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August 15 - Submission of Yearbook ads and grand/DM photos


Sep. 10 - Entries accepted for World Show

CFA Show in China

By Dick Kallmeyer


Pearl River Cat Club had their first show in Guangzhou (used to be called Canton), China on August 4-5, 2012. The entry was only 111 cats. However, the shopping center where the show was held estimated the 2 day attendance at 200,000 people. After the first day, the shopping center reported 12,000,000 hits on their web site.


Bob Zenda Judging in China


The show was held in a 3-story rotunda with people lined up all 3 stories to see the cats. They started lining up at 0900 and the mall didn't open until 1000. The mall manager couldn't believe so many people cared about cats. It was very noisy. When the Maine Coons and Persians were brought to the ring, there was silence, followed by a loud gasp, then cheers. A lot of these people really had not seen cats, much less show cats-there is a tremendous pent up demand here. Every visitor had a camera and thousands of pictures are probably being posted on Weibo (Chinese version of Facebook and Twitter combined).



Seven TV stations and over 100 news reporters were filming and interviewing like crazy. The CFA show made the CCTV evening news right before the Olympic coverage. CCTV has over 700 million viewers.


The show was extremely crowded. A stage was set up 20 feet from Diana's judging ring, where she got to observe 8 young dancers perform every 90 minutes, trying to imitate rock group dancers. 


The manager wants to put on more CFA shows.


Diana Rothermel at Pearl River show


Notes From The Board Meeting


Here are notes from the meeting held on Tuesday, August 14, 2012.




By Joan Miller, CFA Legislative Information Liaison       


The APHIS deadline has arrived!


Much of the CFA Legislative Group's time over the last month has been spent on the APHIS (Animal Plant Health Inspection Service) rulemaking. The proposed changes mean that hobby breeders would be licensed by the USDA. Our concern is that this rule would seriously and negatively impact CFA and all breeders of pedigreed cats. The numbers projected for new dog, cat, rabbit and other licensees would overwhelm the agency lessening their ability to inspect truly commercial breeder facilities. We need everyone, including you, your friends and family members who care about maintaining home breeding of pedigreed cat breeds to SEND A COMMENT.


The August 15th, deadline is finally here !! But you still have until 11:59 PM to submit YOUR comment. It is easy to do this online. Go to the CFA Legislative Alert page for instructions and points to make. The Federal eRulemaking Portal address is in the CFA Comment Guide .


Comments submitted are posted after being reviewed by the APHIS staff. We have been assured that the agency does read all submittals. Several organizations have held comments until the deadline. Therefore their letters may not be on the APHIS Portal for a day or two. My monitoring of the Portal indicates that there has been a huge response to this rule. As of August 14th the postings of comments totaled 11,635. This may be the largest response to any APHIS rulemaking. So far, my random checks reveal that about 3 out of 4 comments express opposition to the rule.


George Eigenhauser and I have been helping CFA clubs and individuals draft comment letters, providing advice and points to make. We completed a flyer for the public and a fact sheet. George has forwarded ALERTS and "beating the bush" emails to prod cat fanciers. He has responded to numerous questions sent to [email protected]. We want to thank all the CFA Board members who sent in their comments, some multiple. Many cat fanciers have commented and all of those I've read showed a good understanding of the issues. APHIS staff has stated that the quality of the content is most important to them.   They are not as interested in whether a person is for or against the proposal as they are in reading their reasons WHY.


There was a second stakeholder teleconference on August 6th, which George attended. Based on his informal email report, and that of others, it was apparent the APHIS representatives seemed arrogant and exasperated. George reported the agency repeatedly said "if people would just read their new facts file we'd know that all face-to-face sales are exempt." When attendees challenged them about this not being written in the rulemaking proposal, they were abruptly cut short and told "then put that in your comment."  Others asked where the need for these changes arose. The response was that there had been complaints made. They were also questioned about the petition that has been submitted by HSUS. The response was that "this is not a vote and no matter how many people sign a letter it will be treated as one comment."


Send your comment NOW. Ask that the rule be withdrawn and give one or two reasons why. For assistance, contact the CFA Legislative Group at [email protected] .


Top 25 Videos


Mark Hannon has created three videos, one for each of the Top 25 from last show season.  Check them out to see photos of both the cats/kittens and their owners accepting their awards.  If you previously saw the Premiership video, it's been improved so take another look.





World Show


The show is scheduled for November 17-18, 2012 at the convention center in Columbus, Ohio.  The show flyer is expected to be completed soon.


Here is a list of hotels which accept cats.


