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Rachel and her Prayer in Rabbinic Literature

Next Shabbat
'cholent and learn '
with Zahava Stadler

 following Shabbat services & kiddush
at approximately 12:15 pm
 August 25th

generously sponsored by
Gloria and Tom Golbert

 in memory of  Gloria's father,  
Arthur Finkelstein
Zahava Stadler is an education-reform professional living in Philadelphia.  She currently serves as the post-graduate advisor to the Undergraduate Women's Learning Fellows at the University of Pennsylvania Hillel and runs a weekly summer shiur for graduate and undergraduate students.  She has edited three books on topics related to Israel and Judaism, including the recent "Pledges of Jewish Allegiance," a study of Jewish conversion written by Rabbi Dr. David Ellenson and Rabbi Dr. Daniel Gordis, and Gordis' forthcoming "The Promise of Israel."

She holds a BA in political science from Princeton University and attended Midreshet HaRova Advanced Torah Academy for Women.

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    609 448 1283

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 *More information about Shabbat meals and service times in an upcoming message *

Livia Mezrich
The Rimon Center