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May 1 - Delegate forms must be postmarked by this date


May 9 - Club dues & membership lists must be received by CO to be eligible to vote at Annual.


June 1 - Ballots for CFA Officers & RDs must be received in the Central Office

From The CFA President


Hello Fellow Fanciers,


It seems like it was just yesterday since our last newsletter. I am so pleased with this newsletter and the CFA-News bulletins. This method of communication has created a recognizable, reliable link for information between the organization and the Fancy. In the last few days, people have expressed an interest about CFA's marketing efforts and our need to attract new members. It is good that as an organization, we are asking the right questions. It is important that we all become more business savvy about our CFA.


Over the past two years, our focus was primarily based upon reorganization. It was important to create a solid foundation upon which to build. It was also important to be financially and organizationally in a position to launch a concentrated marketing campaign. I can say that our CFA Board has succeeded in the effort to put this organization in a solid position.  Read more... 

Central Office Reminders / Notes


All Amendments/Resolutions that have been submitted as of 5pm Friday, April 13th, have been acknowledged.  Clubs have until 5pm Monday, April 16th, to submit Amendments/Resolutions which will be voted on by the Delegates to the Annual Meeting in June. If you don't get an acknowledgement, check with our Director of Operations, Donna Jean Thompson.


Routine registrations are now averaging six days to process.  If you need to contact the Central Office regarding a registration, please only email one person.  By emailing multiple staff members, you increase the workload and slow down the process for everyone.


We have made significant progress with registrations via pedigree (i.e., cats being imported to CFA from another association).  When the Central Office moved to Ohio last August there was a six month backlog.  That has been reduced to two months and it is anticipated that will soon be remedied.  Once the backlog has been resolved, it is expected that this type of registration will take one month to process if there is no need to request additional information or wait for payment. 


Please join us in welcoming our newest member to our Central Office team, Kelly Tialaferro. Kelly is our new receptionist and we are happy to have her here.


Shirley Michaud-Dent has been working extremely hard on upcoming season end and has done a phenomenal job - we extend our deepest thanks and appreciation.


We want to thank Diane Cioci and Julie Grasse for keeping our finance department running smoothly, Kelly Conger for all of our graphic needs and the Almanac, Donna Lewis for scoring and Brian Beutel for helping in all departments when needed in addition to his duties of maintenance, shipping and receiving.


 Donna Jean & Verna

2012 Annual

Submitted by Claudia Hasay


Another show season is winding down, and its time to plan your June trip to MA to join us in Quincy for this year's annual celebration.

- Plan to come in early or stay late to take advantage of all the New England area has to offer. You can visit Boston and explore our nation's history, be awed by the 2012 OpSail armada of tall ships in Boston Harbor, visit Cape Cod in all its natural glory, share in the year-long celebration of Fenway Park's 100th birthday, or dare to visit Salem and its infamous witches.

- Toast your friends on Thursday night at the Pickled Kitty Pub, our hospitality suite where you can sing along at the Piano Bar, play darts or ping pong with your mates, compete for prizes in our remote control car rally, nosh on mini sliders and chips and wash it all down with a pint or two.

- Stay informed on the latest feline health news at the Winn Symposium, this year featuring Dr. John Rush's discussion on Feline Cardiomyopathy - new thoughts on causes, diagnosis and treatment, and Dr. Leslie Lyons presenting the Next Generation of Feline Genetics. Reservations are required, so be sure to reserve your seat early as we anticipate a large turnout.

- Wine and dine at the delicious all you can eat Prime Rib dinner offered Friday evening at Hancock's Steak and Seafood Restaurant, and then

- Place your bets at the Catswoods Casino and Lounge, our Friday hospitality suites. Professional gaming tables and dealers will enhance your gaming action, and you can wind down the evening in the entertainment lounge where surprises await. Our casino and lounge will make Friday evening a rewarding experience for everyone, especially the lucky winners.

- And why not spend the week in luxury? There are only a handful of tickets remaining for the Stay in Style raffle - a chance to win a luxury suite for your stay (Wed. - Sun.). Ticket price is only $20 and with a mere 100 tickets being sold your odds of winning are fantastic. Tickets can be purchased on the annual website - your source for all things annual - cfaannual2012.org. Winning ticket will be drawn at the Sign of the Cat show, April 28th.

