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July 1st - Advertising for Cat Talk's August issue


August 1st - Cover Contest for the October issue, Ads, Grand/DM/HHP photos for October Cat Talk.

Cat Club of the Palm Beaches has rented five billboards in the downtown area to promote their upcoming cat show.  What a great idea!


Board Meeting Notes
The CFA Executive Board met via conference call on June 12, 2012.  Check out the notes of what took place.
Experimental Format
At the 6/12/12 Board meeting an experimental format was approved.  Clubs wishing to hire Single Specialty judges but who do not have the room to set up separate rings can request approval to have these judges share a ring with one judging in the morning and the other judge using the same ring to judge in the afternoon. There is a 160-cat limit for such shows.


It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye to CFA. I want to thank each and every one of you for your kindness, your help, your patience and your support as I entered into this organization. It has been a wonderful experience learning the world of CFA and I have made some wonderful friends here and I will miss you all.


Best Wishes,

Verna M. Dobbins

Novices - Revisited


During the 6/12/12 meeting, the Board approved a compromise between what was decided in May and the concerns of those clubs and exhibitors in Region 9. Specifically, we now have two kinds of novices - those that compete for awards and those who can enter with the "try before you buy" approach. For the first group, the rules have been revised to incorporate the concept of a temporary registration number. An entry would require not only submitting the entry fee and show entry form, but also a four-generation pedigree with a processing fee. Both of the latter would be sent to Central Office for evaluation after the associated show. Cats entering this way would not be called novices, but would compete initially as opens. These cats do NOT have a one show entry limitation, but can show up to 30 days while the exhibitor prepares and completes the final registration-by-pedigree process.


For those exhibitors that wanted a "try before you buy" approach, the novice class remains. However, cats competing in this class can earn no points, just qualifying rings, and do not appear in ANY count. These cats have no entry limitations, as they never contribute to a show's count. These cats are eligible for awards at the show, up to and including best cat, but none of the associated points will ever be credited to the cat.


The entry clerk will not be evaluating the ability of the temporary registration number cat to be registered, but would obtain from Central Office the temporary number upon receipt of the four-generation pedigree and appropriate fee. Determination of cat eligibility for registration would be done by central office during the show scoring process. If the cat was determined to be unregisterable, these rules would void that cat's awards and its temporary registration number, but it would still be in the count (similar to how we currently handle a situation where a cat is disqualified in the only ring in which it appears - it is still in the show count). There is also the potential that while the four generation pedigree has no disqualifying offspring, a further generation pedigree (5-8 for example) may have such offspring. In that case, the cat would not be finally registered so it would never obtain a permanent registration number. As such, the cat's show career would end 30 days (or sooner if the final registration has been processed by Central Office) after that first show - and none of the points earned would ever end up credited to the cat's record (this is similar to the current practice for cats that have earned six qualifying rings but never submit a claim form with the fee - they bank points, but they are not credited until the fee is paid). 


Go here to see the Show Rule changes.

Did you enjoy your complimentary May/June issue of Cat Talk?


 As we have stated in previous newsletters and CFA News List posts as of May 1, all new OLA subscriptions are $59 and include a one year subscription to Cat Talk!


If you already are receiving both the OLA and Cat Talk, and have 6 or more months left you will receive a 4 month or 2 issue extension on your Cat Talk subscription.


Remember, you can continue to purchase Cat Talk by itself for only $49. We expect that all magazines should be in mail boxes by the Annual. If you have not received a copy by then, please email Jodell Raymond at [email protected]. The Cat Talk Staff is hard at work on the July/August issue! 

Cat Talk

Cat TalkHalf Price Advertising Sale:

Announcing special advertising rates for our August 2012 issue! We are offering breeders and vendors a half price sale for all ads:

Full Page: $150
Half Page: $100
Quarter Page: $50
1/8th or Business Card: $25

All ads are color or black & white. To allow people to purchase ads at the annual, we have set the deadline for purchase of an ad is July 1st. The ad itself, either a camera-ready ad or material for the ad, is due by midnight July 8th. If you want to purchase an ad at the annual, you can bring a printed photo with you and we will get it to our layout staff. CFA will do your ad layout for free if you provide an image and ad copy. Or, you can provide your own camera-ready ad as long as it meets our advertising requirements listed at http://catalog.cfa.org/cattalk-ads.shtml. If you want a recommendation for graphic artists who will assist you with your ad (for a fee), please email [email protected].

