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Sept.24 - Return Burmese/Tonkinese BC ballots 


Oct. 1 - Submission of Grand/DM photos for Cat Talk


Central Office




Kitten Season is upon us and it appears the feline world remains quite prolific. Whether those breedings were chosen via genetic guidance or the old "by guess and by golly" breeding program, we wish you healthy, robust kittens ready to master the Show Ring and bedazzle the judges.


We thank those of you who have taken the extra minute or two to check your work. Some of the difficulties we encounter have lessened. Still a problem remains - we need day time contact information - PHONE or EMAIL. Please, include with your submissions a day time phone number and/or email address. We do not want to return incomplete work but have no other choice if a problem exists and we do not have contact information.


EXPEDITE SERVICE - If you send work via snail mail and wish that work expedited please write "Expedite" on the outside of your envelope. This will ensure your work is opened upon receipt and not left in an unavoidable, weekend mail in house delay.


Did we call you and leave a message? When you return our call please remember the name of the person who called you as that is the employee who has your work, knows what needs to be addressed and is readily available to help you. We don't want to waste your valuable time trying to find out "Who's on First?" at this busy time of the year.


Be prepared when checking for work whether via phone or email. It is helpful and makes things go smoothly if you have as much information as possible dependent on the problem. Registration number if a cat/kitten, your Cattery number, name on the credit card used for payment of services, approximate date of transaction if known - As much information as you can give us will facilitate a quicker response.


Please, please only contact ONE person in Central Office regarding any questions or problems you may need to discuss. We have discovered those who blind copy all the registration personnel as well as others and this only delays and/or complicates our ability to respond to you efficiently and correctly..


It has been a year since I walked through the doors of CFA in Alliance and time surely does fly. I am proud of the progress made by a very "green" team as we have traveled a very bumpy road together. There are still tasks ahead of us but I would be remiss if I did not thank our relocation team, the Board, our Breed Council Chairs, and individuals around the World who have shared, cared and been so supportive to us in our new home. We could not do it without you!


Thank you,


Donna Jean



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Notes From the Board Meeting




The Board met on September 11, 2012.  Notes of what took place are here

New Feline Chronic Kidney Disease Study at Tufts University

Submitted by Jessie Markovich, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM)


Help us improve nutrition for cats with kidney disease!
Chronic kidney disease (sometimes called chronic renal failure) is one of the most common diseases affecting cats. Cats can be born with kidney disease or acquire kidney disease in later life. No matter the cause, treatments for kidney disease involve a combination of medical and dietary support. Although diet is one of the main components of treatment for this disease, additional information is needed to optimize our nutritional recommendations. The Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University is conducting a short survey about feeding habits in cats with chronic kidney disease. This information will be used to advance knowledge about optimal nutrition for cats with this common disease. You may also be able to help us determine if there are breed predispositions to this disease. If one of your cats is affected by this disease, please take our short survey and pass it along to others.

World Show


Our hard working entry clerk, Monte Phillips, is busy sending out acknowledgements for this show.  Within the next few days he expects to have acknowledged every entry he has received.  If your entry/entries were within the first 500 he received, you will be entered in the first show.  If your entry/entries were in the next 500 you will receive an acknowledgement that your entry is in the second show and you will be given a deadline by which you can withdraw your entry if you are not interested in competing in the second show.


With ten more rings, we are soliciting more sponsorships.  Please contact Lorna Friemoth if you can help. 

    • Ring Sponsors - $350
    • Misc. Ring Sponsors - $150
    • Breed Sponsors - $50
    • Stars - $25

Keep up-to-date with news about this show on the CFA Blog.

What's HotLegislative - Part 1

By Joan Miller, CFA Legislative Information Liaison



Breaking News - APHIS responds to a FOIA !


In the CFA opposition letter to the USDA/APHIS proposed rules, we questioned the asserted need for federal regulation of dog and cat breeders selling at retail to pet owners. APHIS has said the proposal was needed because of complaints about unhealthy dogs being sold directly over the internet. CFA said "There were complaints, noted in the May 2010 USDA Inspector General's report, from buyers of dogs sold at retail but no comprehensive data. There was no discussion of whether dogs purchased "over the Internet" have more health problems than those acquired through other sources. There have been no scientific studies cited to demonstrate any difference between the health of animals sold at retail "using the Internet" compared to those sold from traditional pet stores. If the purpose of the AWA is to protect the health of animals then some empirical evidence to support the change is needed. "


The Sportsmen's & Animal Owners' Voting Alliance (SAOVA) took this concern to another level and filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for copies of documents supporting statements made by APHIS in their Regulatory Impact Analysis, in which the agency stated, "In fact, in recent years, APHIS has noted a number of reports and complaints concerning the welfare of such animals."

