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June 1 - Ballots for CFA Officers & RDs must be received in the Central Office

CFA Board of Directors Meeting


The Board met via teleconference on May 15, 2012.





President Jerry Hamza commented that the philosophy behind the Novice class is to provide a sneak preview of CFA to those who register/ show in other associations in the hopes that they will want to join our ranks


Effective with the 2012-2013 show season, the Central Office will enforce the show rules regarding Novices.


Show Rule 1.19a will be revised to make it clear that a Novice may only compete at one show. If there is a 6x6 event that weekend, the Novice may only be shown at one of those shows.


Effective retroactive to May 1, 2012, Novices will not be included in the count for scoring Regional and National awards. Novices will compete for and be eligible for Grand points. They will appear in the judges' books as Champions, just as Opens are, and be eligible for final wins as Champions. Once the cat is registered with CFA, it can have any grand points earned at its Novice show credited.


Read more ...



 "I-Cats" Attend their First Giant Pet Expo

by Karen Lane


Not since the National Show in Indianapolis have so many I-Cats come together.


On April 20, 21 & 22 in Costa Mesa, California, ten of our "I-Cats" were spotlighted at the World's Largest American Family Pet Expo.


Our Iams sponsor asked for our "I-Cats" to be part of their presence at this Expo; along with a CFA Booth, featuring Joan Miller, and the Winn Foundation booth.


This was an exciting event for ten dedicated "I-Cats".


Iams, and their media people, produced large "V-Burst" photos of each cat and our "I-Cat Team" all wore the familiar orange color Iams polo shirts. "I-Cats" in attendance were Linda Bartley, Diane Bove, Nancy Jo Bueno, Tracey Dalton, Sandy Faust, Ginger Gunlock, Chris Makl, Shirley Peet, Mark Rowe & Mike Shelton. All ten of our "I-Cat" people showed great dedication and enthusiasm entertaining our visitors at this Expo. Unlike most cat shows, visitors at this Expo were non-stop and our "I-Cat" people wore smiles all day long; and "hats-off" to these ten wonderfully patient and friendly cats.


We had a tremendous number of attendees stop and visit with our I-Cats for three very long days. In addition, Joan Miller used our "I-Cats" to highlight her presentations.


Our cats were petted, held and entertained thousands of visitors. This was a tremendous opportunity to reach out and bring the joy of pedigree cat ownership to people who have never seen such beautiful cats; and to tell our CFA story.


The "I-Cat" program is now 18 months old, and it has been a great journey. We have had the opportunity to touch so many people. This program is a great tool for CFA and we look forward to growing this program each and every year. We happily thank the Iams people for making this great program possible.


The "I-Cat" program is part of the CFA Ambassador Program.


See more photos ...


Check out the video ...


New Excitement for the I-Cat Program


Thanks to our friends from Iams, we not only attend cat shows but Expos and more events are on the horizon for these special people and their delightful cats.


The dedication is amazing both from our I-Cats and from Iams. The latest addition to the I-Cat program is the "I-Cat Trading Card". They were introduced at an Expo in California and Hawaii this last month.


The I-Cat program was launched in October, 2010, about eighteen months ago and this program continues to grow and reach out to the public.

Eleven of our I-Cats received the first group of Trading Cards and the rest will receive them shortly, as our budget allows.


The public loved getting them and it allows the public to carry home a part of CFA and a memory of their I-Cat experience.


Trading Cards, sort of like "The Big League"

CFA World Championship Cat Show


Last year's National Cat Show has a new name for 2012. Rich Mastiin is the show manager and he has appointed two Assistant Show Managers: Rick Hoskinson and Ed Raymond.  Monte Phillips will again serve as the entry clerk. As previously announced, the show will be held in Columbus, Ohio, on November 17-18, 2012.  Entries will not be accepted prior to 12:01 am, September 10th. All entries must be submitted via email or fax. It will be a 10-ring show with 6-AB and 4-Spec. rings for Championship/Premiership and 10 Specialty rings for Kittens. Each of CFA's nine Regions previously voted for a judge from their Region.  The show committee recently selected the 10th judge and it is John Colilla.  Below are the judges and their assignments:


Region 1 - Gary Veach,AB CH, SP Kittens, SP PR

Region 2 - Vicky Nye, SP CH, SP Kittens AB PR

Region 3 - Kathy Black, AB CH, SP Kittens, SP PR

Region 4 - Diana Doernberg, SP CH, SP Kittens,AB PR

Region 5 - Bob Zenda AB CH, SP Kittens, AB PR

Region 6 - Gary Powell AB CH, SP Kittens, SP PR

Region 7 - Jan Stevens, SP CH, SP Kittens, AB PR

Region 8 - Yaeko Takano, AB CH, SP Kittens AB PR

Region 9 - Michael Schleissner, SP CH, SP Kit AB PR

10th Ring - John Colilla, AB CH, SP Kittens, SP PR


Breed booths will again be available in two sizes, at the option of the Breed Council Secretaries: either an 8-foot table within the benching area or the 10x20 style used at Meet The Breeds.  Each breed will also be permitted one Pet Me Cat which will be coordinated by the Breed Council Secretaries.  They will be provided one double cage and must be used for that purpose. 


An announcement will be made when the flyer is available.

Cat Shows US!! © 2012


Many of you are familiar with Cat Shows US!!©2012 which lists shows and provides links to online club flyers and other important information.  CFA is now partnered with Cat Shows US!! © 2012  It will list all CFA licensed shows in the future.  Kathryn Brady will continue to maintain the site as she has since its inception.  Clubs should take advantage of inexpensive ways to advertise their show such as the web and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).  Cat Shows US!! © 2012 is one more way to let folks know your club has a show coming up.  Exhibitors should look at this site and make it an important part of scheduling your shows throughout the show season. 


Seacoast Cat Club



Club Secretary Marilyn Conde sent some photos of their publicity efforts to pull in gate at their show earlier this month in New Hampshire.  They placed ads on the local buses and trolleys.  Marilyn wrote:


"I thought you might like to see these and maybe use one in your monthly newsletter as a way of letting show committees see what can be done. I don't know if the sign made the difference, but we had a wonderful gate this past weekend: 890 spectators. Last year, we did use a sign, but we had just 507 visitors. This year we included agility and Jill Archibald did a wonderful job. If there were no participants, she had her little Mau run the course so there was always something going on in the back of the arena and there were always people gathered around. It was great.


We were also able to get coverage from the local newspaper, The Concord Monitor. When they support us, the people come; when they don't , we have a more difficult time. I was able to arrange a phone interview with Jill and the Monitor. Apparently, this ran in the Sunday paper the week before the show. I'm sure that helped. I will send a Letter to the Editor as well as a personal note to the City Editor thanking the paper for its support."

2012 Annual

Submitted by Claudia Hasay


2012 AnnualCFA Annual - Fun with Sponsors

There are many facets to CFA's Annual each year - to conduct the business of CFA, to serve as a forum to debate the important issues that face the organization, to celebrate our accomplishments as individuals and as a group, to provide a venue to enjoy the company of friends, old and new, from here and around the world, and to have fun. This year, we want to ramp up the "fun" factor and provide a wicked-good time for all, which will happen, thanks in large part, to the incredible support we have received from our corporate sponsors. For example:

  • Iams is hosting our Friday Night Hospitality - the Iams Catswoods Casino. We will have our gaming room set in the large ballroom, complete with a DJ and 13 professional tables and dealers for those looking for action, and the Casino Lounge in the junior ballroom with live entertainment and lounge seating for a more relaxed time - be sure to check for Show Times.
  • Royal Canin is supporting our Thursday Night Pub Night - the Pickled Kitty Public House, where we'll have lots of fun games and prizes, a signature cocktail, pub food and a Piano Bar with an open mic.
  • In addition to the ever popular neck wallets they provide each year, Sturdi Products is donating some fabulous prizes, as is Red Roof - but you need to come and play to be eligible, as they say, you have to be in it to win it
  • Pet Partners Insurance is providing us with a cooling off period Friday afternoon with an Ice Cream Bar.
  • Dr. Elsey's is sponsoring our Friday Delegate Luncheon. For only $10 per person (includes tax and tip) you can enjoy a relaxing lunch with friends. The buffet will run the gamut from soup to nuts - an assortment of sandwiches, salads, drinks and deserts.. However, tickets must be purchased in advance via the reservation form (same one used for banquet reservations). The form and the complete luncheon menu can be found on the annual website - Click on the Event tab for the luncheon information. You can pick up your pre-paid luncheon tickets at delegate check-in. Admittance to the luncheon without prior reservation will be $15 Cash Only pay at the door - space permitting.
These are just some of the examples of our corporate support. When you see one of our corporate reps in Quincy (and many of them will be present) be sure to go up and say "thanks" for helping to make this year's annual a great one.

