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February 2012

February 14th is Valentines Day

Best You Not Forget.  
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Martin Luther King Jr.


On January 16, America celebrated  the birth of Martin Luther King Jr..

May one day the people over the world have the opportunity to live free, judged on who they are and not what they are.
Get Ready For Winter?
The winter of 2011 was one to remember.  We had so much snow we could have borrowed Alaska's zip code
According to the experts, 2012 will also be an interesting winter, full of suprises. Are you ready?
Ice Melt
One Pack has skids of Ice Melter to help you keep your driveways clean without cleaning out your check book.
Make sure you beat the "post snow" panic and order yours today.
 All you need is the ONE.



Custom Straps Are Only The Beginning

For over twenty years, Walter of One Pack has been creating custom tie down straps for the transportation industry. 

 Walter, Straps

His knowledge of the industry is second to none and the products, produced by him, are a form of industry artwork.


If you need a special strap, think of no one other than One Pack to produce a high quality, low cost product that will give you years of service.

(We're Adding New Products Every Day) 
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Sometime You Have To Wonder 

Amsterdam came up with new idea to revolutionize the use of brown packaging tape. This new form of street art contains carefully made figures just using layers of packaging tape which can be stuck on the street lamps. Here is the video of making a tape art by street artist Max Zorn in time lapse.


to see this great video click here

Plastics in Packaging

With all the hype about going green, plastic packaging seems to still justify its existence because of its ease of use and lower costs.


Over the holidays, my wife wanted to surprise me with a pair of cowboy boots, similar to the pair I wore when we first dated, some 27 years ago.


When I unwrapped my present, the first thing I noticed was that the boots were shipped, not in a master corrugated carton protecting the original packaging, but instead protected in polyethylene shrink film. 


The boots were packed in a 200 test carton, printed sharply with four color artwork.  To ship the carton with just aChristmas Boots UPS label affixed to it and some packaging tape, to keep it closed, would have destroyed the marketing goals of the manufacturer and marred the carton.  But to place the carton in a master shipper, the packer would have had to most likely add some form of void fill.


So while those who think that utilizing shrink film will increase the "carbon footprint", the truth is surprising.


Utilizing polyethylene in this example works in many ways.  First, the savings over using a master shipper resulted in a 60% savings in packaging costs, by not using an additional carton, void fill, and tape.  Next, is the cost of manufacturing.  It is well known that making plastic film is far cheaper to produce, using much less energy and water in the process, as compared to making a corrugated carton.  This process alone reduces the carbon footprint.  Lastly, since the size of the shipment was not increased, less space was needed allowing the shipping company more room to add more packages.  Again, lowering the carbon footprint.


The only negative is the actual shrink tunnel which uses large amounts of electricity to heat the film, which is needed to actually shrink.the film.


The packaging industry is working to perfect plastic packaging that will break down in a landfill. Someday, we will have a low cost product that will dissolve into the earth with no side effects.  But for now, we still have an alternate product that can be recycled and if it were to make its way to a landfill, would not leach into the environment with toxic effects.

Price Notifications

Price Increases
*Gum Tape Manufacturers have announced a 5.5% price increase, effective February 20.
Price Decreases
* Dynaric Strapping Announced a 7% price
  decrease effective November 11th.
 As pricing information becomes available, One Pack will make every effort to keep you informed.
Wow, Your Hands Must Really be Wet!Center Pull Towel
While drying my hands at a very high-end restaurant, I was amazed at how many towels came out of their center pull dispenser.  No wonder the food was so expensive.
I often wonder if the distributor is aware of the waste being perpetrated and if they think this is a good thing?
Waste is a horrible thing for both the customer and the seller of the product.  No one wins.
One Pack's Center Pull Towel Dispenser distributes one towel per pull, which saves you money.  
Another great feature that the Vondrehle Center Pull Towel offers is that it's ADA compliant and touchless.
With the invention of those new motorized towel dispensers came an influx of exhausted batteries that are finding their way to our landfills.  How can that be good?
Why not ask your helpful One Pack sales person to demonstrate our full line of dispensers today.
Come Join Us
Material Handling Society NJ


MHSNJ is a non- profit organization dedicated to supporting material handling professionals by providing an educational forum and fostering communication among New Jersey's manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution practitioners. MHSNJ will provide a vehicle through which its members gain a vision of the future regarding material handling principles, practices, systems, and technologies. With this increased awareness and knowledge, MHSNJ members shall be prepared to meet the challenges ahead and contribute to the productivity and efficiency of the organizations that employ them as material handling professionals.

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