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                  August, 2012

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Ministry Update

Bethany Children's Home

Jaigon, India


 Jiwan's cleft pallet surgery

Jiwan Thapa Praying Jiwan checking in for surgery

  Jiwan Thapa is 15 years old and has been at Bethany Children's Home (BCH) since 2002. Jiwan was born with a cleft pallet and cannot speak clearly. In his culture anyone born with a deformity is considered "untouchable" and is shunned. Jiwan most likely would have died were it not for BCH rescuing him. I met Jiwan waiting for surgeryJiwan on my first trip to India in 2010 and have been burdened to help fix his cleft pallet ever since but unfortunately  we just have not had the necessary funds. We have helped BCH in many ways since our Divine  meetingJiwan in recoveing after surgery 2 in 2010, we helped build a kitchen/dining area for the children to eat & purchase land for their future expansion. on my last visit (March 2012) I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me that we needed to make Jiwan's cleft pallet surgery a higher priority. I  asked Sarita (the founder and operator of BCH) to look into the surgery for Jiwan. They took Jiwan to "Holy Palace Hospital" which is another of our ministry partners.  They made the arrangement for Jiwan to meet the specialist and schedule the surgery. They moved very quickly and performed the surgery (inside his mouth) on Jiwan and corrected Jiwan going home after surgeryhis pallet. Jiwan has to heal from this surgery then he will be having the surgery to fix his lips in 3  months. We have acted in faith in going ahead with the surgery and trusting that the Lord will provide the funds necessary to see Jiwan completely healed. I believe that inside Jiwan there is a mighty voice that is longing to be released to proclaim the mighty name of Jesus! Will you help free it? We don't know what the total cost will be but it will be expensive so please prayerfully consider giving as generously as possible to help Jiwan live a normal life and not be forced to live it as an "untouchable". 



 We also need to raise funds for sister Sarita's medical Sister Sarita & Depaexpenses and for her personal support. Sarita has been in poor health for a few years now and has continually put her needs aside in order to meet the needs of BCH and the children. Sarita's health got to the point that she could not put seeing the doctor off any longer so she has been to see several doctors and traveled long distances trying to find out what was wrong with her. After several days in the hospital she has been diagnosed and should be able to manage he conditions with changes in her diet and taking medication. Sarita is an amazing woman that loves the Lord with all her heart. We need to raise monthly support ofJeff & Sister Sarita at BCH Jan. 2012 $200.00 per month to help Sarita with her medications, traveling to see the doctors & her daily needs. Please prayerfully consider giving as generously as possible in supporting this mighty sister in Christ.  There would not be a BCH were it not for Sarita. She has lived a selfless live and always put others before herself. Sarita is one of the most Christ like women I have had the pleasure of knowing. Please keep her and all of BCH in your daily prayers.


PS;  If there are more funds given than needed for these 2 needs the extra funds will go toward purchasing a vehicle for BCH (we need approx & $8000.00). They desperately need a van to pick up supplies, transport one of the children in case of an medical emergency ect.


M28 Ministries itself is in great need of your financial support as well, please consider sending your tax deductible gift to M28 Ministries Inc. a 501c3 Non-Profit (Pending). Visit our website www.m28ministries.org to see some of the other financial needs we have as well as the needs of our ministry partners. Most importantly, please keep M28 Ministries and all our ministry partners in prayer. We need your prayers desperately as we engage the enemy head on in the battle for the lost souls in the world.


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   May God bless you and your family abundantly. Look for more updates in the weeks to come to learn about all that God is doing within our ministry and our ministry partners ministries.
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