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  2012 India Trip Report  

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The Great India Adventure Of 2012


Jeff & Rick near Mirik, India No matter how many times I go to India & Nepal it always seems like the first time for some reason. I had the pleasure of traveling with my good friend and M28 Board member Rick Lowe and will cherish the memories of our time together working in our Heavenly Father's vineyard in NE India. This trip was one adventure after another. We worked with our national partner and founder of Frontier Care Ministries (FCM) Rev. Rupak Shankar by traveling to Frontier Bible churches FBC in the plains and in the mountains doing 1 day conferences to encourage and teach the pastors and believers in many churches. Bro.Pastor Kishor at FBC Dhimalchat Rupak had us working right off the bat. We arrived at Rupak's house the afternoon of Jan 11th and went to the
FBC church in Dhimalchat, Inside Frontier Bible Church, DhimalchatIndia where I preached. What an experience that was. I had written some notes for my message in pencil on my note pad but there was only one light in the small church and it was pitch black that night. When I got up to speak I opened my note pad and realized I could not read anything on it because the light was so dim. Then I opened my bible and could barely read it so I said a quick silent prayer and said, ok God your up. I am happy to say the message went well and the circumstance of the dim light inspired my traveling partner Rick to preach a message titled, The One Light bulb Church, it was great.

Jeff & Rick at BCH in Jaigon IndiaEarly the next morning we hit the road to Jaigon, India which is right on the border with Bhutan to visit Bethany Children's Home (BCH). Well much of the road if you could call it a road, (it looks like a runway that had been bombed and it's the main state highway) was a maze of giant pot holes with traffic going in both directions and no center divide barrier. Somehow everyone is able to miss each other while swerving into the oncoming traffics lane to miss a potJeff giving the kids at BCH the crosses Andy made hole then quickly swerving back into their lane. It really does look like well-choreographed chaos but somehow it works? Well by God's grace and Rupak's superior driving skills we made it safely to BCH where we were greeted by the beautiful smiling faces of all the children. It was so good to see all the children, Sarita, Markus, Pramila and her new husband again. They all looked great and the children were eager to perform songs and dance for us so we got right too it. As always the passion that the children worship with moved me and reminded me of the mighty work that God is doing at BCH through Sarita and her adult children in rising up mighty young boys and girls that by God's Grace will become amazing disciples of Jesus Christ! I was very happy to see the boundary wall is completed, Praise God!!! Sarita's church loaned her the money to finish the boundary wall so the children could be kept safe. That money ($1200) must be paid back to her church so please if God leads you to help in this please do so. Sarita and her 3 adult children give all their time caring for the children and are dependent on outside support to provide for all of BCH's needs, won't you help?


Traveling to Mirik India The next several days we traveled from one village to another doing one day conferences at many different Pastor Silas, his wife Priscilla & children FBC Lanka ParaFBC's. To say it is a beautiful place is a huge understatement! There was no need to set aside any time to sight see because we were sightseeing everyday as we went from one village to the next. We went to FBC Lanka Para where we met pastor Silas and his family. Just a few months before our visit Pastor Silas almost died from complications to a long illness. In fact Bro. Rupak was at my house in Oklahoma this past October when he received word of Silas's grave condition. Many of you reading this were praying for Silas's recovery so I'm sure you are excited to see he FBC Chalouni Indiais doing well but still in need of our daily prayers. Next we went to FBC Chalouni where we met Pastor Sunil and his family. My church, Dayspring, helped fund the building of this church which was dedicated in late Jeff Preaching & Rupak Translating at FBC Chalouni2011 so needless to say I was excited to see it and meet the people. They are a very energetic and enthusiastic group of believers whose passion for Christ is inspiring. They just can't be still while worshiping they love to jump up and down and wave their arms while they sing praises to the one and only God. After a short overnight stay at Rupak's house to get clean cloths and a good night's sleep we were off to Mirik, India. Mirik is about 6000 feet high in the mountains but still considered just a foot hill in the Himalayan Mountains. Mirik is a beautiful city of about 250,000 people but still has a small town feel. God is doing mighty things in Mirik through 2 key pastors. Their names are Pastors Rumez & Kishor. Pastor Rumez is a FCM field supervisor which means he has several churches within FCM that he oversees. Rumez's first church in the Mirik region is FBC Duptin. This is a very remote village that you either hike to or traverse a very rough rocky road that Rick and I renamed "the Mirik death road" Rick hanging on for dear lifebecause it was absolutely treacherous. Well I wasn't interested in the rugged hike as you might imagine, ok stop imagining I could do it if had too, LOL; so with Rupak's steady hands on the wheel and Ricks rand's firmly gripping the "I don't want to die" handle on the dash and my hands grasping each other in fervent prayerPastor Kishor and his wife for our safe travel, we made it to FBC Duptin and back unscathed. Thank you dear Lord!!! Pastor Rumez led Pastor Kishor to the Lord a few years ago and since then Kishor has started a church in his home in Mirik, which they quickly out grew. FBC rented a house and used it as their church but within 1 year they had out grown it too. They pack in like sardines in a can, thankful for the space they have to worship. Around July 2011 Rupak told me they were praying that the Lord would provide land for them to build a permanent church in Mirik. So we joined him in praying for it. It is very difficult to find any land suitable for building on in the steep mountains, but God provided the perfect spot so all they needed was the money. We began to pray for the money to buy the land. As I was preparing to leave Setting the cornerstoneon my trip to India it didn't appear we would have enough to buy the land but by God's grace we were blessed with enough money to pay for the land which I took with me. While in Mirik we worshiped in the current rented over crowded house turned church then went down to the land which we just purchased in the name of FBC Mirik. It is too bad there was not a rugged road for us to drive on to get to the new church site so we had to hike down the steep mountain like Grizzly Adams to get to there. I'm afraid I wasn't much like Grizzly Adams as I fell on my behind sliding a ways down the mountain. From that point on I had an entourage of 10-14 year old boys literally holding on to me like an old man so I would not fall again. Just to be clear I had on the wrong shoes, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Well even with my damaged pride and muddy back side we had a marvelous time dedicating the land to the Lord by singing, praying and setting the ceremonial corner stone. After the dedication we had to hike back up the mountain so my entourage told me there was an easier way to go. So on we went up step after step after step.... Finally one of the boys said "this is much easier Uncle it only has 360 steps" to the top. Needless to say I was near death when we finally got to the top, and for the record Rick was too! Next time I'm taking oxygen, and I am praying that we will have the money in the budget for an elevator or escalator or at least a good donkey to carry me up and down the mountain to the new church.