Our August issue will feature the National Winners, the Year in Review, and this special advertising section for you to let the world know about your cattery's accomplishments from the 2011-2012 season. Help us make this a collector's edition of Cat Talk!

Reduced Advertising Rates for Small Ads:

Quarter page and business card ads for catteries and vendors purchased for three issues will receive a 50% discount. For example, a quarter page ad is normally $100. If you purchase an ad for three issues, instead of $300, your price will be $150. Business card ads are normally $50 each. If you purchase three issues, your price is $75, a savings of $75. These small ads help us solve layout issues, and we'd like to have more of them!

Cover Contest:

With the new subscription rate for the Online Almanac, we have many new subscribers to Cat Talk who are now eligible for our cover contests! Our October cover will feature a subscriber's cat, chosen at random from submissions. The deadline for submission is August 1st. Visit http://www.cfa.org/client/cattalkcontest.aspx for contest details and rules. You only need to enter once to be considered for the "random" contest. But you can enter as many pictures as you want, we will group them together into one entry. We will have uses for these extra photos in the future, so go ahead and enter multiple photos.

Cat Talk Needs YOU!

Cat Talk is CFA's "first person" print publication. This means our articles are your voice. We need your input. Got an idea for a story but you don't want to write it? That's okay, send us the idea and we'll work on finding an author. Would you like to write something? Great! Even if it's just something short, like a letter to the editor, we welcome your input. We'll publish well-written pieces of interest to CFA's exhibitors and breeders, even if it's just the musings of someone who wants to wax philosophical about whatever. Photographers - we especially want candid photos of the hobby. Photos do need to be hi-res, good quality images, but judging by the OTRA presentation at regionals and the annual, CFA has quite a few people who are handy with a digital camera and would meet our requirements. Please consider helping us make this the best cat fancy publication in the world! 

30-Second Video Available


CFA has a video available to clubs interested in obtaining TV commercials for their upcoming shows.  It's just video, no audio.   You can turn this over to your local TV station, give them a script, and they can create a voice-over for you with your text.  While the video is available in a high res version at no charge from the CFA Central Office, your club will have to work out the financial arrangements with your local station to run the commercial.  Take a look at the video.


Cat Club of the Palm Beaches is using this video for 90 30-second commercials to advertise the Southern Regional show later this month.  Check out what the video is like when the local TV station adds a voice-over using your club's script.

Central Office



Work and excitement abound as we prepare for the upcoming Annual in Quincy, Massachusetts. Kristi and Shelly are looking forward to share in the celebration of the achievements of our breeders and exhibitors in the 2011-2012 show season. Checking the web site, it is obvious there will be some fun "down time" at the end of the work day. Region One, here we come to visit our CFA Birthplace.


Kristi, Julie, Donna and Diane attended the Great Lakes Regional Show and had a wonderful time not only enjoying the Regional Celebrations but also the opportunity to get up close and personal with the cats they primarily view on paper. It is one thing to try to explain a color but quite another to actually see it up close and personal. It is an incredible task to learn 42 breeds of cats and very much appreciated when they visit and the Breeders /Exhibitors share their wealth of knowledge with our true newbies. We may even have some budding fanciers.


CLICK IT, OR TICKET- When registering on line, take a few moments to double check the accuracy of your submission. Once you click it, you have bought your ticket! Thus if you find out even a minute later, there will be a penalty for corrections. Once you "click it" the process automatically begins and if changes need to be made there will be a corrections charge as additional time and work are added.


Registration turn around continues to improve - we are running at two day turnaround. The back log of Foreign Pedigrees has literally been eliminated but for a few stragglers needing additional information or a solution to payment issues. Monique van Eijk has joined our staff as Foreign Pedigree registrar bringing with her a wealth of knowledge and talent for our team.

Welcome aboard, Monique!!
Mariane Toth has also joined the staff and is working in Scoring and Registration. We are sad to report that Verna Dobbins is leaving us. However, we are excited that she is moving on to such a great opportunity! Verna, you will be missed and we all wish you well! Our updated Staff list is here! Call us, we'd love to hear from you!

See you all in Quincy,


Donna Jean Thompson

Director of Operations


2012 Annual

Submitted by Claudia Hasay


2012 Annual

Countdown to Quincy

It's finally here - after all the planning and anticipation, the 2012 annual is only 2 weeks away. Region 1 is ready to welcome you to Quincy MA.

Getting There - Don't want to take a cab to the hotel from Logan airport? The Boston Metro area has a vast and easily navigated public transportation system which can get you there instead.

