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April 2012

May You and Your Family

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May We All Be Blessed With Good Fortune
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 * April 1 Palm


* April 6 Good


* April 7 First

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* April 8 Easter


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* April 22 Earth


You Want Gloves?
We GOT Gloves! 
When you need any type of Safety Supplies,
consider One Pack as your primary source.
Circle of Gloves
One Pack offers gloves, safety glasses, vests & ear protection.  Anything you need to keep your workers safe, One Pack has it.
All you need is the ONE.



One Pack Welcomes 
Alex Kerekes  
Alex Kerekes
 Working with Dan, Alex will help us create the best catalog in our industry
Alex's design premise and creativity compliments our design department and we are lucky to have him.
(We're Adding New Products Every Day) 
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Sometimes You Need To Laugh

Jeff Allen is more comfortable in front of a church audience, rather than at a smoky night club.

 Jeff Allen


His clean comedy touches all aspects of family and life in general.


So if you need a quick giggle to get you through your day then click on the link below.


Click here to hear the comedy of Jeff Adams


(did we mention it was really good?)


Imagine finding a hand soap that actually does what it claims.  A product that works so well that everyone who tries it, loves it.  PowerPower One One is that product..


Utilizing walnut shells, Power One cleans deep, removing dirt and grime while leaving hands soft and smooth.


Because of the natural walnut oils your hands do not dry out and crack but instead are moisturized. And don't get us started on how long one container lasts.  The rich, thick concentrate allows a little bit to go a loong way, and that saves you money.


There are a lot of good soaps out there, each offering some of the qualities of Power One. Only Power One has everything you could ever want in a heavy duty hand soap.


Power One comes packed in a 3.55 liter bottle and there are 4 per case.


So if you want a soap that contains superior skin emollients, has no solvents, no dyes or perfumes, no greasy residue and no phosphates, then this product is for you.


Why not reach out for your favorite One Pack sales rep and let us show you the greatest soap ever.

Price Notifications

Price Increases
* Stretch Wrap Manufacturers are speculating another
   increase sometime in April.  This is on top of the
   26 increase
 * Plastic Bag Manufacturers announced a 4%
   increase effective March 26
* Polypropylene Strapping will go up 5.5%  April 1
* Polyester Strapping will go up 4.5% on April 1
Price Decreases
 None at this time

 As pricing information becomes available, One Pack will make every effort to keep you informed.
New Caster Line!
No matter what your industry, you need casters to help reach your goal of success.

One Pack has a complete line of high quality casters to help you reach your goals.

Where else,other than One Pack, can you get a great product at a great price? Nowhere.

So, instead of reaching for your normal catalog, reach out to us for all your caster needs.  We'll both be glad that you did.
Come Join Us

for our Annual Golf Outing on

June 13


Material Handling Society NJ

Click on the logo above to register


MHSNJ is a non- profit organization dedicated to supporting material handling professionals by providing an educational forum and fostering communication among New Jersey's manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution practitioners. MHSNJ will provide a vehicle through which its members gain a vision of the future regarding material handling principles, practices, systems, and technologies. With this increased awareness and knowledge, MHSNJ members shall be prepared to meet the challenges ahead and contribute to the productivity and efficiency of the organizations that employ them as material handling professionals.

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