Next we had a half day of rest, then Rick and I went to visit Dr Rai and his wife Mary at Holy Palace Hospital & Training Center which is only about 1 mile from Rupak's house in Naxalbari, India. We had a great time visiting and getting a tour of the grounds. With the help of Dayspring church we were able to provide the funds to put a new roof and improve the hospitals canteen & purchase a generator to provide electricity to all the necessary parts of the hospital when the power goes out. I was very excited to see the canteenNew Generator at Holy Palace which I didn't even recognize because it looked so different. What a fantastic job Dr Rai's son Johnny did on this project. All I expected was to see a new roof but much to my surprise they had painted everything and even put a little store so people visiting family members in the hospital would not have to go all the way into town to get a snack or drink. Awesome job Johnny!!! You will hear more about Holy Palace in the near future.

After doing 7 one day conferences at 7 different churches we conducted a 3 day Pastor/leaders conference in Siliguri, India for the grand finale. It is amazing how hungry the Nepali people are for the word of God. We take so much for granted here in America where we have everything we need and plenty we don't. There is only 1 reliable translation of the bible in theWorship at E3 Conference  in Siliguri India Nepali language and the first commentary in the Nepali language has just come out. The Nepali believers can't just go down to the local Christian book store and find a book about a subject they are interested in. They have to rely on ministries like M28 Ministries and partner churches like Dayspring to sponsor these conferences and send teams of qualified teachers to come and teach them about the bible. They hunger for more understanding about the Old Testament, the gospels and the inspired words of the Apostle Paul. I am blessed to meet many amazing people who have testimonies like those written about in the bible. At the conference I saw a man who walked with a limp from a stiff leg. I asked one of the leaders what is wrong with that man and he said to me; oh that is Kumar, he was paralyzed from the neck down but God did a miracle and now he can walk and has the use of his right hand. The leader pointed to a woman and said her name is Nila she was paralyzed from the waist down and God did a miracle in her and now she walks. Here I was at this conference with 100 people attending and 2 of them had been healed from being paralyzed! Do you think God is working in India and Nepal? I have seen the fruit myself and I tell you He is!!! The Holy Spirit is working through these people because their faith is complete. They are holding nothing back; they are ALL IN, totally sold out for God no matter the cost. How about you? Are you ALL IN or are you holding something back.

How would you feel if everyone in your village or city hated you for your belief in Jesus? They do things to scare you, to intimidate you, and do their very best to drive you away and never return. This is what the 100 pastors and leaders who attended theWomen at E3 Conference 3 day conference in Siliguri (and tens of thousands more who couldn't attend) face every day! But they stand firm in their faith, and God does mighty things through these courageous men and women of God. These men and women tell us it is the conferences where they can all come together and worship as one, and fellowship as one, and pray as one, that they find their strength. When they see that they are not alone that people care enough about the work they are doing for the Lord in their small little village that they realize it is much bigger than them. It is much bigger than just their village. That it is much bigger than their country. They realize they are on the front lines of the battle that is raging all across the globe and through our support and fellowship through these conferences they continue to stand firm in the battle. Will you stand with them, join us in standing in the gap for our brothers and sisters who continue to fight on, even when things get tough. Would you help us support our national partners by supporting M28 Ministries? We cannot do the work that God has called us to do without the financial resources to conduct the conference, provide the training material to help a new national believer be discipled to be an effective witness for the Lord, to provide the support for the food, clothing, and schooling for the children of BCH. We need your help now!


Little Depa from BCHPlease prayerfully consider supporting M28 Ministries as we strive to carry out the Great Commission here at home and abroad. No amount is too small and we could never have enough to meet all the needs of our ministry partners. By supporting us you can join in the battle on the front line as we help our national partners share the gospel of Jesus Christ to all the people and lead them out of the darkness into the light.


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