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October 7, 2011 



Dear CALDA Members,

I am very excited to attend the two classes being taught this year by Margaret Wilson, Esq.  She will be teaching classes on Deeds (Class #10) and on Family Law Ex Parte Orders (Class #13).

Mrs. Wilson is an attorney practicing in Granada Hills (Los Angeles area) and a former member of CALDA.  Her membership terminated after she became an attorney in 2008. 

Here is a sneak preview provided by Mrs. Wilson on the two classes she will be teaching:

"For the deeds class, we have put together some wonderful materials for me to cover.  I will be covering how to fix a mistake on a deed, life estate language, interspousal transfer deeds, having the court sign for a spouse who refuses to sign a deed in violation of an order, and Deed in Lieu of foreclosure."


"In addition to Ex Partes, I'll be covering Bifurcations, which I believe is an untapped source of revenue for some LDAs.  While in the past  Bifurcations were custom drafted (requiring an attorney) since 2009 certain forms are mandatory.  As a result the Bifurcation motion itself as well as the Judgment are pure form filling - which is totally within the realm of what the LDA does.   While I had given a telephone class on Ex Parte's for the LA chapter I have revised my materials for that class.  I have included a step by step instruction sheet for both segments.  My hope is that LDAs can take these step by step guides to help them when the time comes for actually doing an ex parte or a bifurcation without having to rely on their notes from the class."


Mrs. Wilson's biography is on the bios page: Instructor Biographies

Sounds great, eh?  I'm looking forward to attending these two classes.  Keep reading about another presenter, Commission Richard Vogl of the Orange County Superior Court.  I want to congratulate our Conference Chairperson, Connie Crockett, for delivering such an esteemed group of instructors for this year's conference.  Go Connie!


See you there,

Ian, on behalf of the Conference Planning Committee

Picture of Margaret Wilson
Margaret Wilson, Esq.

This year's election will take place on October 14, 2011 at the Doubletree Hotel.

You can find the PROXY form here: PROXY FORM

PLEASE send in your proxy form today if you might not be attending the Conference.



Dear CALDA Members,
Picture of Comm. Richard Vogl
Comm. Richard Vogl

Commissioner Richard G.Vogl will be teaching a class entitled "Dissomaster, A Discussion about Dissomaster, Xspouse & California Guideline Calculator Programs".  Comm. Vogl has served on the Orange County Superior Court for nearly 25 years

The title of the course is a little misleading in that his class actually covers how to arrive at the figures that are used in these programs. He will discuss various types of income (new mate, investment, imputed, prison, etc.) He will also cover other support calculation factors such as visitation, child care, special needs, etc.

Comm.Vogl will then end with information on guildeline support, varying either up or down, modification and what to present. He will have a sample from some of the calculation programs to which he will refer. This will be a great class for both newbies and seasoned LDAs.  Additionally, the Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center recently recognized Comm. Vogl with their 2011 Champion of Children award!

It's good to know we have many supporters out there like Comm. Vogl!

See you at the Conference,

Conference Planning Committee
(Marcel, Connie, Carol, and Ian) 


According to the Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center:


The Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center is a not for profit that directly serves at-risk children and families in crisis to prevent and break the generational cycle of child abuse. We value every child's right to grow up in a safe and nurturing home environment. The Champion of Children award is given to community members, business leaders and other prominent Orange County figures that display an ongoing commitment to advocating for children and families in Orange County

Conference Registration, Agenda and Biographies
Click here to go straight to the Conference registration page:

Click here for the 2011 Conference Brochure!

The Conference Agenda is posted to the CALDA Website!  This year's convention presenters will include attorneys, two judicial officers, and of course, your fellow LDAs. 

Class subjects will include:

Unlawful Detainers
Estate Planning
Tips on Essential Forms
Social Security Advocacy
Beginning Family Law
Family Law Ex Parte Orders
Avoiding UPL

And of course, our Keynote Speaker will be Los Angeles Superior Court Judge, Mark Juhas.

Just go to to check out the complete agenda.

Conference Bios are available at

This year's Conference is sponsored by Essential Forms, Pennbrook Insurance, and Legal Secretaries, Inc.  Click one of their links to the left to learn more about them!