See you in Quincy.

2012 Annual Committee

Cat Talk

You voted for it, you got it! The winner of our June 2012 Cover Contest is GC, NW Stormytown Lt. Dan Taylor, bred and owned by Steve and Sandie Brock. Many thanks to Steve and Sandie as well as Diane Coppola, Susan Perkins, Virginia Wheeldon, Elizabeth Hamill, Heinrich & Carly Kellogg, and Tammy & Rob Roark for participating. And thank you for voting! Be sure to submit photos for future cover contests by visiting our page on CFA's website, .

Great news about Cat Talk subscriptions! Starting May 1, 2012, all Online Almanac subscriptions will include Cat Talk, the price is $59. This is actually a reduction of the combo price from $79 to $59. Combining Cat Talk and the OLA will make subscription handling significantly easier for Central Office, and you. You can still buy a Cat Talk subscription by itself for $49, but from now on, new subscriptions to the Online Almanac include Cat Talk. The June issue will go out to all current OLA subscribers as a bonus, but future issues will go only to those who have renewed at the new price. For questions, contact Jodell Raymond.

Back issues of Cat Talk will be offered for sale at the annual. Stop by our table and check out what you've missed!

Coming in our June issue:

-Joan Miller's discussion of the No Kill Equation continues with the final part of the Spay/Neuter element.

-The second part of Diane Castor's article on cat breeding, including your photos.

-Facebook for Fanciers: how to use Pages to advertise your show.

-Donna Andrews takes us back to the Good Ol' Days, when we used folding maps, pay phones, and typewriters.

-Monte Phillips explains Entry Clerking for Exhibitors.

-Barbara Sinbine describes the British Shorthair. Trivia question - what color and sex was the first British Shorthair Grand Champion? You'll have to read the article to find out!

-and much more! 

2012 Elections


Election 2012This year our clubs elect CFA Officers and Regional Directors.  Ballots have been mailed to each club.  If your club did not receive a ballot, contact Kristi Wollam for a duplicate.  Ballots must be received in the CFA Central Office by June 1, 2012.  Wonder if your club's ballot was received?  Check here.

What's HotLegislation

by Joan Miller, CFA Legislative Information Liaison



Federal licensing of cat breeders - a heads up !!


The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) announced a new proposal, on May 10, 2012, to regulate those who sell pets directly to pet buyers. As soon as the proposal is published in the Federal Register we will have 60 days to provide comments to "Docket No. APHIS-2011-0003".  This proposal will be analyzed by the CFA Legislative Group and discussed with others. We plan to develop strategy and guidance as soon as possible. Some background will help fanciers understand the impact of the rulemaking.


Attempts to expand the federal Animal Welfare Act regulation have been going on for about 15 years.  This proposal is the latest version based on animal activists' claims that animals "sold sight-unseen over the Internet, via phone and mail based businesses" is a threat to the health of pets. They and APHIS believe that many breeders, currently exempted from Federal regulation, are selling sick animals raised in substandard facilities with no oversight.  They want to change the definition of the "pet store" exemption (which now includes all cat breeders who only sell pets directly to buyers and not to dealers or pet stores). This new proposed exemption would apply only to businesses and residences "where buyers physically enter to observe the animals available for sale prior to purchasing them" Any breeder selling pets without the buyer entering their home would have to be regulated by the USDA/APHIS if they own more than 4 breeding females.  Read more...

 Clerking Program


Cheryl2The Online clerking test has been distributed to clerks who have paid their biennial dues. If you are a licensed clerk, or have completed your requirements to become a clerk, and want to take the test, please make sure you have paid! As soon as payment is received, you will be on the list to receive the link to the online test.

However, if you do not wish to take the test online, you can request a hard copy of the test to be sent to you. You will probably receive it in approximately 1-2 weeks from the request. Simply respond to your email for the online testing information.

To date, over 98% of the participants who have taken the test online, have received a grade of 90% or higher! Those are great statistics, and we hope to see more of them!

In regards to the due date of the Clerking test - due to the priority of the end-of-year scoring by the Central Office staff, the clerking test due date is scheduled to be extended to August 1.