"In addition, APHIS has received complaints directly from members of the
public concerning the welfare of dogs and other pet animals sold at retail."

On August 29, 2012 the FOIA request was answered:


Read more ...


Legislative - Part II

by Joan Miller, CFA Legislative Information Liaison 


Texas Breeder Licensing is Now the LAW:


On September 1st The Texas "Dog or Cat Breeders Act" that passed last year took effect. The State now requires cat and dog breeders who possess 11 or more adult intact females and sell 20 or more dogs or cats in a year to apply for a license. Application fees start at $300. Thousands of letters were sent to the Texas Commission of Licensing and Regulation. No one is satisfied with the resulting law. Breeders are angry about the rigorous requirements and the Texas Humane Legislative Network feels the standards of care are inadequate. The Department of Agriculture estimated 600 breeders would be licensed, but there are few applicants. Many think the worst facilities will find a way to avoid the license.


As of today there are a total of 29 licensees of which only one appears to raise cats (Savannahs).   Others may have applied or else they are working to get below the number of 11 female cats/dogs.  James Bias, president of the SPCA of Texas, said in the Dallas Morning News September 5th that he "hopes the requirement will encourage pet buyers to ask for the seller's license number and to see where the animals are kept." He also said "I hope it will be a catalyst for getting out of the business and saying, 'this isn't worth it"'.


Read more ...


News from the CFA Pet Healthcare Plan

Submitted by Linda Crandall, PetPartners, Inc.



Are you an employee, an employer, or a memberof another organization? Would you like to have the option of selecting pet insurance from your menu of benefits? The CFA Pet Healthcare Plan now offers Group Plans. Only a minimum of two or more people are necessary to start a Group Plan for pet insurance coverage for cats and dogs. Offering pet insurance as a benefit to groups is a win-win for everyone. There is no paperwork, no cost to the company or organization (and a no-cost option of using payroll deduction). If you move away, the plan you purchase is completely portable. Best of all, for every Group Plan initiated by a CFA member, the CFA receives a percentage of each new plan sold. For more information about Group Plans, contact Linda Crandall at the CFA Pet Healthcare Plan, 919.926.2719.

September is National Pet Health Insurance Month! To celebrate, The North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) of which the CFA Pet Healthcare Plan is a member, is sponsoring an essay contest for all pet parents. Write about caring for your cat (or dog) this month and win great prizes, including an Apple® ipad2®! For contest details, visit:


Don't forget to 'Like' us on Facebook:


Do you receive The Purring Post newsletter from The CFA Pet Healthcare Plan? The current issue includes articles about White House felines, A veterinarian Q & A about cystitis, Funding your cat's healthcare ills and Keeping your geriatric cat healthy. Visit us (and sign up to subscribe at the top of the page).



CFA Judging School/BOAS



CFA Judging School/BAOS in Columbus, OH in conjunction with the CFA World Show on 11/15-17/2012. Information flyer can be found online.

CFA Foundation

Submitted by Karen Lawrence


August was hopping at the Feline Historical Museum as over 350 visitors stopped in - many on the days when there were show-stopping Ragdolls and Maine Coons in attendance. The cats, owned by Jim Flanik and Joel-Camelle Chaney, were amazing and it was impressive how well they interacted with the attendees.


Cats and kittens alike soaked up the attention! They delighted visitors by racing around the museum floor chasing one another, walking precarious edges of the mezzanine level and staircase with typical cat-like precision, and eventually coming to rest on the library shelves rather than in their show shelters. In between races they were petted, hugged, kissed, cuddled, played with, and generally just spoiled rotten by both the children and adult visitors.


CFA Foundation president, David Mare, said, "I was more than pleased by this event because it not only brought people into our museum, but it showed pedigreed cats in the light we all want them to be seen. It was indeed a treat for the public to see and interact with such fine specimens of our pedigreed cats in a non-showhall atmosphere. The cats loved it - and visitors obviously loved it, too!"


Next Up is Agility!