- MBTA - the "T line" - will take you from the airport to the Quincy Adams stop on the Red Line for a fare of $2 (the various T lines are all color coded making it very easy to use the MBTA map). The free hotel shuttle makes runs to/from the Quincy Adams T stop. Arrange for a shuttle pick up by calling the hotel (617) 472-1000. Detailed information on how to navigate the T can be found here. This is a great site that will help you plan travel in and around the Boston area during your stay in Quincy. It includes a trip planner which will give you step-by-step directions to/from those specific sites and landmarks you want to visit.

- The Logan Express bus runs every half hour between 6:30am and midnight weekdays, and stops at all airport terminals. Travel time to the Braintree station (approximately 2 miles from hotel) is 30-45 minutes, the fare is $12. Remember to allow more time during rush hour. The hotel offers a free shuttle to/from the Braintree station every hour on the hour (except 7:30am-9:30am and 5:30-7:30pm) or arrange for a pick up by calling the hotel (617) 472-1000. Note: the shuttle does not run after 9:30pm. In addition, taxis are readily available and cost about $8.

- The Massport Harbor Express takes you from Logan to the Quincy docks (all boats have heated/ac cabins). The Massport Route 66 Water Transportation Bus runs a continual loop between airport terminals and the Water Taxi dock and is Free. For more information, visit here where you can purchase tickets and will find complete fare and schedule information. Cab fare from the Quincy docks to the hotel is about $20. The hotel shuttle does not run to the Quincy docks.

Once You've Arrived - Use the T line to visit some of the area's famous sites - the Freedom Trail, Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Old Ironsides.

The bostonbestcruises.com site is also a great place to book a cruise on Saturday or Sunday to view the 2012 OpSail Tall Ships visiting Boston Harbor commemorating the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. This is a rare opportunity to view these magnificent vessels up close. For more information regarding OpSail 2012 visit here.

Ladies - want to treat yourselves to a little pampering? We will have a licensed cosmetologist available Saturday to help you prep for your big night. -professional blow-outs and styling brought to you in the comfort of your room. For more information or to book an appointment, email [email protected].

Be sure to join us Thursday night for an evening at the Pickled Kitty Public House. In the grand tradition of an Olde English Pub, you'll find something for everyone - our piano bar and open mic - games to play - tournaments to challenge - prizes to win - all accompanied by great friends, good food and drink.

Friday night, after a delicious dinner, come get your game on at Iams Catswoods Casino and Lounge, where a roll of the dice or turn of the card can make your night something special, then experience stylish entertainment in our casino lounge - you never know who will show up on the Quincy Strip.

After our awards celebration Saturday, stick around and keep the party going with some music and dancing, and greet the new day with a snack at our midnight breakfast bar.

We're looking forward to sharing a Region 1 Wicked Good Time with you all.

See you there,

The 2012 CFA Annual Committee

CFA's Largest Shows, 2011-2012

GC,GP,NW Rhamjoge Better Believe It
Best-In-Show, CFA National Show
(Larry Johnson Photo)


1 (463) CFA National Show

2 (327) Garden State Cat Club

3 (311) San Diego Cat Fanciers

4 (306) National Capital Show

5 (290) Midwest TGIF Fanciers (Nov)

6 (281) Nashville Cat Club

7 (260) Cotton States Cat CLub

8 (252) Lucky Tomcat Club

9 (246) Hidden Peak Cat Club

10 (241) Phoenix Feline Fanciers


Numbers based on official count of cats present

CFA Foundation


Photo by Karen Lawrence
Photo by Karen Lawrence
The Feline Historical museum will be the site for photo opportunities in conjunction with the "I ♥ STARK" Annual Photo Contest sponsored by the Canton Stark Ohio Convention & Visitors Bureau. Visit the museum and have your photo taken with one of our large cats, submit it to the CVB and you could win a $250 gas card. Photos can be submitted June 1 through July 31, with voting taking place August 6-12.


Read more ...

What's HotLegislation

by Joan Miller, CFA Legislative Information Liaison



USDA/APHIS proposal UPDATE - Do you want federal inspectors in your bedrooms?


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) announced in May a proposed change to the federal licensing exemption for retail sellers of pets. The Animal Welfare Act (AWA) exempts "retail pet stores" from licensing. This exemption, as defined in the Regulations, includes breeders who sell pets directly to pet buyers. The intent of the AWA is to regulate commercial "wholesale" sellers and this has, for over 40 years, been maintained despite numerous attempts to narrow the definition and expand federal regulation. For background information read: Federal licensing of cat breeders - a heads up !! on the CFA Legislative Alert page.


