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August 1 - Clerking Test


August 1 - Declarations for Breed Council Secretary


August 1 - Breed Council membership dues due


August 15 - Yearbook Grand Photos and Ads


August 15 - Cover Contest for the October issue, Ads, Grand/DM/HHP photos for October Cat Talk.

CFA Annual


Quincy, Massachusetts, outside Boston, was the location for this year's CFA Annual Meeting from June 27th thru July 1st.  It was a combination of business meetings, parties, and a celebration of our cats' wins this past show season.  Minutes of the meetings can be found on the CFA website.  We have a few photos here for those who want to experience some of the flavor of the Annual.


Scott & Dianne Henderson (Chanan Photo)
Sonny & Cher Visit The Annual

Yep, that's right ... during one of the hospitality events at the Annual last month, Sonny & Cher popped in for a visit and sang a couple songs.  Check it out. The video is courtesy of Kristin Nowell.



Notes from the Board Meeting


Here are Notes from the meeting held Tuesday, July 17, 2012.

Spotlight Award Winners


At the Regional awards banquets each year, someone is honored as the Exhibitor of the Year / Spotlight Award Winner for their contributions to the cat fancy within their Region.  Here are the people honored for the 2011 - 2012 show season:


Region 1 - Sophia Staples

Region 2 - Wendy Heidt

Region 3 - Sheryl Zink

Region 4 - Rosina McGlynn

Region 5 - Isabel Pomphrey

Region 6 - John Bierrie

Region 7 - Paw Hawk

Region 9 - Not Yet Announced


John Bierrie


New CFA Logo


In case you haven't noticed, CFA has a new logo in gold and black! Be sure you are using the new logo with the Registered Mark in club communications, show flyers, catalog covers, etc. Go to




to get electronic versions of our new logo. It is important that we use the logo with the Registered Mark.


Old Logo

New Logo
New Logo with Garfield

What's HotLegislation

by Joan Miller, CFA Legislative Information Liaison



USDA/APHIS proposal UPDATE - Comment Period extended to August 15th!


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) announced a comment extension on Friday July 13. On Monday morning the Federal Register publication officially extended the comment period to August 15, 2012. There was no indication of any other change to the rule language.   With this extension we now have more time to submit comments, elicit support from Congressional representatives and to mobilize the pet loving public. It is critical to take action. The cat fancy and all pedigreed breeds are in serious jeopardy unless the USDA/APHIS withdraws Docket No. APHIS-2011-0003 !


Go to the CFA Legislative Alert page to read the official APHIS Docket, Regulatory Impact Analysis and other APHIS materials. There are articles covering the background and outlining the adverse consequences of this proposed rule. CFA has complete guidance on how to comment.  Read more ...

Café Press



Men's Pajamas

You can now purchase apparel, gift and other unique merchandise with our new CFA Logo on Café Press. Café Press produces each item and ships them right to your door!   Products are made to order and are branded with the CFA logo and other CFA images.




Over the next few months, be on the lookout for CFA Breed merchandise and CFA Garfield merchandise that will be added to our Café Press site.


The establishment of our CFA Cat Cat-a-log Café Press web site is the first step towards CFA's e-commerce initiative that appeals to our target audience and allows CFA to be recognized as the premier retail internet source for cat enthusiasts.


Get your CFA logo items today!


CFA and Garfield


You may have seen the Garfield article in Cat Talk or on the Cat Shows US!! web site and wondered why we have a an article by Garfield in Cat Talk and have been using Garfield's image on Cat Shows US!!?


Garfiled with Beth Cassely

At this past Annual, Jerry introduced Garfield as CFA's official Spokescat.


We are excited to have Garfield and to partner with PAWS, Inc., the licensing company of Garfield's creator, Jim Davis. Currently, CFA has a two year agreement with PAWS to license Garfield in all of our marketing materials, including show materials, social media sites and the CFA web site. We have added Garfield to the CFA logo and we are in the process of creating marketing materials with Garfield for public outreach purposes.  


If you went to the Annual, you also saw the Garfield costume which you will see at CFA-sponsored events and the CFA World Championship Cat Show (Columbus, Ohio in November). The cover of the 2013 CFA Yearbook also has a cute rendition of the evolution of the pedigreed cat and Garfield. Jim Davis was proud to say that Garfield is a red tabby American Shorthair.   You can receive your own signed, limited edition print of the cover, go to the CFA website.