Entries will not be accepted prior to 9/10/12 at 12:01am EDT.  Here is some info from our entry clerk to help you translate that.  Entries will only be accepted via email and Fax.  No snail mail entries this year.


Here are the judges, their assignments, and their clerks: 

  • Region 1 - Gary Veach, AB CH, SP Kittens, SP PR, Clerk - Rhonda Avery
  • Region 2 - Vicky Nye, SP CH, SP Kittens, AB PR, Clerk - Kathy Durdick
  • Region 3 - Kathy Black, AB CH, SP Kittens, SP PR, Clerk - Tammy Roark
  • Region 4 - Diana Doernberg, SP CH, SP Kittens, AB PR, Clerk - Beth Holly
  • Region 5 - Bob Zenda, AB CH, SP Kittens, AB PR, Clerk - Linda Fried
  • Region 6 - Gary Powell, AB CH, SP Kittens, SP PR, Clerk - Ed Chambers
  • Region 7 - Jan Stevens, SP CH, SP Kittens, AB PR, Clerk - Laurie Coughlan
  • Region 8 - Yaeko Takano, AB CH, SP Kittens, AB PR, Clerk - Bethany Colilla
  • Region 9 - Michael Schleissner, SP CH, SP Kit, AB PR, Clerk - Linda Bartley,
  • 10TH -     John Collila, AB CH, SP Kittens, SP PR, Clerk - Sharon McKenzie





Today is the deadline for submitting Grand/DM photos as well as ads.  If you plan to submit either a photo or an ad, you need to act quickly.  It can all be done online.


Don't forget, if you submit a Grand photo to both the Yearbook and to Cat Talk, you will get a freebie ... the photo will appear online as part of the Breed Profile.


While we have become accustomed to prices going up, the cost of a Yearbook ad has actually decreased.  Check out this year's prices. 

Where Can I Find ...


Copies of past issues of the CFA eNewsletter?  This newsletter has been produced every month since January, 2011. Copies have been archived so if you are looking for an old issue, no problem. Near the top of each issue, on the left, are "Quick Links." One of those links is for "Newsletter Archives" which is where you will find them.

Submitted by Cheryl Coleman, Clerking Committee Chair
The hard copy clerking tests are presently being graded at Central Office. As soon as they are completed, I can give more updated statistics as to how everyone did on the hard copy. Additionally, if you took the hard-copy test and did not pass, Shirley will notify you and send you the test again to retake.

For those who took the clerking test online, they had the opportunity to retake the test after 24 hours if they did not reach the qualifying grade they needed to maintain their status. So as a result, everyone passed who took it online! Here are the online testing statistics:

5% of the online tests received between 80-84% (you have to get a minimum of 80% to be a licensed clerk)
21% of the online tests received between 85-89%
35% of the online tests received between 90-94%
39% of the online tests received between 95-100%

Several sub-committees of your clerking peers have been formed to assist in further enhancing the clerking experience. One committee is for the online clerking schools. This committee is comprised of several experienced MCI's that can give their invaluable knowledge to making this a worthwhile and educational experience. The second committee is for incentives to get clerks licensed. This committee is comprised of clerks, as well as individual's who have extensive club and show management experience. They are assisting to make sure getting licensed is beneficial to the clerk, the club, and CFA as a whole.

CFA and Social Media


CFA has contracted with a firm to assist us with our marketing efforts.  One of the areas in which they are already working is with CFA's social media.  Make it a part of your schedule to routinely check out the CFA Facebook page.  For those who enjoy Twitter, we also have a presence there. So let's tweet and follow.

Cat Talk
The Year in Review

Our space constraints limited the amount of information we could include in our wrap-up of the 2011-2012 season. But you might be interested in some tables we wish we could have included, such as a complete listing of one show grands from the season:


Cover Cats

Did you know that your cat can be on the cover of Cat Talk? Unlike the Almanac, our cover is not reserved for the National Winners! We do feature COTY, KOTY, and POTY on our August cover (the cover this year is a collage of these three cats by graphic illustrator Sophia Staples), but titles are not required for the rest of the year. If you are a subscriber to the Online Almanac or Cat Talk, all you have to do is submit a photo with some basic information, here for details. We choose the cover cat at random for some months, and for other months we feature special covers chosen from your photos. Entering the cover contest is free and you can submit your photo anytime of the year. Why wait? Enter today! 

CFA Breeders Participate In ...

Submitted by Roeann Fulkerson


Royal Canin's annual sales meeting. 