APHIS now asserts in their Regulatory Impact Analysis the need for a redefinition of "retail pet store" is based on public concern for the welfare of animals sold at retail, and specifically the 2010 USDA's Office of Inspector General audit report that notes complaints from people who purchased dogs over the Internet with health problems, The APHIS response to these pressures is to propose regulation of anyone selling dogs, cats and numerous other animal species without having every buyer enter your home for each and every sale.



The new rule proposes to redefine the exempted "retail pet store" as "a place of business or residence that each buyer physically enters in order to personally observe the animals available for sale prior to purchase and/or to take custody of the animals after purchase,"   


Also exempted is a person who "maintains" a total of four or fewer "breeding" females and "who sells only the offspring of these dogs, cats" (and other animals) " which were born and raised on his or her premises" for pets .........


If you have 5 intact females, of any age, and you sell one kitten or cat without the buyer actually entering your home you would need a federal license. Even a buyer who has purchased a kitten from you in the recent past must enter your home to acquire a second kitten in order to be exempted. "Born and raised on the premises" means - if you have 5 intact females and buy a breeding cat but years later place her as a spayed pet you must be licensed. If you have 5 intact females and, as a cat rescuer, take in a single stray cat and re-home her you would need a federal license. You cannot accept a kitten in lieu of a stud fee and then decide to place her as a pet without federal regulation of your cattery.


The CFA Legislative Group believes these changes would have a profoundly negative impact on home breeders of pedigreed cats. Many will cut back or retire. You can readily project the unintended consequences not in the best interests of the public or cats and other animals. We suggest you ask the USDA/APHIS to withdraw this proposed rule change and tell them why. Public comments are due by the deadline of July 16, 2012.


Read more ...



Five Grand Prize Winners to Each Receive $5,000 and Have Their Cat Relationship Story Told through an Online Video; More than $30,000 in Total Prizes to be Awarded


ST. LOUIS (JUNE 6, 2012) - Every cat owner has a story - from how you came to own your first cat to the way she greets you at the door every day - and now you have a place to share the once-in-a-lifetime events and everyday moments that make your relationship unique. Purina Cat Chow announced today the launch of the"Purina Cat Chow Real Stories Project Contest," a nationwide search to find, showcase and celebrate cat stories that highlight the special relationship between cat people and their cats, as well as the many ways our cats are always there for us. Purina Cat Chow is asking you to share your story for an opportunity to be one of five grand prize winners who receive a $5,000 cash prize.

CFA Website


wwwBreed council secretary declarations are starting to come in. You can see a current list of declared candidates at:


There is now is a form you can use to declare for candidacy - the link is at the top of that page, or you can go directly to:


Winn Feline Foundation

Submitted by Betty White, Past President



Winn hopes to see many of you at its 34th annual symposium in Quincy! This year's theme is "Diving into the Gene Pool" and features speakers Leslie Lyons of UC Davis and John Rush of Tufts University. The event discusses and benefits hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). Reservations can be made either at the Winn website or through CFA central office.
A further attraction at the annual will be Dr. Nicholas Dodman of Tufts, the recipient this year of a Winn research grant to study wool-sucking. He will be speaking to both Birman and Siamese breed council members at their gatherings.

Please note the new Winn address:

Winn Feline Foundation
355 Cornell Street
Wyckoff, NJ 07481
PH: 1-888-963-6946, Ext. 700 (1-888-9MEOWIN)
LOCAL: (201) 275-0624

2013 Yearbook


Ads are now being accepted for the next Yearbook and we have lowered the prices!  Our full-page color ads are now $50 off last year's prices and similar reductions on our other ads.  Check out our ad packet for all the details.  Our staff will be happy to design a great ad for you and it's included in the price.


Don't forget our great deal for including a photo of your Grands from the 2011-2012 show season.  Send your cat's photo to the Yearbook for $15 and send your cat's photo to Cat Talk for $15 and we will include your cat's photo with the online Breed Profile free of charge!  It can be done online.


If you didn't get your 2012 Yearbook yet, there are still some available.  Just go to the CFA website.





Regional News 


Region 1


Sharon Roy comments:


"I am pleased to announce this year's Region 1 very deserving winners.

Exhibitor Spotlight Winner of the year is Sophia Staples. Region 1 could not survive without her talent and contributions.


Clerk of the Year is Liz Blanc. She is one of Region 1 and CFA's best.