Club Corporate Sponsorships


CFA continues to provide funds to many of our shows.  Most of the funds are via our corporate affiliates.  This year CFA is also adding some of its own money to the pot.  If your club has not yet applied for funding for its next show, it's easy to do.  Contact Bob Johnston to request the application form. 


During calendar year 2011, 45 shows received funding.  So far in calendar year 2012, 65 shows have received or are scheduled to receive funding. Check out a list of how many shows by CFA Region have received funds or are scheduled to.

Central Office



Home again home again as we all have enjoyed a wonderful Annual Meeting in Quincy, Massachusetts hosted by the North Atlantic Region. Congratulations to RD Sharon Roy and Annual Co-Chairs Claudia Hasay & Terrie Smith with their incredible workers whose efforts made the work of CFA a pleasant experience - a job well done by one and all.


No time to rest with the August 1st Breed Council Membership Deadline upon us and the upcoming BC Chair elections and ballot questions. Now is the time to join if you wish to have a voice in choosing your BC Secretary as well as any questions coming before your breed.


Zip It or Skip It............


We have recently learned the value of the "International" Postal Zip Codes as well as our own. Without the appropriate zip code your registrations etc. snail- mailed will either be greatly delayed, returned to us as undeliverable or disappear into that great sink hole in the sky. Please give us your correct mailing zip codes. And of course a reminder of the vitals of registration submission as we begin a very busy time:

Type or print clearly and double check your work. Be sure the necessary signatures are present in the Sire and Dam sections of the litter form. Please include a phone number and/or email address if we need to contact you. Remember: The breeder of a litter is the owner(s) of the dam at the time of mating. Taking a little extra time now will have those future super stars ready for their Fall Debut in the Show Halls.  


Donna Jean Thompson

Director of Operations


Star Awards 


At the CFA Annual in Quincy, eight individuals were honored with the CFA Star Service Award. This is to recognize outstanding service to CFA. Nominations to the Awards committee are made by Board members and national committee chairs, and the CFA Board of Directors makes the final selections.

The very deserving honorees this year are


  • Linda Berg, Arizona
  • Charlene Campbell, Florida
  • Ken Cribbs, Hawaii
  • Claudia Hasay, Massachusetts
  • Susan Cook Henry, Virginia
  • Bob Johnston, Kansas
  • Teresa Keiger, North Carolina 
  • Ed Raymond, New York


Their contributions to CFA are wide-ranging, and they represent what is best about the cat fancy. We are fortunate to count them among CFA's finest. As you see them at shows, please congratulate them on their award, and thank them for their work for CFA and the cat fancy.

Recipients Ed Raymond, Teresa Keiger, Bob Johnston, Ken Cribbs, Claudia Hasay, Susan Henry (Chanan Photo)

Breed Councils


Breed Council Secretary Elections - declarations for BC Secretary must be to CO by August 1. As of July 9, there are still 10 LH breeds and 13 SH breeds with no one running for Breed Council Secretary. Requirements and a declaration form can be found at:

Breed Council membership applications for the 1/1/2012-12/31/2012 year must be received--with payment--in Central Office by August 1, 2012. Rapid Renewal is available on-line for anyone who was a member for the 2011 calendar year. The link to Membership Requirements and application (including 2011 members eligible for Rapid Renewal AND current members for the 2012 year) can be found at:


Dr. Elsey's LogoDr. Elsey Precious Cat


Long time loyal CFA national corporate partner Dr. Elsey Precious Cat has teamed with the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF), one of the nations's most groundbreaking cancer research organizations. Dr. Elsey's wife Kathy and co-founder of Precious Cat was diagnosed in 2009 with Multiple Myeloma, an incurable blood cancer. 


 CFA started the donation to MMRF with $1,000 and raffle tickets were sold at the Annual for $5.00 and an additional $1,000 was raised. This donation of $2,000 plus dollars will be made to Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) in Kathy Elsey's name. With our cat fancy's continued support by purchasing the Dr. Elsey Precious Cat products at PetSmart, PetCo and local speciality pet locations, this enables Precious Cat to donate to MMRF through increased sales.   Dr. Bruce Elsey sent this letter to CFA in thanks.


 A New Way to Advertise Your CFA Cat Show!