If you need to know the status of your evaluations, you will need to contact the Clerking Administrator at Central Office, and if you have any test questions, please send them to

2013 Yearbook


Ads are now being accepted for the next Yearbook and we have lowered the prices!  Our full-page color ads are now $50 off last year's prices and similar reductions on our other ads.  Check out our ad packet for all the details.  Our staff will be happy to design a great ad for you and it's included in the price.


Don't forget our great deal for including a photo of your Grands from the 2011-2012 show season.  Send your cat's photo to the Yearbook for $15 and send your cat's photo to Cat Talk for $15 and we will include your cat's photo with the online Breed Profile free of charge!  It can be done online.


If you didn't get your 2012 Yearbook yet, there are still some available.  Just go to the CFA website.

Winn Feline Foundation

Submitted by Betty White, Past President


 You won't want to miss Winn's 34th Annual Symposium, as it features two outstanding researchers and the topic is of great interest to all cat breeders and owners. "Diving into the Gene Pool" focuses on hypertrophic cardiomyopathy , and proceeds will benefit feline HCM research worldwide. Dr. Leslie Lyons of UC Davis will present "The Next Generation of Feline Genetics," and Dr John Rush of Tufts University will speak on "Feline Cardiomyopathy - More than Genes! New Thoughts on Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment." The registration fee of $25 includes light snacks with a cash bar. Reservations are required and due by June 17, 2012. Detailed information and registration options are available on the Winn website,



New Survey by the Makers of Meow Mix Tender Centers™ Cat Food Reveals Americans Are Very Secure in the Strong Bond They Have with Their Felines


SAN FRANCISCO - March 13, 2012 - Are cats man's new best friend? Perhaps! New data uncovers pet parents share a powerful bond with their furry friends in a relationship only they understand. In a new study conducted by Kelton Research, pet parents were asked to reveal their love of and tender center toward their cat. The results were purrfect - 31 percent of respondents would rather speak with their cat after a long day than their best friend, children, or parents. And it's most likely because one third (33 percent) believe they communicate better with their cat than their significant other. 



Some cat parents have attempted to pinpoint what their cats' celebrity voice would sound like. According to the survey, 18 percent admittedly think if their cat could talk to them, they would sound like popular talk show host Ellen Degeneres. Thirteen percent say Fran Drescher best describes their cats' inner voice, 12 percent say Sean Connery, nine percent say Kathie Lee Gifford, and eight percent say Jay Leno.


Regional News 


Region 1


Announcing a Major New Event Show in Region 1

The NAR Coalition is pleased to announce the inaugural Feline Fanatics weekend, August 25-26, 2012 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, in Oakes, PA.

The Feline Fanatic weekend will be held in a gorgeous 55,000 square foot venue and will include something for exhibitors and spectators alike - a 6x6 show with judges from around the continental US, some not often seen in this area, as well as those special aspects of the Cat Fancy that really appeal to the public.



  • Feline Agility
  • Meet our Breeds environment
  • Breed Showcase
  • Learn How to Show Your Cat and become a Junior Showman seminars
  • Huge Vendor Mall

The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center is a well known venue that has
hosted a variety of trade shows and events, including the Philadelphia
Dog Show (as seen on Thanksgiving). Marketing and promotion will be
extensive and we anticipate a huge gate providing a great opportunity
to promote your breed to a large and interested audience. Parking is
ample, and there are a variety of local hotels and restaurants to suit
everyone's needs.

Mark your calendars, and plan on attending on what should be a

fabulous weekend for all Feline Fanatics.

For more information visit our website, and be sure to sign up for our blog, so you'll be first to receive the latest Feline Fanatics updates, including information on a special Early Bird Kitten Entry Fee.


The Feline Fanatic weekend is brought to you by the NAR Coalition, a
collaborative group of Region 1 and National Breed Clubs: William
Penn CC, Siamese Alliance, Cats Incredible, Feline Forum, Rainbow
Plumes, Diamond State CC, Fyfe & Drum CC, Bombay Enthusiasts of
America, National Alliance of Burmese Breeders, European Burmese Cc, Seacoast CC, New Hampshire Feline Fanciers and the Sphynx Breed Club.
Together we hope to make this show a premier event show on the east coast. 