Lorraine Barrett
Tuesday July 17, ten CFA breeders were gathered at The Mayflower Renassiance Hotel in Washington, DC, to share their breeds and knowledge as breeders with over 300 salespeople from Canada, South America, North America and Mexico, at the Annual Royal Canin Sales Meeting.

Our CFA breeders were invited by Royal Canin to be an integral part of their week long annual sales conference that highlights the focus for the coming years and culminates in Royal Canin recognition of their top achievers. Our CFA breeders introduced our pedigreed cats to many Royal Canin salespeople who have never attended a cat show nor even seen pedigreed cat breeds.

The participation by our breeders by bringing their cats and sharing knowledge about CFA and our breeds was the highlighted hit of the week.

We hope to see many of these people at a CFA local show in their home areas over the next few months. So if someone introduces themselves as a Royal Canin rep, please be sure to welcome them, try to give them a few minutes of your time, maybe show them around and introduce them to other exhibitors because ... this will be their very first cat show. These 300 plus Royal Canin sales force have been charged with making it a priority to visit a CFA show very soon. So let's all be sure to welcome each of these 300 plus newcomers at our shows. 

Breed Councils


CH, GP, NW Quercetin's
Phaedra of Karleton

This summer there will be a special Breed Council poll for the Burmese and Tonkinese.  This ballot has the policies and procedures for the Tonkinese and Southeast Asian out crosses.


The Board has approved the use of online voting for the year's BC polls and this special summer poll will serve as a test of the online ballot process.  If you belong to the Burmese or Tonkinese Breed Council, you will be receiving further information on this special poll.


With online voting, it is more important than ever that CFA has a valid email address for you.  A recent mailing from the Central Office found that approximately 50% of the emails were not deliverable due to bad addresses.  Make sure CFA's Central Office has your current email address and notify them whenever it changes.

CFA Judging School/BOAS 


CFA Judging School/BAOS in Ilsenburg, Germany on 9/23-24/2012. Information flyer can be found online.


CFA Judging School/BAOS in Columbus, OH in conjunction with the CFA World Show on 11/15-17/2012. Information flyer can be found online.

Ambassador Program

Submitted by Willa Hawke


Ambassador ButtonThe Ambassador program continues to make great strides as it enters its eighth year. I am excited to work with our core committee members of Cyndy Byrd, Art Graafmans, Jodell Raymond and Karen Lane.



We had a wonderful Ambassador reception at the Annual in President Hamza's suite after the delegate's meeting. I so appreciated the efforts of Region 1's Regional Ambassador Coordinator, Geri Fellerman, and her assistants, Debbie Kenny, Betty Powell, BSS Pam Dillmuth. Thanks also to Bruce and Donna Isenberg, Region 5, for their help with room set up.   In addition, I must thank three others that stepped in last minute and did fantastic work behind the scenes; e.g., Ernie Dorazio , Region 1, and Natalya & Alexander Region 9 (Russia). These folks were all amazing and certainly helped us immensely to put on such a lovely time.


CFA Ambassadors

If you have not signed up to be an Ambassador, do so now! We are always looking for people who are willing to talk to the public about CFA! http://www.cfa.org/Client/ambassadorApplication.aspx


Read more ...

CFA's "888" Number


 As part of CFA's marketing initiative to engage spectators, we have instituted a toll free number for spectators to call with questions or comments. The new customer call in line will be posted on the home page of the CFA web site. It is anticipated this number will be in service by Sept. 15th. The new CFA number will be in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. The new number is 1-888-752-CATS. The Membership/New Bee Committee is working on providing sample scripts and other pertinent information for operators to give callers. Please note that the 1-888-752-CATS number is for spectators only. Exhibitors need to call Central Office at 330-680-4070 with Registration, Breed Council, Show Licensing and other exhibitor questions.

CFA Foundation 



The Feline Historical Museum has some cats for adoption.  No, not your living, breathing kind but figurines & statues.  There are currently over 60 cats from which to choose.  Your adoption fee will help preserve the collection for generations to come. Read more ...


Winn Feline Foundation

Submitted by Betty White, Past President




Winn joins the American Veterinary Medical Foundation ((AVMF) annually to present two awards designed to recognize and promote feline health studies by both established veterinary research scientists and by those just beginning this field of study.The "Winnie" and $2500 cash are awarded to a distinguished researcher in feline medicine selected by the AVMF, and a matching cash award from the AVMF is selected by Winn from a large group of student applicants.


