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Meet Rabbi Cary Friedman

This Shabbat   


"A Rabbi's journey to Quantico: bringing spirituality to the FBI"   


Guest Speaker, Rabbi Cary Friedman  

Friday night, June 15th     




Join us for a Shabbat with Rabbi Cary Friedman

Rabbinic candidate & Scholar in Residence for the Rimon Center


Friday, June 15th, 6:30 pm

Kabbalat Shabbat followed by a Shabbat meal


Rabbi Friedman will be talking about

"A Rabbi's journey to Quantico: bringing spirituality to the FBI"

  $15 a person, children 13 and under free

  Maximum per family $54.00  


Shabbat morning, June 16th 9:15 am

Shabbat services followed by Kiddush -

'meet and greet 'Rabbi Friedman and his lovely family


Saturday evening

7:30 pm Mincha, Shalosh seudot, (a light meal ) followed by havdallah

 Join us for 'Sup and learn ' with our candidate.

"Reaching out to G-d from the Narrow Places:
The Challenge of Tisha B'Av"


RSVP to : [email protected]



Rabbi Cary A. Friedman is Associate Editor of the OU Press, and a consultant to the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit and the law enforcement community in general.  He earned a Masters degree from Columbia University and semicha from Yeshiva University.  Rabbi Friedman was Executive Director of the Jewish Learning Experience of Duke University in Durham, NC, a Chaplain at the Duke University Medical Center, and a Chaplain at the Federal prison in Butner, NC [where he studied Torah with Jonathan Pollard weekly for 4 years].  A former congregational Rabbi and instructor of Tanach at the Yeshiva University High School for Boys, Rabbi Friedman is the author of five books [Table for Two, Marital Intimacy, Chanukas HaTorah, Spiritual Survival for Law Enforcement, and Wisdom from the Batcave] and numerous articles [published in Jewish Action, Jewish Observer, the Gazette of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and other journals].