Region 2



Remembering JIM KILBORN 6-22-1922 - 5-3-2012

 Jim Kilborn was one of the early pioneers in the Pacific Northwest cat fancy and he will be remembered for much more than his love of judging and the cats. Jim, with his devoted family, put on CFA shows, donated time to 4-H kids and educated all about the early years in the cat fancy. He always had something good to say about people and this in itself is a characteristic of the type of man he was. Even during his illness, Jim would come to the shows with Marj and he was always smiling and cheerful and loved to share stories about the cat fancy, both about the good old days as well as what changes have been made. To say he will be missed is an understatement. Jim was one of a kind and those who were fortunate enough to have known him can share the many memories about him in the years to come. He will be missed.

At the show this weekend in Issaquah, WA, a moment of silence was held for Jim. Heartfelt condolences go to Marj, Linda and all other
members of the family. While the NWR is a large region, please know that we are with the family in spirit and hope that as many fanciers as
possible can communicate with the family and/or be in attendance at his service.

For those asking:
In lieu of flowers, Marj and the family has asked that contributions
be sent to the following not for profit organizations which are tax

NOAH Pet Adoption & Spay/Neuter Center (this is a no kill shelter)
31300 Brandstrom Road
Stanwood, WA 98292


815 South Vassault St.
Tacoma, WA 98465

Rest in Peace, Jim




The Region 2 Awards Show and Banquet will be held June 2 at the Hilton facility in Vancouver, Washington. I am VERY proud to announce that all of our awards have already been sponsored. Thank you to all who came forward and generosly supported the region in this way. If any of you need details for the show or banquet please go to the Region 2 website for a flyer or forms to attend the banquet. The awards booklet, as I understand it, still has some space left for advertising...hurry, its limited. For advertising information please contact Pat Decano

The 2012-13 ANNUAL MASCOT for Region 2 has been named! That handsome boy on the beautiful pin is named Chinook! If you'd like to see and/or order the pin please go to the R-2 website.  The winner of the Name the Mascot Contest is LISA LEE JONES-GARNER and Lisa will be recieving a $25 gas card. Congratulations to Lisa!

Region 2 also lost another long time fancier, Marlene Sprague. We wish to send condolences to her friends and family. Information on her service can be obtained through Betty Denny.

Region 3



Region 3 had two very successful shows in April with a record setting number of grands!
Foot of the Rockies /Rocky Mountain Cat Fanciers had twelve Grands.There were five Grand Premiers and seven Grand Champions and lots of very happy exhibitors!
The following weekend, North Texas Cat Club had a total of nineteen Grands. There were seven Grand Premiers (some were also GCs) and twelve Grand Champions. Two of the cats were Marge Collier's that Warren Joubert, DVM granded. What a terrific show!
To top this we held our annual GSR raffle at the NTCC show.
For the third consecutive year, the winner was the illustrious Jeff Janzen! First, he won the $1,000 quilt that Betsy Gaither made and donated, then last year he won an afghan. This year, Jeff walked away with the $500 Visa Gift Card! He always waits until the last day to buy a ticket (maybe that's a hint for succes...) We're thinking about starting a pool as to who will pick the winner in 2013! Congratulations to Jeff....I'd like a page out of his book..
One other thing ....
This past weekend Donna Hinton scheduled her annual HCM clinic in Houston. She has done this for several years with a Board Certified Cardiologist in the area. Donna has individuals signing up their cats months ahead of time and limits the number to be seen. The cats receive a thorough examination and are tested for HCM for a reduced fee. What a great service she is organizing and providing for the region! Thank you, Donna.

Region 4



The clubs and members of the Great Lakes Region invites you to attend our 2012 Regional Show and Awards Banquet in Canton, Ohio on June 9-10, 2012.


Our awards show features an 8 ring show, with 6 All Breed rings and 2 Specialty rings, plus a mega-potluck during the show. In the past our banquet has rivaled Annual Award Banquets, : 6:00 - 10:00 p.m.   Cost is $50.00 per person which includes cocktail hour, dinner & dessert.


Each dinner includes a house salad with vinaigrette dressing, sugar snap peas, smashed garlic red skin potatoes, rolls and butter, coffee or tea, a glass of champagne or sparkling cider and dessert (yet to be determined).   A cash bar will be available in the banquet hall. The cocktail hour includes assorted cheese & crackers with fresh fruit garnish, meatballs, tapanada spread, and alcoholic punch.


