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September 12, 2011 


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 Jeff Julie & Abby Henderson

Remembering  9 -11

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Greetings From the Henderson's

  Well it is hard to believe that summer is winding down and school is already back in session. What a hot summer we have had, we have set a new all-time record in Oklahoma with 85 days, and stDroughtill counting, of temperatures above 100 degrees. We have had less than an inch of rain in the last 6 (normal is about 11-12 inches by now) months in SW Oklahoma so obviously we are in desperate need of cooler temperatures and a long slow and steady rain. Lord Please bring the rain!


Ministry Update

  We are so thankful to be able to say we have established the ministries initial Board of Directors. Please continue to pray as we will add Board members as the Lord leads. We had a little snag along the way with the name 1st Fruit Ministries. Apparently I had been misinformed about the availability of the name when I checked with the Oklahoma. Secretary of States office. When we submitted our application for nonprofit corporation we were denied. We were told we could not use the name because there was another organization with a name that was to close to the same. This was a blow we had not expected and I must admit it was discouraging. After much prayer and meditation we were led to change the name of the ministry to M28 Ministries (M28). In doing so the Lord snatched the victory right out of the enemy's hand and claimed the victory for Himself. We are happy to announce that the M28 Ministries Inc. is now an official nonprofit corporation in the state of Oklahoma. Praise the Lord!!! M28 stands for Matthew 28 "the Great Commission" which is actually a more descriptive name for the work the ministry is doing, after all Matthew 28: 19-20 is our Vision Statement. The new website is www.m28ministries.org  Julie and I have new ministry email address jeff@m28ministries.org & julie@m28ministries.org Our Onlineok email is only for personal use so please start using the new ministry email address for ministry related matters. M28's application for tax exemption from federal income tax under section 501c3 is pending. We have every expectation that our application will be approved and completed before the end of this year. This means that any contribution to M28 Ministries Inc. will be tax deductible. Please keep this lifted up in prayer, that we will receive quick approval of the 501c3 application from the IRS.



Prayer and Financial Support

      I must admit that this part of the ministry is hard for me to do. Over the years Julie and I have been blessed to be able to support the work of missionaries and ministries as God has directed us. We never thought the tables would be turned and we would be the Missionary/Ministry asking and needing the support of our brothers and sisters in Christ. I have to be honest I prefer writing the check instead of asking for one, but this is God's plan and not our own so we must obey God and humbly ask for you support.


  First and foremost we need your prayer support. This has been a major adjustment for our family and we know we are not through the changes yet so please keep Julie, Abby & I in your prayers.


  Let me also ask you to keep M28 Ministries in your prayers as well. M28 has many prayer needs so please continue to pray that the Holy Spirit continues to guide and direct the board of directors to act according to His will.


  Secondly we need your financial support. We have personal needs, Ministry needs (start-up, travel,) & the needs of our ministry partners.


   Personal Support, We are blessed to have my VA disability retirement so we do not need to raise all of our personal support. We need to raise $2800.00 per month to meet all of our obligations. we are just getting started so to date we have raised 0%. If you are led to support us personally make your check payable to M28 Ministries Inc. please don't write our names on the check, just place a note along with your check that your gift is for our personal support.


Ministry Needs,


  Start up cost- We need $2500.00 to help cover some of the ministry startup costs. For example, the filing fee with the IRS for the 501c3 is $850.00 alone. We also need to purchase a laptop computer, financial software, office supplies ect.


  Travel Cost-We have to raise 100% of our domestic and international travel expenses. This is a critical need as the majority of our work requires travel. We travel to visit & encourage our ministry partners and see firsthand what their needs are as well as making sure that the projects we are supporting are being done and the funds we are sending are being used as they should be used to glorify God and further His kingdom.


  2011 Travel - For the rest of 2011 we will only have a few domestic travel needs. We estimate needing $1200.00.


  2012 international travel- In January 2012 Jeff will be leading a team on a 2 week mission to Siliguri, India to conduct a 3 day E3 International conference with Pastor Rupak with Frontier Care Ministries. After the conference the team will visit other M28 ministry partners and FCM churches. The team will returns home, but Jeff will stay for 2-3 more weeks. 1 more week with Pastor Rupak then he will go to Katmandu, Nepal to connect with Pastor "H" from the GO Project Nepal. Together they will conduct several 1-2 day E3 leadership conferences in various mountain villages. The cost for all the travel (ground & air), food & lodging is $5000.00


  2012 domestic travel-There will also be some domestic travel expense in 2012 associated with visiting pastors and churches in our E3 USA ministry work. We estimate needing $2500.00 for this.

Total estimated travel expenses through 2012 $8700.00


Our ministry partners needs- There are many needs but for now we will focus on 1, the;


  2012 India E3 International Conference M28 and FCM will conduct an E3 Leadership Conference in Siliguri, India in January 2012. This will be a major 3 day conference. 

    The purpose of this E3 conference is to help our native ministry partner (Pastor Rupak Shankar, FCM)  to encourage, educate & equip his ministry leadership to, more effectively disciple their flocks, further their knowledge and understanding of the bible & unifying the body by bringing the leadership of all their churches together.
    This will be a joint conference teaching pastors, elders & lay leaders in their own sessions. Women, children and youth ministries each have their own sessions as well. We will have some sessions where we bring everyone together for a lesson or message that is suitable for all. 
    All expenses for the conference are paid by M28 Ministries so as not to take away from the limited resources our ministry partners have to share the Gospel. Some of the expenses include, travel to and from the event, food & lodging during event, for all those attending. Renting the facility to conduct the event. Bibles and other printed material (Sunday School & VBS) to help the attendees serve their flocks better. Lord willing we expect to have 200 people attend the conference so we need to raise $5000-$8000.


  If you are led to bless us with a gift of support Please make checks payable to M28 Ministries Inc and mail them to:


M28 Ministries Inc.

PO Box 72 

Faxon, OK. 73540


Click here to give online


  Visit our website to learn more about our ministry work and about the amazing things God is doing through our native ministry partners, www.m28ministries.org  


   May God bless you and your family abundantly. Look for more updates in the weeks to come about all that has been going on within our ministry and our ministry partners ministries.
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