Cat Shows US!! offers enhanced listings that will put your show in the spotlight where it will be seen by exhibitors and spectators alike. CSUS!! will provide a URL ("www.catshows.us/YOURCLUBNAME") for all your advertising. CSUS!! can create all documents you need for your show; flyers, catalog covers, coupons and spectator flyers. Check us out at www.catshows.us. Click here for info on enhanced listings and other services link for more info.
The CFA Pet Healthcare Plan


To help with your pet's healthcare insurance needs, CFA offers The CFA Pet Healthcare Plan by PetPartners, Inc. The COMPLIMENTARY 60-day Trial Plan for CFA-registered (and recorded) cats is an automatic CFA membership benefit. Just call 877.232.4441 to enroll and activate, with no obligation to purchase and no strings attached (no credit card required). When you sell a kitten, or place a retired adult, enroll your new buyer that same day for their new pet, to activate their 60 days of complimentary insurance. You will be doing them, and yourself, a favor. This offer is also available to domestic cats recorded with CFA. Download this brief brochure and include it in your care package as your kitty leaves for its new home.


Don't forget, the CFA Pet Healthcare Plan offers annual wellness, accident and injury plans for cats and dogs, as well as multiple   pet discounts and monthly and annual payment options. The CFA receives a percentage of each annual plan sold. 


Check out Pet Partners' newsletter, The Purring Post.

Congratulations Youth Feline Education Program

2011-2012 Winners

Submitted by Cathy Dunham


Jaden Taylor

Our first year ended in a flourish of activity with all our children finishing activities and sending in paperwork for scoring. The committee is very proud of the youth who participated in the inaugural year of this new program. We had 10 kids take up the challenges within the new guidelines. All of them presented their own unique approach to showing cats, presenting presentations, and completing activities to obtain the goals they set for themselves.  Read more ...

"Discover" Books for Children 
Enslow Publishing has now delivered five cat breeds and domestic cat children books. Distribution is delivered to school and community libraries across the U.S. The books target K-2 grades.  CFA provided technical assistance with info on the breeds.  These books are available at Amazon.com and other retailers.
  • Aybssinian
  • Maine Coon
  • Persian
  • Oriental Shorthairs
  • Ragdolls


The Board voted to engage DNT Media for focus on strategic marketing, social media development and grow public awareness of CFA and our new partnership with Garfield. One of the first projects is to consolidate the three current CFA FaceBook pages/groups into one official page. The new CFA page will have several post per week, contests, fun interviews, news, and contributions from the cat fancy. Everyone will still be able to post, upload pictures, videos, everything they did on the old pages. The only drawback is the combining of all pages into one, items currently on the individual pages will need to be re-loaded onto the new CFA page. So get you pictures ready to upload to the new Official CFA FaceBook page and enjoy all the great activity.
Just a reminder that Clerk's that are renewing their licenses have until AUGUST 1, 2012 to either take the it online, or send in their hard-copy clerking test. Please remember that in order to get the test, you must have already paid your biennial dues. Once they are paid, Central Office will send you the test.
CFA Foundation 



The museum has some feline visits scheduled for five days in August.  Jim Flanik is bringing CFA's first nationally winning Ragdoll, Enzo, and Joel & Camelle Chaney are bringing a couple of their prize-winning Maine Coons to the musuem.  Not only can the public get to see some cats in paintings and sculpture, but real, live cats, too! Check out the CFAF Newsletter for all the latest.


Staples Discounts


StaplesStaples has teamed up with CFA to provide you with exclusive discounts and offers on their many products and services.  Need a flyer for your show, posters to advertise the show, a catalog, judges' books? You can get it all at a discount.  While some stores may not be aware of this discount offer, contact Angel Richardson, the CFA Account Rep at Staples, for assistance.  Check out the flyer for more details.  

2013 Yearbook


August 15 is the deadline for submitting Grand/DM photos for the Yearbook.  Remember our special offer ... if you submit your Grand photo to both the CFA Yearbook ($15) and to Cat Talk magazine ($15), your cat's photo will be included online in the breed profile for free.  You don't have to submit both at the same time to take advantage of this great offer.  It can all be done online.


August 15 is also the deadline for submitting ads for the next Yearbook.  If you want this publication to continue, we need your financial support by placing an ad.  We have lowered our prices this year.  You can place a quarter-page black/white ad for only $95, a full-page color ad for $330 and anything in between.  Check out our prices.  The cost of the ad includes free design services or, if you prefer, you can submit camera-ready ads. 