Museum manager, Karen Lawrence, has announced that the museum will expand on its program to make the area residents aware of pedigreed cats by hosting agility demonstrations during the week of October 2-6, 2012. Jill Archibald, well-known agility ringmaster, will be in attendance to run Mr. Brown Sugar, an Egyptian Mau, and Ziva, a Japanese Bobtail, through their paces on an obstacle course set up down the center aisle of the museum floor.


Learn More ...


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Winn Feline Foundation

Submitted by Betty White, Past President



Niels Pedersen, DVM, PhD, no stranger to CFA folks as a well-known researcher in feline infectious diseases, is the winner of the Winn Feline Foundation and American Veterinary Medical Foundation Excellence in Feline Research Award for 2012. Breeders and exhibitors will remember Dr. Pedersen's inspiring FIP presentation at the 2011 Winn Foundation Symposium. The award was presented August 7th at the annual convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) in San Diego. Winn President, Vicki Thayer, DVM, DABVP, made the announcement and attended the award ceremony consisting of the $2500 cash and crystal cat award, "The Winnie".

Winn became an associate member of the Partnership for Preventive Pet Healthcare in April, 2012, a committee of the non-profit American Veterinary Medical Foundation that was created to ensure that pets receive the preventive healthcare they deserve through regular visits to a veterinarian. This alliance of more than 20 leading veterinary associations and animal health companies is committed to a vision of improved overall health for pets. For more information about this initiative and further feline health information, please visit the Winn website at

Winn Sez this month that owners should remember that cats need an annual checkup to ascertain that vaccinations are current and that cats are in the peak of health -- 9 lives or not!

Ambassador Program

Submitted by Willa Hawke


CFA Ambassador Activity

Summer 2012

Our Ambassadors throughout the World remain busy and diligent in assisting at shows and spreading the word for CFA and the World of Cats. I will share with you some of the feedback recently received from several of our Ambassador Regional Coordinators (RCs).

Both Donna Isenberg , RC from Region 5 (California & Nevada), and Mary Sietsema, RC Region 2 - reminded me of the recent Santa Monica Cat Show. Santa Monica is truly one of CFA's greatest testimonials to our past and hope for our future. We feel fortunate that Donna is our Ambassador RC for this venue: Read more ...

Photos from Another China Show


Last month Dick Kallmeyer sent a report on a show in China along with some photos.  This month we have photos from another new China club, Shenyang Cat Lovers, which recently held a show in Shenyang.  Dick tells us Shenyang is in Northeast China, west of North Korea, just south of Russia.  It's a manufacturing / lumber business area.  John Webster sent these two photos. 




Regional News 


Region 2

Submitted by Ginger Meeker, Regional Director



2013 Regional Awards Banquet with Show Sponsored by High Sierra Cat Cub


The Regional Events Committee has done a great job and we now have signed contracts in place for the 2013 Regional Awards Banquet with a show sponsored by High Sierra Cat Club at the same venue in the Sacramento area. The date of the events is June 2, 2013! The High Sierra Cat Club will be holding a one day show with the banquet being Saturday evening at the Lions Gate Hotel at the site of the closed McClellan Air Force Base. Google this facility and you will see that is it a top notch facility and the prices and amenities are quite exciting ... Amenities like free parking, free wi-fi, both events on the same grounds, refundable pet fee and the guest room rate includes hot breakfast. Please mark your calendars and plan to attend these events in June 2013. More details will be coming as we get closer to the event.


Again, thank you to all members of the committee for working hard and finding an exciting NEW venue in the Sacramento area- in alphabetical order Erin Cutchin, Kathy Gumm, Wendy Heidt and Kendall Smith with Carol Freel and Sylvia Ciullen representing High Sierra Cat Club. The committee was chaired by Dennis Ganoe. Apologies if anyone was left off the list!


Due to the ease of working with the staff of this facility and the competitiveness of the pricing structure, this may well be an on-going show site for the Northern California clubs in the future. Many closed military bases are "refitting" for commercial events. The prices and amenities offered by this facility were extremely competitive and they were extremely excited about working with CFA. So...if your club or region is looking for new sites you might want to investigate the option of a closed military base in your area.



2013 Annual

  The region would like to thank all those clubs and individuals who have donated to the various projects in CFA both on a national level and a regional level. The Havana Brown Fanciers won an i-Pad at a prior fund-raising raffle for the Annual and reraffled the item to accomplish a $600 donation to the Winn Foundation and $200 to the Northwest Region for 2013 Annual. All donations, group and individual, for the Annual Fund are acknowledged on the Region 2 website.