Congratulations and I am proud to have you part of Region 1."

Region 2






Regional Director Ginger Meeker writes:


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the hard working people on the Regional show/banquet team.


  • Show manager - Wendy Heidt
  • Banquet Coordinators- Tammy Roark and Kathy Durdick


Special thanks to regional officers:

  • Secretary - Erin Cutchen
  • Treasurer - Tammy Roark
  • Scheduler - Jay Collins
  • Webmistress - Kathy Durdick



  • Ambassadors- Carly Kellogg
  • Rescue- Julie Beeman
  • Newbee/Mentoring- Diana Nelson
  • YFEP - Maureen Clark



  • HHP- Kendall Smith
  • Veterans - Linda Osburn


This next year will be an exciting one for the region as we continue to raise funds and plan for the 2013 Annual. Please know that while you are probably REALLY tired of being asked for donations and support, we get really weary of having to ask you for these donations and support.   Pam and I have both experienced that feeling of people clutching their wallets for safety when we walk by. Although some now just open their wallets and tell Pam to take what she wants!


Exhibitors in R-2 have achieved some wonderful results in the National standing this year - with 3 NW kittens, 3 NW Championship cats and 3 NW in Premiere class. We can boast 4 of the top National cats in Agility with one of our cats being the first to achieve the Agility Master (AM) title. Breeders have been busy and we have 13 DMs this year. One of our catteries achieved 4 NWs this year - Congratulations to Carly and Heinrich Kellogg!


It's the FIRST year of the YEFP... and our children have performed admirably! Three will be recognized and I wish again to thank the regional chairs of this committee. I understand that these children may also be in the running for National recognition and lets wish them the best in this endeavor.    


Our Exhibitor of the Year (Spotlight Award) was Wendy Heidt. She is an exemplary member of our region and shines in multiple areas. Congratulations Wendy!


Our event was held in the same venue as is scheduled for the 2013 Annual in Vancouver, WA. The facilities are very nice, the food excellent and the staff is awesome ! We are sure that those of your attending our Annual in 2013 will have a very positive experience.

Region 3

Regional Director Ann Caell reports:



A great time was had by all at the GSR Awards Show , Banquet and Fundraiser this past weekend in Oklahoma City. At both shows we had a terrific judging line- up and plenty of exhibitors. Our President, Jerry Hamza held a Town Hall meeting early on Saturday and had some lively discussions with exhibitors. Several cats granded to kick-off the weekend. Sunday was our Fundraiser which was very successful. It was also our "Retro" show at which we held a Costume Contest and Best Retro Cage contest with cash prizes for the top three winners in both categories.


We ran into a few glitches which delayed the banquet and awards program...but who hasn't? Our terrific show committee chair, Steve McCullough worked extremely hard to get the show on the road and he did it! We began the awards program with a lovely song by Jody Chambers. Jerry gave a lovely introduction speech and then had a few good laughs with the OTRA presentation. What a night.. good food, friends and a lot of very happy regional winners! Congratulations to all the winners.. and to the Best Kitten-GC, RW Wildtracks Sojourner, Best Cat in Premiership--GP, NW Marleevo's Bugatti, and Best Cat in Chanpionship--GC,BW,NW Nascat Cruise'N . Not to forget, the Best HHP..Fruitcake of Sazikats and the Best cat in Feline Agility...Wildtracks After Dark.....


Special awards were given also---the Anna Sadler Humanitarian Award was given to Caroline Fralia & Joe Edwards for their dedication to animal rescue this year and in years past. This show season they had to battle wildfires and tornados to rescue our feline friends. The Bastrop fires near Austin destroyed a cat fancier's cattery and home and Caroline and Joe did everything possible to save as many cats as possible from this terrible fire...but many were lost, unfortunately.


Another award was given to CindyLou Crawford ,whom many of you may know. She was awarded the George Summerville Lifetime Acheivement Award for her many dedicated years to the cat fancy working primarily with the Siamese breed.


And, of course we had an EOY award! This year the committee selected Sheryl Zink as the recipient. Sheryl is the GSR Treasurer and EC extraordinaire....the "Jill" of all trades in the region who works tirelessly to bring in the count and then clerks at the show! Congratulations, Sheryl !


Many, many thanks to the show committee, judges and exhibitors who made this Regional Award Show, Banquet and Fundraiser show successful.... 

Region 4



Region 4 wishes to congratulate our judges who have advanced recently:


Advance to Approval Pending Specialty:

Anne Mathis - Fowlerville MI (LH 2nd Specialty);


Advance to Approved Specialty/ Approval Pending Allbreed:

Hope Gonano, Wexford, Pa.