Dinner choices include:

Petite Cut Roast Prime Rib of Beef, Au Jus (cooked medium)

Stuffed Chicken Breast with Almonds, Raisins and Apples

Apricot Pork Loin with Walnut Herb Stuffing

Vegetarian Napoleon (grilled eggplant, yellow squash, onion and Portabella mushroom layered with provolone, mozzarella and parmesan cheese)


Come, enjoy our hospitality - see one of the reasons the Great Lakes Region is GREAT. Reservation deadline is June 1, 2012.   Entries close June 5, 2012. All information is available on the Great Lakes website.


Take the opportunity to come early or stay a day to visit the CFA Central Office and the CFA Foundation Museum in Alliance, Ohio a short 25-20 minute drive from Canton. The collection, housed in a gallery-type setting, contains important pieces of feline history dating back to the early 1800's. The display occupies the ground floor of the new CFA Central Office in Alliance, OH. The office is located in the former Midland & Buckeye Savings & Loan building at 260 East Main Street and is part of the Alliance City Council's extensive downtown restoration plan.


Please join us.

Region 5


The Southwest Region is having a fundraiser raffle! We are raffling off two Southwest Airlines standby passes and two Disneyland 2-day Park Hopper tickets. Come to Southern California for a getaway weekend!


Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20. If you're coming to California, you can get them from Mike Shelton at any of the remaining Region 5 shows the rest of the season. Not lucky enough to be coming West any time soon? You can buy them online, and we take PayPal! Contact Bonnie Wilson for details.
The winning ticket will be drawn at the SW Regional Awards Banquet, June 9 in sunny Palm Springs. Winner need not be present to win (but it will be more fun if you're there!).

CFA Clubs helping in the Community:


At their April show in Ventura, Rex Rattle & Roll sponsored a food drive in conjunction with their show. The club asked exhibitors to bring non-perishable food items to the show on Sunday morning, and filled four large barrels with contributions! This is a great way for CFA to help out in the local community, and build good will toward the cat fancy, as well. We are planning to have more of this type of events at shows, and we hope it can spread throughout CFA. It doesn't cost anything, and it helps us as well as those the food banks supp



Region 7 


June 23-24, Tampa, Florida ... that's the date and location of our Regional Awards show and banquet this year.  Both events take place at the Convention Center.  It's a 2-day, 8-ring show.  Here is the show flyer.  We are working towards having a large entry and a large gate.  President Jerry Hamza plans to join us and we want to show off for him with a terrific show.


Pat Hawk is coordinating the banquet.  Dinner costs $59 and you have your choice of beef, chicken, or veggie.  Here is more info on the dinner.


If you are receiving an award, please check here for all the information you need regarding photo submission, etc.


We are still looking for sponsors for our awards.  If your club has a member receiving an award or one of your friends is receiving an award, sponsoring their award is a terrific way to pat them on the back for their achievement.  Just go here for all the info you need on sponsoring an award.

Corporate Affiliations News

Sturdi Products Launches New Website Just In Time for National Pet Appreciation Month


Sturdi ProductsNEW YORK, NY - May 8, 2012 - The cat is out of the bag! Sturdi Products has launched a new website on May 1, 2012 and just in time for National Pet Appreciation Month! Sturdi Products® Inc. is a Washington State corporation, manufacturing pet products since 1993. Sturdi Products was founded on the principle of decreasing the stress of both pets and people by designing better products for use when traveling with pets. Using, Sturdi has launched a new online store which creates a better shopping environment for all! The new site includes more information about Sturdi Products and is easier to navigate, search and shop.


Plus, May is the month to show a little extra appreciation to our beloved pets. Our pets have an enduring and unconditional love for their owners, so it only makes sense to honor them for the joy and happiness they continuously bring into people's lives. May is devoted to National Pet Appreciation Month each and every year. It is important for us to recognize and be grateful for the endless amount of love that animals show us each and everyday. This month is also known for promoting pet adoption and increasing public awareness of the role of pet care specialists.


Sturdi Products launched their website during this significant month for pets all around the world. The website offers significant savings now due to the launch of their new online store. By using the code 'NEWSTORE,' shoppers can receive 10% off their entire purchase. Sturdi Products has gained an international reputation for designing unique, attractive, durable & adaptable products that reflect the needs of customers who travel with cats and small dogs.This is the perfect month to check out the site and perhaps show our furry friends some extra love.


Please visit:,, or to see the new site!




Corporate Affiliations

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