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January 2012

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Happy New Year

May You and Your Family Have a Blessed Holiday Season  
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Great New Product
Scale Shown With Optional Ramps
If you're in the market for a Floor Pallet Scale than you are in luck. One Pack has a whole warehouse full of them (ok maybe not the whole warehouse).

Now, for under $975.00, you can get a heavy duty scale with features such as a 4'ft x 4'ft deck, alloy load cells and a LED Display.
Why not contact your favorite One Pack Sales Associate to learn more about this great new product..



For those of you who had done business with Fred over the many years, you probably remember his old partner, Tom.


Tom was one of the original partners that started with Fred back in 1989, running the day to day operations of the company.

Tom 1990
Tom in 1990.

Today, Tom is enjoying his retirement, playing golf, writing music, and visiting his old friends at One Pack. 

Tom 2011
Tom in 2011

While visiting, Tom had the chance to see our first forklift that Fred bought for the company in 1990.  The old used Yale

CC-020 was Tom's only machine to unload trucks and run the warehouse for many years.


Several years ago, the old Yale was replaced with more modern equipment and was left in the corner of the warehouse to collect dust.


Recently, the Yale was sent out to be

re-wired and tuned up. To the surprise of many One Pack employees, the lift was

re-painted as a gift for our new business.


You have to admit, both Tommy and the Old Yale look pretty good.

(It Came Out Really Nice) 

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Sometime You Have To Laugh 

Tim Clue

Tim Clue not only performs stand-up comedy but is also a motivational speaker.
His views of going into debt will make you laugh and flash your credit card on unsuspecting retailers.


to see this great video click here

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Zero Breakage at What Cost?


Today's packaging solutions offer a vast selection of choices that will not only protect your products, but, at the same time, will also fill the empty space in your carton.  But, like everything else too many choices create more questions than answers on what will work best and at what costs.


Although the sales force of One Pack has been selling a whole host of void fill and protective packaging products for the

foam chips
Foam Chips

past twenty years and has been trained by the manufacturers, we still find that our greatest assets and best teachers are you, our customer.


One customer that comes to mind is a young packaging engineer that ships household goods all over the country in both bulk and type of packages.  Spending time with this very knowledgeable individual not only confirmed much of the advice offered by One Pack but also offered a fresh perspective on how to find the best packaging at an acceptable cost. 


The goal, of course, is to minimize or eliminate breakage.   

Korrvu Suspension

Looking at all your SKU's and determining the vast differences helps to develop the package. Who is receiving your package is equally important.  Today many retailers are actually charging for too much dunnage.  This makes the option of increasing the carton size to add protective packaging unacceptable. Those receiving your package at their home may find foam chips to be annoying to dispose of as compared to a biodegradable chip which that will dissolve in water. Also, using products that are considered "green" will only enhance your company's image.


Material costs will always be the primary importance of any packaging project but labor costs are equally important.  Other questions also need to be addressed, like does your package create unsafe conditions such as dust or toxic fumes and will the repetitiveness of what your worker does create undue strain on their body?


Lastly, what type of equipment will be needed to create the packaging?  With crumpled paper or air pillows most

Novus Air Pillows
Novus Air Pillows

companies will either give you or rent the equipment.  Rentals can actually save you money because the price of the material needed is reduced enough to not only offset the monthly rental but actually show a considerable savings over the course of a year.  We have also seen equipment that you can purchase outright.  This option only makes sense if you can use any type of generic product with the equipment, and it pays for itself within three years. It has always been the opinion of One Pack that you should not have to be forced to buy from a vendor because of a proprietary situation.  We are proud to say that our customers buy from us because they want to, not because they are forced to.


We will continue with this subject over the next few months, discussing the pros and cons of the different types of protective packaging systems.

Price Notifications

Price Increases
*Stretch Wrap Manufacturers are implementing a
 7% to 8% increase, effective from December 27 to
 January 7, depending on manufacturer
*Poly Bag Manufacturers are increasing.prices 7%,
 effective December 23
*Blank News is becoming increasingly scarce and
 will go up 8% at years end.
*Steel Strapping will go up in January 7%

Price Decreases
* Dynaric Strapping Announced a 7% price
  decrease effective November 11th.
 As pricing information becomes available, One Pack will make every effort to keep you informed.
Get Ready For Winter?
The winter of 2011 was one to remember.  We had so much snow we could have borrowed Alaska's zip code
According to the experts, 2012 will also be an interesting winter, full of suprises. Are you ready?
Ice Melt
One Pack has skids of Ice Melter to help you keep your driveways clean without cleaning out your check book.
Make sure you beat the "post snow" panic and order yours today.
 All you need is the ONE.
Service is Alive and Well At One Pack

Frank in Service Although One Pack is only months old, its owner has been selling packaging equipment for over twenty seven years.  Many of the machines sold then, continue to operate today. The reason is great service from a great bunch of service people.  We are consistently training our people to ensure that when you utilize their services they know how to fix it the first time, correctly and efficiently.


If you're not using our service department to maintain your equipment then why not give us a call.  You'll be glad you did.

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MHSNJ is a non- profit organization dedicated to supporting material handling professionals by providing an educational forum and fostering communication among New Jersey's manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution practitioners. MHSNJ will provide a vehicle through which its members gain a vision of the future regarding material handling principles, practices, systems, and technologies. With this increased awareness and knowledge, MHSNJ members shall be prepared to meet the challenges ahead and contribute to the productivity and efficiency of the organizations that employ them as material handling professionals.