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Trials & Tribulations of Registration
Elias Referral Network
Trials & Tribulations of Registration
Trials & Tribulations of Registration
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Trials & Tribulations of Registration
CALDA Conferences Past & Future
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Trials & Tribulations of Registration

 CALDA 2012 Annual Conference






October 19 - 21 Sacramento

Hyatt Hotel


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The California Association of Legal Document Assistants was established in August 1986, and was formerly known as "California Association of Independent Paralegals" (CAIP). CALDA is the premiere organization for legal document assistant professionals.

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September 2012

CALDA 25th Annual Conference

Celebrating 25 years of setting the standards for Educating, Ethics and Excellence


 Click here for Agenda and Registration


October 19 - 21, 2012

Hyatt Regency

Sacramento, CA


Elias Referral Network now available

By Connie Crockett, Vice President



Stephen Elias, Esq.
If not for human beings like Stephen Elias, Esq., his beloved wife, Catherine Elias-Jermany, along with Richard Lubetzky Esq., Virginia Simons, Marilyn Marvin, Bobby Powers, Glynda Mathewson, Mari Loftus, Jim Snyder, Diana Wade, Jake Warner, and Ed Sherman (of Nolo Press), just to name a few, the Independent Paralegal profession,( now LDA) would not exist.

Steve passed away suddenly, in December 2011.  He carried the "fight" to the finish by offering to provide legal advice in bankruptcy matters to CALDA members and their clients.  For a small fee Steve would dispense advice over the phone, provide information to aid the client, and fill the "gap" where LDA services do not reach. This service also provided guidance to the LDA about how to proceed with the matter at hand. 

In his honor, CALDA formed the "Elias Referral Network" and created a manual to explain this referral network. The manual also provides a list of attorneys who have thus far agreed to continue Steve's work, providing legal advice to those who are assisted by CALDA members.

Judge Mark Juhas at LA Monthly Roundtable Discussion

By Vanessa Watson, CALDA Education Chair

Judge Mark Juhas
Judge Mark Juhas



For those of you who are interested in attending the "bring your own lunch" monthly meetings with Judge Juhas, please email Lois Isenberg at or myself at with your RSVPs. 


Details to keep in mind: 
Registration is a must - 25 attendee limit    
Any discussion item you would like to include on the agenda, it must be emailed to Lois one (1) week prior to the meeting.  As a reminder, discussions are limited to court procedures, family law matters, and anything else of that nature  
Standing Date
Meetings are held every 3rd Friday of the month.  The next meeting is scheduled for September 21  
Lead Time
All meetings are scheduled from 12:15 p.m. to 1:15 p.m. (sharp)  
The meetings are held at 111 North Hill Street, DEPARTMENT 64, Los Angeles.  Once you enter the courthouse, take the first set of elevators to your left to the 6th Floor.  As soon as you exit the elevator, Dept. 64 will be in front of you to your right
The cheapest parking lot is directly across the street from the courthouse which sits on the corner of 1st and Hill Street.  It's $8.00 after 12 noon only.  So if you arrive a little before 12noon, the parking attendants are very nice and will allow you to sit in your car until 12noon hits and then let you pay. 

CONFERENCE SPEAKER: Carla Sprugasci, Family Law Court Specialist

By Carla Sprugasci, Santa Clara County Superior Court

Carla Sprugasci
Carla Sprugasci, Conference Speaker



I will be teaching Forms, Forms, Forms along with the honorable Joyce Cram at this year's Conference.  This is a reprise of the Judge's class at CALDA's Foster City Seminar held in March, and this time the Judge and I will be teaching the new forms that were just recently released in July. 


Read more ...

CONFERENCE SPEAKER: Commissioner Glenn P. Oleon

By Jeri Blatt, Membership Chair


CALDA is honored to have Commissioner Glenn P. Oleon, family court commissioner for the Superior Court of California, County of Alameda, as speaker and panel member at our 25th anniversary conference!  He is back by popular demand after rave reviews received at the Bay Area Chapter seminar in March 2012. Don't miss this opportunity to experience what you may have missed!



CALDA ELECTIONS: Nomination of Officers and Directors


Voting will take place on October 19, 2012 at the Hyatt Hotel, Sacramento, California.  Please review the


CALDA conferences: Past and Future

by Elizabeth Fleischer, CALDA Fundraising Chair


Elizabeth Fleischer,

Fundraising Chair

I am amazed that CALDA is celebrating its 25th anniversary! The first CALDA conference I attended was their 20th anniversary when I came across the CALDA website.  


I was looking for an organization that was for paralegals and not just for legal secretaries or attorneys.  I had been a member of (and am still currently a member of) Legal Secretaries Incorporated (LSI), and learned a lot from them, but I wanted to know more about what an independent paralegal could and could not do.  I began to look on the internet for what was out there.  



CALDA answers Frequenty Asked Questions

By Debra Hollis, CALDA Professional Standards Chair


Debra Hollis
Debra Hollis,  Professional Standards Chair

For the past couple of months, I have been busy responding to emails and talking to people on the phone. They all have been asking the same basic question: what do I need to do to make sure I'm conducting my business legally?


Some of the questions have been the usual: how can I advertise and stay within the boundaries of the B & P Code?


Read more ...



Welcome New Members

By Jeri Blatt, CALDA Membership Chair

Jeri Blatt, Membership Chair
Jeri Blatt, Membership Chair


I'm happy to report, since June, we've had a number of new people join the CALDA bandwagon.  This is especially exciting since our conference is only two months away and perhaps we can expect to see some of them in Sacramento where we can officially welcome them! 

Keep their names in mind and, if you do recognize any of them at the conference, please introduce them to as many CALDA members as possible. 


We want everyone to feel welcome so that when the conference is over only good memories will prevail when thoughts of CALDA's 25th anniversary come to mind.  That goes for all members, old and new.  This is the time to learn and grow your business, network with your peers, exchange war stories, share ideas and most of all have fun!



  • Kaznko Bayhylle, Contra Costa County 
  • Malaika Best, Alameda County
  • Alisa Brooks, Fresno County
  • Brian Carter, Alameda County
  • Cindy Dieter, Contra Costa County
  • Elise Edmond, Alameda County 
  • Hubert Gotuaco, Santa Clara County
  • Thomas Goehring, Alameda County
  • Patti Johnson, Kern County
  • Krystynne Kemp, Alameda County
  • Sabrina Panetta Martire, Contra Costa County
  • Alice Richmond, San Joaquin County
  • Sofia Sanchez, Placer County 
  • Derrick Turner, San Diego County