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December 2011

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Sometimes You Have to Laugh
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Where's My Couch?
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Message from

Fred Gerstler


The last month has been interesting, to say the least. The hours of work seemed endless between taking care of our customers, closing a warehouse and at the same time, bringing life to a new beginning. I have to say I'm a bit tired.


After the announcement of EJ and I going our separate ways emails starting flooding in wishing me luck, telling me how much they appreciate and value our business relationship. The positive response blew me away and choked me up a bit.


This was not the first time I was humbled by such kind words. That came from my employees. You see, when the decision was made to end my New Pak relationship I did not know what the future had in store for me. I didn't have the drive or energy. I lacked the intestinal fortitude needed to start all over again. But one employee after another came to me and told me that if I were to start over they would stand by my side. For a small group of people to have such faith in me was all-inspiring and I realized that the future was mine for the taking and the fire within my belly came alive and from that, One Pack was born.


Our goal for this new company is to command the market and to lead the industry with innovative ideas, unique products and customer service that is unparalleled in today's world of impersonal technology. We will be the company that you come to when you need something more, something better.


I want to thank you for the business that you've given us in the past and for the business we are honored to receive in the future. I want to thank you for believing in the people of One Pak, LLC and for sharing our dream.

(It Came Out Really Nice) 

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Sometime You Have To Laugh 

Tim Clue

Tim Clue not only performs stand-up comedy but is also a motivational speaker.
His views of going into debt will make you laugh and flash your credit card on unsuspecting retailers.


to see this great video click here

New Email Address

Our new email addresses are designed to be easy to remember:


Frank Cervone


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Dan Gerstler


Fred Gerstler


Eileen Hahn


Walter Jaeggle


George Kolbeck


Tina Ruhnke


Adrian Vega

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If you were doing business with Fred, George or Walter at New Pak, Inc.,
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Great Products Sold by Wonderful People. 
All You Need Is The One
If you are a customer of Edward (EJ) Koznowicz of New Pak then we ask you to stay with New Pak
Price Notifications

Price Increases
Stretch Wrap and Poly Bag Manufacturers have been announcing, then postponing increases for the past two months.  The only thing we can tell you is pricing is stable or coming down depending on the product.

Price Decreases
* Dynaric Strapping Announced a 7% price decrease
  effective November 11th.
* No formal announcements have been coming from
  the mills but pricing has been dropping and it is
  reflected in your most recent purchases of poly
 As pricing information becomes available, One Pack will make every effort to keep you informed.
Great New Product
Scale Shown With Optional Ramps
If you're in the market for a Floor Pallet Scale than you are in luck because One Pack has a whole warehouse full of them (ok maybe not the whole warehouse).

Now for under $975.00 you get can a heavy duty scale with features such as a 4'ft x 4'ft deck, alloy load cells and a LED Display.
Why not contact your favorite One Pack Sales Associate to learn more about this great new product..
Where's My COUCH?
Where's my couch?
I think it's safe to say that anyone that
 who has ever driven on a highway has seen a piece of furniture, lying on the side of the road.
How many times have you seen something laying in the road, and up ahead a vehicle pulled over and someone participating in the walk of shame, as they collect their lost treasures?
Why is that? We are all intelligent beings.  Don't we know thatCam Strap if you don't tie it down, the wind will take possession of it?
One Pack sell all kids of tarp ties and tie down straps that will allow you to keep your furniture and your pride 
Click on the photo to the right to view all the great products available through One Pack, LLC.

All you need is the ONE.
Service is Alive and Well At One Pack

Frank in Service Although One Pack is brand new its owner has been selling packaging equipment for over twenty seven years.  Many of the machines sold then, continue to operate today. The reason is great service from a great bunch of service people.  We are consistently training our people to ensure that when you utilize their services they know how to fix it the first time, correctly and efficiently.


If you're not using our service department to maintain your equipment then why not give us a call.  You'll be glad you did.

Come Join Us
Material Handling Society NJ

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Aeropostale Distribution Center

South River, NJ

January 18,2012


MHSNJ is a non- profit organization dedicated to supporting material handling professionals by providing an educational forum and fostering communication among New Jersey's manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution practitioners. MHSNJ will provide a vehicle through which its members gain a vision of the future regarding material handling principles, practices, systems, and technologies. With this increased awareness and knowledge, MHSNJ members shall be prepared to meet the challenges ahead and contribute to the productivity and efficiency of the organizations that employ them as material handling professionals.