  The winner of the scholarship award this year is Alison McKay, a rising senior at Oregon State University College of Veterinary Medicine.An excellent student, Alison has been involved with feline-oriented volunteer programs, such as feral cat welfare groups.She is traveling in central America this summer for a veterinary service trip, and plans to be involved with feline-related research while there.She has been active in shelter medicine and held an externship at a cat care clinic.
Winn's new mascot, an endearing graphic created by artist extraordinaire Jamie Perry, was introduced in the July issue of the Winn e-newsletter. Dubbed Winnie, she is authoring a monthly advice column for owners entitled "Winnie Sez."

Royal Canin


What Is Food Allergy?


A food allergy is an adverse immune response to a food protein, triggered by the body's immune system.


Some proteins are resistant to digestion and those that are not broken down in the digestive process are attached to the Immunoglobulin E (IgE). The immune system mistakenly thinks that the food particle is harmful, thus triggers an allergic reaction.  Read more ...




6-year old Casey Heisig made a new friend at the Hidden

Peak Cat Club's show August 11-12 in Timonium, Maryland

Regional News 


Region 1

Submitted by Sharon Roy, Regional Director






Linda Majewski has volunteered to help coordinate the Feline Youth Program in Region 1. We are also looking for other volunteers to work with this program. As of yet, we do not have any youth participants. If anyone has any requests, please send the information to Linda at [email protected]



The Feline Fanatics show will be held in Oaks PA, August 25th and 26th.

This is a collaborative show put on with the help of following Region 1 and National Breed Clubs:William Penn Cat Club, Siamese Alliance of America, Cats Incredible, Inc., Feline Forum of Greater NY, Rainbow Plumes, Diamond State Cat Club, Fyfe & Drum Himalayan Club, Bombay Enthusiasts of America, National Alliance of Burmese Breeders, European Burmese Cat Club, Seacoast Cat Club, New Hampshire Feline Fanciers and The Sphynx Breed Club. Together we hope to make the show a premier event show on the east coast.


The entry clerk for this event is Debbie Kusy. Region 1 hopes to see lots of you there.





Region 2

Submitted by Ginger Meeker, Regional Director


Region 2 is holding a fundraising show, for the 2013 Annual, the second weekend in October 2012. If anyone would like to donate a prize to the raffle please contact Ginger Meeker privately.  Anyone wishing to help sponsor various aspects of the show (judge's lunch, steward fee, etc) please contact Pam Moser privately.  Also, please mark your calendar to attend this special fundraising show and prepare to have a really great time! Multiple clubs have donated free entries with double cages, and groom spaces so your raffle dollar can win you a valuable prize! 


Pam Moser coordinated a fund-raiser picnic held on Saturday, August 4th in a park in the Portland area. About 35 people were in attendance and through the raffle and games raised over $1300 for the 2013 Annual Fund. Thanks to all who attended and participated by opening their wallets. Great food, fun games, exciting Bingo matches and a range of folks from our most experienced Fanciers to our new young people in YEFP! Hats off to Pam Moser  for a wonderful event ... I hear Pam plans to hold the picnic again next year! See more photos .





Region 3

Submitted by Carissa Altschul, Regional Director



Foot of the Rockies and National Maine Coon Cat Club are combining to have a 10 ring (8 AB, 2 SP) show in Denver, CO on September 22-23! They will recognize the best MC's in championship, kitten & premiership as well as the best MC champion and premier. 





Region 4

Submitted by Loretta Baugh, Regional Director


The Great lakes Region invites you to come and experience Great Lakes Hospitality at our upcoming shows.


There are not one, but two shows this coming weekend. Saturday features the MidWest Persian Tabby Fanciers at the lovely Taylor, Michigan Sportsplex. This is a 6 ring one day show. On Sunday you can come to the Hallmark Cat Club/Monroe Shorthair Fanciers show in Brockport, NY, also a 6 ring, one day show.



The last weekend in August features the Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers show in Medina, Ohio - an 8 ring back to back at the Medina Community Center.



Labor Day weekend bring us back to New York - this time to Rochester, NY for the annual National Siamese Cat Club's two day show, which is an 8 ring back to back. What better way to start the holiday weekend than to spend it with friends in Rochester! 


Read more ...



Region 5

Submitted by Mike Shelton, Regional Director

Several exhibitors from the Southwest Region will be attending Bark at the Park, an annual event put on by the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes minor league baseball team. Fans are encouraged to bring their dogs to the game, and for the last few years we have attended with our cats. It always amazes the dog owners to see how well-behaved our cats are around all those strange dogs, and it gives us a great chance to talk to the public about pedigreed cats and cat shows. Keep an eye on this space next month for photos!

