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Purim Fest 2012
Adar 5772  
March 7, 9, and 10

Celebrate Purim with Rimon

Join us for Purim Fest 2012

Purim megilla reading ~Wednesday March 7th, 7:00 pm

Celebration and activities continue after services.  

Make your own ice cream Sunday , bake hamantaschen, and share the warmth of Rimon by  making and exchanging shalach manot.  

Costume parade and prizes for all who wear costumes.

 RSVP appreciated .  


Shushan Purim Shabbaton with the Yismichu (Glee) gang, March 9th and 10th


Friday night, March 9th  kabbalat Shabbat Service at 6:00 pm

with Carlebach & Purim melodies followed by :  

Chinese dinner, singing,  games and fun for the whole family 

 $15.00 a person , $7.50 for children under 13 (no more than $54.00 per family)       

RSVP no later than Tuesday March 7th.


Saturday morning, March 10th, 9:15 am Shabbat services led by   

Rabbi David Stein, Yair Shahak, and the  Yismichu group  followed by kiddush and  

'cholent and learn' with Rabbi Stein (topic to be announced shortly)  


Saturday evening, 5:30 pm  mincha services followed by shalosh seudot, a light meal, havdallah, more singing and fun with Yismichu  

($5.00 a person, children under 13 free)  

Help us make this Purim the best yet at Rimon.
Support Rimon and our Yismichu Shabbatonim.
(Be a Queen Esther  Mordecai, King Achashverosh , Queen Vashti or 
noisemaker Donor)

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for more information , to RSVP or to donate,  contact or call 609 448 1283

Livia Mezrich
The Rimon Center