Our annual regional awards show and banquet was held last weekend at the Canton Memorial Civic Center, Canton, Ohio. The show was well attended and beautifully run, including the Region's traditional Mega-Pot Luck, feeding everyone (judges, clerks, steward, workers, exhibitors and guests BOTH days in less than an hour. The competition was tough, with many very lovely cats in attendance. The feeling of accomplishment, working together and pride in the cats and the region permeated the entire weekend.


A cocktail hour, with hors d'oevers preceded a celebration banquet with a champagne toast, excellent food, a great 'On The Road Again" presentation and awards presentation. In accordance with our 'Evening in Paris' theme, the event was 'magnifique'


One of the highlights of the evening was the presentation of the "Spirit of the Great Lakes Award to the Exhibitor of the Year and the awarding of the Great Lakes Region Clerk of the Year.


The clerk award went to Doreen Mathas who is a great clerk, cheerful and friendly individual who welcomes entries to the ring where she is officiating.


Our Exhibitor of the Year/Spirit of the Great Lakes Award and CFA Spotlight recipient is Rosina McGlynn from London, Ontario. Rosina is well respected in the region for her sportsmanship, dedication to her cats and for her continuous efforts to be an Ambassador extraordinaire for the pedigreed cat, the Great Lakes Region and CFA. A true treasure to our region.

Region 5


The Southwest Region held its Awards Show and Banquet in Palm Springs, and I'd like to share with CFA a few of our outstanding award recipients.

The SW Region has been awarding a Clerk of the Year award for several years; this year's selection is Jeff Phipps. Jeff is a relatively new clerk, but he has quickly earned the respect of the judges and exhibitors of the region. We hope to have him in the ranks for many more years.

Our Spotlight Award honoree was one that I was extremely happy to recognize. Isabel Pomphrey is a longtime Household Pet exhibitor in Region 5. Over the years, Isabel has been a very vocal supporter of HHP's and has worked very hard to encourage new exhibitors in that area, but has also exhibited numerous pedigreed cats with success, earning multiple Regional Wins. She is also active in the rescue community, working tirelessly in the effort to find forever homes for countless cats. We are very proud to have her in our Region.


Finally, we presented a Lifetime Achievement award to Shirley and Doug Crawford of Sanmar cattery. We do not do this award every year, and do not give it out lightly. Shirley exhibited her first cat, a black Persian, in 1949. She and Doug have been focusing on their Silver persians for decades, with great success and devotion to their cats and to each other. Marti and Lowell Semans gave a wonderful presentation at the awards banquet to honor their close friends.


I'd like to thank everyone who came to our Southwest Regional Awards banquet to support their fellow exhibitors, and to congratulate our 2012 group of SW Region Individual Award recipients.






Region 7 


Regional Best Cat in Prem, Best Kitten, Best Cat in Champ

June 23-24 are the dates for our Regional Show, hosted by Cat Club of the Palm Beaches, and our awards banquet is that Saturday night. 


The club has invited judges from across the country in hopes that they will appeal to a large number of exhibitors.  They have also invested a lot of advertising dollars to let the Tampa area know there is a cat show in town that weekend.  They have 90 television commercials planned and they even have five billboards placed in stretegic spots so no one can say they were not aware of the local cat show.  A photo of one of the billboards is at the top of this newsletter.   


We sold out our banquet and had to request more tables be added.  Those also sold out and we had to request even more tables be added.  Apparently, this banquet is the place to be in Tampa that night.  


After the banquet we are getting together in the hotel bar.  They have agreed to remain open late as long as we're giving them business.  The bar has an outdoor patio that overlooks the river and it is going to be a great way to socialize after the banquet.   


I'm looking forward to the weekend in Tampa and I hope to see many of you there.  We had a great show season and we want to honor our super cats.




Corporate Affiliate News

CFA Delegates Preview Sturdi's Newest Colors & Limited Edition Prints


 CFA Delegates at the 2012 Annual Meeting will be the first to see Sturdi's newest offerings of colors and limited edition prints in their favorite products.


Available for shipping by the end of July, samples will be on display in the hallways outside the meeting rooms at the hotel.


See the new colors ...

Royal Canin



Maine Coon, Persian, & Siamese Breeders - Royal Canin sincerely appreciates your loyalty and patience regarding our recent shortages. As a token of our appreciation, please click through for details on our current promotion.

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