Winn Feline Foundation

Submitted by Betty White, Past President



 A large audience of well over 100 cat owners and veterinarians attended the Winn symposium held in Quincy, MA on June 28. Dr. Leslie Lyons of UC Davis in California and Dr. John Rush of Tufts University in Massachusetts gave fine presentations.


Dr. Lyons discussed the latest developments in genetic research, including the discovery in May in her laboratory of the mutation causing the craniofacial defect in Burmese kittens.Dr. Rush addressed feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), the primary cardiac disease in cats, and stressed the difficulty in both diagnosis and treatment.Further information will be available online soon, as both presentations were videotaped for wider dissemination.


 Author, broadcaster, and certified cat/dog behaviorist Darlene Arden was presented the 2012 Winn Media Award.Her most recent book is, "The Complete Cats Meow:Everything You Need to KnowAbout Caring for Your Cat." This award recognizes those in the media who aid in Winn's efforts to improve the health and welfare of every cat, every day. Former recipient and Winn board member Steve Dale presented the award.

Cat Talk


Coming in the August Cat Talk:

A Kuwaiti Adventure - Kenny Currle describes CFA's first cat show in the Middle East.

Ask the Vet - Feline Asthma. Dr. Melinda Fleming discusses the clinical signs, causes, diagnosis and treatment of Feline Asthma.
Cat Licensing - an update to Joan Miller's timeless article on why CFA opposes this "pet owner tax."
Giving Sub-Q Fluids - one of the most important skills a breeder must know is how to give life-saving fluids. Sometimes, we just can't wait for a vet. Sub-q is the easiest method to learn, and Jennifer Redding describes in detail what you need to know.
The Tabby Persian - Carol Krzanowski presents an update to her timeless article on this exquisite division of the Persian.

Novice Rule Changes - Monte Phillips explains the new Novice and Temporary Registration Number rules in detail.
The Year in Review - The past season had many firsts and many special accomplishments. Mary Kolencik presents a feature of show brags about CFA's best cats of 2011-2012.




Kuwait tourist map

Royal Canin


What is Grain-Free pet food?  Some of us have learned that our cats are allergic to cat food made of grain.   Royal Canin, one of our valued corporate partners, sent us this article by Dr. Avi Deshkmuth which explains what G-F is.


CFA Websitewww


 When reporting a problem with the website, please direct the issue to Ginger Meeker and include a page number or other navigation specifics so our webmistress doesnt have to go searching endlessly for the reported problem. This would really help her save time and energy and imprvoe an already awesome "completion" rate.

Regional News 


Region 1

Submitted by Sharon Roy, Regional Director


The Region 1 Annual has come and gone and it looks like we all suvived! I hope everyone enjoyed themselves in Quincy Ma, even without CHOCOLATE!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone from Region 1, especially our Great Coordinators, Claudia Hasay and Terrie Smith and all their committee members. They all did a fantastic job. I would also like to thank Pat Zollman from Helms-Briscoe. Her knowledge and help was greatly appreciated by all.


Special Thank You to all of our Corporate Sponsers. Without their overwhelming help and support, we could not have offered all the extras. Special Thanks to IAMS, DR ELSEY, PET PARTNERS, ROYAL CANIN, RED ROOF AND STURDI.


I will be having a Regional Meeting at the Garden State show this coming weekend. The Location will be in the Parade of Breeds Area. The Club will determine the time on Friday. The announcement on the time will be made on Saturday during the show.Hope to see many of you there!

Region 2

Submitted by Ginger Meeker, Regional Director




Just a reminder for the "Picnic in the Park" fundraiser, August 4, for the CFA 2013 Annual. A flier is located on the Region 2 website and the link is This flier will let you know everything you need to know about the event and attendees from last report report the event was REALLY, REALLY FUN!

Not only will there be great food (some of it you need to bring to share) but an auction (bring your checkbook/wallet), a special door
prize and Pam Moser's infamous bingo game. Come help raise funds for the 2013 Annual and spend a great day with friends and family.



For those of you who were unable to attend the Regional Awards Banquet or would like to see the booklet in full color, the complete awards booklet is on-line on the R-2 website.  Special thanks to Pat Decano and Kathy Durdick for making this happen!