Region 6

Submitted by Kathy Calhoun, Regional Director






Midwest News


If you missed the Mo-Kan Cat Show - you have missed a treat indeed! The theme of the show was "The Wizard of OZ" and everyone joined in the fun! The rings were decorated in a whimsical fashion including little bottles of bubbles! Jim Dinesen could be seen in the Tim Man's hat while Kathy adorned Doroth's ruby slippers! Darryl Newkirk modeled the Cowardly Lion's crown while Brian Moser and Kathy Calhoun had fun with Glinda the Good Witch costuming and the Scarecrow.


Brian Pierson aka The Wicked Witch, with a green nose and a broom, was the judge of the cat costume contest. Brian was a fantastic witch judge and everyone loved it!


But the real stars were the cats in costume! There were Lollipop Kids, Glinda the Good Witches, a Scarecrow, Dorothys, Dorothy's whole house and more! Click on the link below to see a movie of Brian Pierson singing "We Represent the Lollipop Kids" with a dancing cat in full costume!


R6Video 0812


The runner up was Dorothy in the cutest blue and white dress with brown locks ! The winner was the Scarecrow in full costume from the pants to the hat including straw trim!


The cats were wonderful and everyone had the most memorable show in a long time.


Thank you to the Mo-Kan Cat Club, Devon Heaven, Great Cats and Awesome Exhibitors for making this happen!




Midwest Shows


Don't forget to enter the American Gothic Cat Club show in Peoria, Illinois - September 8th & 9th. There are 8 AB rings and 1 SP. This show is known for great food and a huge gate!


Twin City Cat Fanciers Show in Crystal, Minnesota on September 29, 2012. Crystal Minnesota is a near suburb of Minneapolis. The show is 4AB and 2 SP with lots of opportunities to grand your cat before the World Show!

Region 7 

Submitted by Tracy Petty, Regional Director


I-Cat "Hope" dozes on a cat tree being raffled, unaware that
Garfield is watching

Hidden Peak rolls out the red carpet for DNT Media


While there wasn't an actual red carpet, Hidden Peak Cat Club did everything they could think of to provide a great show for DNT Media to shoot footage for the media package they are preparing for CFA's upcoming marketing efforts. Every detail was accounted for; from skirted tables under the cages in the themed rings, to banners hung from the ceiling to help visitors locate the breed booths, nothing was left to chance. Garfield made several appearances throughout the weekend to the delight of the spectators, and local cat celeb/IAMS Ambassador cat "Hope" made her usual rounds of the show hall, selling raffle tickets and demonstrating the relaxing effects of a beautiful Wisteria cat tree. 


DNT Media taped an interview with Dr. Pam Nesbitt, DVM, a new HHP exhibitor

The club used the funds provided by their sponsors, including IAMS, Dr. Elsey's, and Best of Breed, LLC/Blue Ridge Beef, to help offset some of the considerable costs of the advertising they did, which brought in a large gate and many first-time cat show spectators. The ten rings of championship competition plus the agility ring kept everyone on their toes and provided lots for the gate to see. The club also hosted a "newbie" contest, where any exhibitor mentoring a new or first-time exhibitor was entered in a drawing, with both exhibitors receiving a prize. The winners were Ron & Deb Serge and new exhibitor Dr. Pam Nesbitt, DVM, who showed her black & white household pet "Dorie" (shown here being filmed by DNT Media). We hope to see both Pam and Dorie at future Maryland area shows.  

Region 9

Submitted by Pauli Huhtaniemi, Regional Director  



2012 Spotlight Award winner Josh Wintershoven

It is time to say Goodbye London and 2012 Olympics - this is my 5th Olympics where I am working for the TV-production and London has been my "hometown" for the past 4 weeks. Weeks have passed by so fast with long working hours and I am looking forward to getting back into the normal daily life with my family. Today is for the mission impossible - Packing! You know how much stuff is needed for a weekend at a cat show, so try to imagine how much stuff you have for 4 weeks trip...


When I travelled here as the newly elected Regional Director, I had high hopes that I could run everything from London. We are living in a modern world where internet connection is available everywhere. How wrong can one be? We have internet connection in our apartment, at least in theory. My computer and phone confirms we have good and strong wifi but somehow none of us is able to transfer any data through it and only available page is internet service provider's information page telling how wonderful their connection is... Also there are not many free wifi's available in London - cafés and restaurants may offer ten minutes of free use and after that you have to pay. I wonder what the connections are going to be in Sochi 2014 and Rio De Janeiro 2016.  Read more ...  

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