There are many worthy projects seeking donation and I know that R-2 will always step up and help where they can. Thank you again to all who are donating time, raffle items, and money to help CFA grow and prosper! Remember that by entering your cat in a show, that results in a financial return to the region. Every source of revenue is important....and again THANK YOU.

Region 3

Submitted by Carissa Altschul, Regional Director



The clubs in Louisiana put on the "Louisiana Hayride" show in Alexandria LA at the Best Western Inn and Conference Center. Most exhibitors agreed this had to be on the best "hotel shows" we've ever attended! The show hall was well air-conditioned (some of us even needed sweaters!), the rings were lit with plentiful natural light, and the hotel staff was absolutely hands-down some of the most polite and welcoming staff we have ever encountered. I can't even count how many "good mornings" and other cheerful greetings I received from hotel staff. The rate was unbeatable - just $55! That included a breakfast of eggs, sausage, biscuits - and they even made omelets on request! Not to mention other standard breakfast fare. If you missed this show this year, hopefully it will be back next year and you *will* want to put it on your calender as a DON'T MISS!

We have a great show coming up in Denver in on September 22-23 - 10 rings (8 AB, 2 SP!). The Denver show is always a great event and who doesn't love the Rockies in September!

Please also mark your calenders for our fundraising show for the 2014 Annual in Cleburne, Texas (just 45 minutes south of Fort Worth) on Oct 27th. Rumor has it a local exhibitor is going to be having a hospitality event at their home just 15 minutes from the show hall Saturday night! All will be invited and you won't want to miss it! 

Region 5

Submitted by Mike Shelton, Regional Director


On August 15th, some SW Region fanciers attended the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes Bark at the Park event. This minor league baseball team has a few games every year where they invite fans to attend with their four-legged friends, and we bring our cats! We get a few unusual looks, but the dog owners are always amazed at how well-behaved our cats are around all those canines. It's a great opportunity for us to educate the general public about cat shows, and our passion for our cats. It also helps out locally, as a portion of the proceeds go to support the local animal shelter.

We'll be back next year! 

Region 7
Submitted by Tracy Petty, Regional Director
Southern Region's "Hope" Makes Her Television Debut

If you've been to any show set up by David and Shirley Peet's show service, you've likely had a chance to see CFA-Iams Ambassador Cat Hope the Exotic. Many will also remember her as Beauetchere Hope U Dance of Perzot, CFA's 5th Best Cat in Premiership in 2008. And now, at the age of 12, Hope is making her small screen debut in the role of "Henry" in a television commercial for Toyota cars, co-starring with two-time Super Bowl MVP and NY Giants' quarterback Eli Manning (playing himself).

Hope, owned by David & Shirley Peet and Donna & Ollie Bishop, was selected for the Toyota commercial entitled "Cat Whisperer" and went on location, a suburban street in New Jersey, in July of this year. The temperature was in the 90's throughout much of the 10-hour shoot, and while Mr. Manning had to spend his down time in a stuffy air-conditioned bus, Hope got to hang out in the fresh air in her pink stroller with ice packs to help her stay cool. But her required advocate from the American Humane Association remained on set all day to make sure she had breaks and was kept comfortable, despite the grueling schedule. Although the production company had taken out an insurance policy on her, she did have a stunt double for the 14-foot jump from her high tree limb into the waiting quarterback's arms (a stuffed cat made to look exactly like the real Hope, but probably without the claws.) About 200 people worked to make the 33-second commercial. Although Shirley was not able to convince the folks from Toyota that Hope, a calico, was really too colorful to realistically play "Henry", she was able to show the famous NFL Pro Bowler how to complete a pass of a cobby, full-bodied purebred Exotic to its surprised "owner.   
Toyota Commercial: Eli Really Does -
Click on arrow above to view

Hope also appeared recently at the Maryland State Fair, where she represented the "calico cat", Maryland's state cat, and promoted the Freestate Feline Fanciers show coming up on September 22 & 23. Hope would love to be discovered by a Hollywood producer and possibly get a chance to play Mrs. Garfield in a movie, but until she gets her big break (and maybe even after), she will continue to delight and amuse spectators at CFA cat shows. In addition to her usual schedule of local shows, she will be at the CFA World Championship Cat Show in Columbus, Ohio in November.

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