June 2012   

Is All Foreign Investment the Same?
New report explores treatment of different assets under Investment Canada Act

If RIM is targeted by foreign investors, the Canadian government will face tough choices regarding net benefits to Canada and implications for national security, argues Laura Dawson.  In a commentary for the Macdonald-Laurier Institute entitled Potash and BlackBerries: Should Canada treat all foreign direct investment the same? Dawson argues while the sale of Canada's flagship intellectual property (IP) company to a foreign entity might do "symbolic damage" to the country's image, Canada's national pride "would certainly survive the end of RIM." While different investors and different sectors have to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, the Investment Canada Act and recent amendments provide an adequate framework to protect Canadian interests. READ MORE

TPP Maybe? Maybe Not  

Despite having secured some support, Canada's admission still uncertain

In an interview with World Politics Review,  Laura Dawson argues that Canada's admission to the Trans-Pacific Partnership is still uncertain. Canada has secured the support of six TPP members but the United States, Australia and New Zealand are holding out and membership decisions must be unanimous. While Canada is being pressed to open its dairy market and improve its IP protection prior to admission, the clock is Canada's real obstacle. READ MORE
Canada's Labour Market
Are foreign workers the answer to Canada's labour woes?

 In response to demographic pressure of the baby boom generation entering retirement and the labour market demands of Canada's surging energy sector, the Government of Canada is using immigration policy to fill labour market demand.  Permanent resident programs are being reconfigured to focus on skills-based criterion for admission and temporary worker (TFW) programs are being streamlined and expanded.  In the May 18 issue of Macleans, Laura Dawson comments on TFW programs that will make it easier for unemployed Americans (and others) to fill vacancies in the skilled trades in the Alberta oil patch. READ MORE 

Making the border easier for bus travellers
Dawson Strategic launches new project to increase cross-border tourism
 Dawson Strategic is pleased to announce the formation of the Canada-US Motor Coach Passenger Coalition (MCPC) to streamline the movement of motor coach passengers across the Canada-US border. The Beyond the Border Action Plan announced by Prime Minister Harper and President Obama in February 2011 announced plans to work towards pre-clearance for passengers and cargo by December 2013 .  We believe that the cross-border movement of bus passengers is an ideal focal point for these efforts.   READ MORE
Happy Birthday!
Dawson Strategic marks first anniversary
In May 2012, Dawson Strategic marked its one year anniversary. We are grateful to the organizations that have offered us an institutional home, and colleagues who have helped us build the business with subject matter expertise and good advice. Thank you all for your support!  READ MORE
Good Reads

Something's missing in the 'Dutch Disease' debate...


Philippe Bergevin and Daniel Schwanen , "Boom in services ignored in Dutch Disease debate," Ottawa Citizen (May 31, 2012). The authors argue that "by simplistically pitting the manufacturing sector against the resource extraction sector, the "Dutch Disease" argument entirely overlooks a fundamental and growing part of Canada's economy".


Putting the Pieces Together: What Global Value Chains mean for Canada

Ari Van Assche,  "Global Value Chains and Canada's Trade Policy: Business as Usual or Paradigm Shift?" Institute for Research on Public Policy (June 2012). As global production becomes more and more fragmented policy-makers need to create trade policies that integrate Canadian companies into global value chains. READ MORE


Dawson Strategic's client advisory work is closely tied to our research program. We have interesting projects in manufacturing, procurement, anti-contraband, border facilitation and the extractive sector. In our advisory work, we help solve to cross-border problems before they become crises by engaging the right players at the right level and finding common interests on both sides.


Businesses, if you get jammed up at the border once, call talk radio but if it happens five times, call Dawson Strategic.

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