YFEP Winners


We plan to celebrate our YFEP National winners at the August Pacific Rim show. The show is Sunday, August 19 so please join us for cake to praise our wonderful kids!

Region 4

Submitted by Loretta Baugh, Regional Director


Congratulations to John Hiemstra, who completed his first ever judging assignment at the Sternwheel show, July 7, in Columbus, Ohio. John was patriotic for the 4th of July in red, white and blue, and looked great in the ring! 

Region 4 has some great shows upcoming:

Come to Taylor, Michigan on Saturday, the 3rd weekend in August (MidWest Persian Tabby Fanciers), then travel to Brockport, NY for the show on Sunday (Monroe SH & Hallmark CC). the following weekend Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers holds their traditional show in Medina, Ohio - this one is a back to back (6/2), then plan to spend Labor Day weekend in Rochester, NY at the National Siamese Cat Club show.


The clubs and exhibitors are always happy to have you join us for GREAT Lakes hospitality.





Region 6

Submitted by Kathy Calhoun, Regional Director




This month in the Midwest it's all about re-organizing! The team is working diligently with Helms Briscoe on the sight for the 2017 Annual. Chicago is #1 on the list - a great destination city. Although the city is tight on convention space, even 5 years in advance, we are working hard to make this a reality.


Terry Bierrie has graciously agreed to be the Midwest Regions Treasurer. Terry and her husband John are very active in the Midwest Region. They are an asset to CFA and show wonderful cats under the cattery name B Street Cattery. We would like to thank Mary Newmarch for her service and dedication to the Midwest Region as its past Treasurer. Also keep an eye out for a face lift of the Midwest Region's website with new graphics and information about what's going on in the region.


As you know the show season is well underway. There are great shows on the calendar for August in the Midwest. Don't miss Midwest TGIF in St. Louis or MO-KAN in Kansas City. Both are great traditional shows with great count and lots of fun.

Region 7 

Submitted by Tracy Petty, Regional Director


Cat Club of the Palm Beaches and the Ragamuffin Cat Society joined forces to bring the first CFA show in nearly a decade to the Tampa, Florida area and hosted the 2012 Southern Regional Awards show and banquet at the beautiful and spacious Tampa Convention Center. The clubs worked hard to include all parts of the region and were able to get club, cattery, or individual sponsors for all eight rings, the clerks, stewards, and lunches for all the ring personnel. They also did extensive advertising, including a television promoand billboards in the local area.


Pat Hawk and Cyndee Gause headed up the banquet team to host a first-rate event honoring the region's top cats, exhibitor, clerk, and Youth Feline Education Program participants. Teresa Keiger and her production team notified the winners, compiled materials and produced a beautiful awards booklet to accompany the lively and engaging audiovisual presentation lead by Cheryl Coleman. Susan Cook Henry received great response for award sponsorships and thanks to the generosity of clubs and exhibitors, nearly all awards were sponsored again this year. The after party at the Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk, organized by Karen Lane and Donna Trusler, provided more fun and refreshments for those just not ready to let the evening end. Thanks to everyone who worked on, sponsored, and attended the show and banquet celebrating the best of the Southern Region in 2011-2012!


Best Cat

GC, NW, BW DOVON RAINMAKER OF YATFUNG, Red Tabby American Shorthair

Best Kitten


Best Cat in Premiership


Best Household Pet

DAYTONA, Blue Lynx Point & White

Best Cat in Agility


Outstanding Clerk of the Year


Exhibitor of the Year


Youth Feline Education Program

LUCY ONG - First place, Division Two Cubs

KYLEE GAUSE - First place, Division Two Lions

Region 9

Submitted by Pauli Huhtaniemi, Regional Director  



Hei! Bonjour! Hola! Ciao! Hallo! Pozdravljeni! Привет!Hello! Greetings from the Region 9 - Europe!


Pauli Huhtaniemi Our huge and multicultural Region 9 with dozens of different nationalities and languages is taking the very first baby steps right now as a Region. As a new Regional Director I know I am going to face a lot of challenges not only because of the huge distances and different languages but because we still have lots to learn about the CFA. Some things which might seem logical in other Regions might not work here and vice versa. We are doing our best and it is good to know we have several big Region brothers and sisters willing to give us guidance when needed.  Read more ...




Photo from The Cat Fanciers of Finland's Masquerade

show on July 14-15, 2012.

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