kiddush in the Sukkah


Shabbat morning, October 6th

9:15 am Shabbat services

followed by a 'cholent and learn' with Rabbi Gutterman in the Sukkah


Saturday night , October 6th

5:30 pm Shalosh Seudot (a light festive meal) havdallah &

a Kumsitz (sing - along) in the Sukkah


With Yair Shahak on the violin and guitarist Yaakov Weiner 

Bring your voices and ruach!


Cost for Saturday night program  

  $7.50 a person

 Max $18.00 per family


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Livia Mezrich  

or 609 918 9750



Livia Mezrich 
The Rimon Center