Cat Talk - April 2012

The April issue of Cat Talk features the Staff Choice selection from the entrants for our Cover Contest. Out of over 150 submissions, the staff had a very difficult time picking just one photo. After some wrangling and discussion, we chose GC, RW Lushell Project Runway of BurnBrae, a Brown Patched Tabby Persian Female, Breeder: Lucia Hollabaugh, Owner: Lyn Knight, Lucia & Shelby Hollabaugh. We think you'll agree that Tabitha's photo is extraordinary. The photographer, Larry Johnson, captured the essence of this beautiful girl in a dramatic way; the photo almost has a 3-dimensional feel. Congratulations to Lyn, Lucia, Shelby, Larry, and especially Tabitha. The voting for the June cover is complete, thank you to the 900 people that voted! The winner will be announced in the May newsletter.

Starting with the April issue, Cat Talk has switched to a printer in Ohio - GBS Corp out of Canton. This switch has several advantages, one is that our layout artist, Kelly Conger, can check a physical proof prior to the full print run to ensure the resolution and color are correct. The biggest advantage is that GBS will distribute the magazine for us, cutting several days off our delivery cycle. We thank Katherine Bock for her year of volunteer service as our distributor while we got this magazine off the ground! She did a fantastic job dealing with numerous problems, always keeping her cool. Well done Katherine!

Coming up in our April issue:
  • Joan Miller continues her review of the 11 elements of Nathan Winograd's No Kill Equation with part 3 of Spay/Neuter Programs - Marketing and Outreach. "Spay/neuter promotions work best when the campaign starts in January and February in order to prevent litters, since many cats come in heat early in the year. Kittens born in early spring are almost mature enough to reproduce by August and September. This means August is also an excellent time for an updated "Kittens Have Kittens" message to urge sterilization with urgency."
  • Kathryn Silvia writes about the American Bobtail - A Native American Breed. "Since the mid 1980's, experienced breeders using found domestic bobtails from all regions of the United States including Canada and Alaska have worked together to produce the gorgeous American Bobtails we have today. One of the more intriguing phenomena of the breed is the striking resemblance of cats from thousands of miles apart, with no known common heritage, have born to one another. By selectively breeding these like-type cats, breeders have helped Mother Nature to develop the American Bobtail into the big, hearty wild looking bobtail cat seen today."
  • Diane Castor (Playwicky Cattery) updated Prenatal Counseling, Pregnancy, Birth to Twelve Weeks. The April issue will cover Part 1, prenatal counseling to birth. Part 2 in June will cover day one to twelve weeks. Diane wrote this article in 1994 and has kept it up-to-date since. Diane brings a wealth of experience to the article, and we offer it to a new generation of breeders with breath-taking photos of Aby births taken by Tracy Fasciana, Abayomi Cattery.
  • Dr. Melinda Fleming discusses Common Bone Fractures in Kittens and Cats. "The bones most frequently fractured are the femur (large bone in the upper leg), the mandible (lower jaw), the pelvis, and the tail. The type of fracture and its location will determine how it is treated and managed. Any type of fracture must be addressed immediately or as soon as possible. All fractures are painful not only due to the damage to the bone, but to the soft tissue (such as muscle and nerves) surrounding it."
  • Claudia Hasay (no apologies to Adele) gives us Rumor Has It - the Real Scoop on the 2012 Annual. "What's more fun than a maple tree tapping jamboree in the woods? We have a long, proud history of riotous good times dating back to the Boston Tea Party (notice they didn't call it the Boston Tea Upheaval)." Visit www.cfaannual2012.org for all the annual information you could ever want.
  • And much more!

2012 Elections


Election 2012This year our clubs elect CFA Officers and Regional Directors.  Ballots have been mailed to each club.  If your club did not receive a ballot, contact Kristi Wollam for a duplicate.  Ballots must be received in the CFA Central Office by June 1, 2012.  Wonder if your club's ballot was received?  Check here.

Delegate Forms


Delegate forms have been mailed to all clubs.  If your club did not receive one, contact Kristi Wollam in the CFA Central Office and request a duplicate.  The deadline for receipt of a Club's dues and Membership list is 5 p.m. EDT May 9, 2012 for a club to be eligible to vote at the Annual.  All completed Delegate forms must be returned to the CFA Central Office and postmarked by May 1, 2012, in order for a club to have a delegate to the CFA Annual Meeting.  Wonder if your club's form has been received at the CFA Central Office?  Check here


CFA Website


The 2012-2013 Show Rules and Breed Standards are now online

2013 Yearbook


Ads are now being accepted for the next Yearbook and we have lowered the prices!  Our full-page color ads are now $50 off last year's prices and similar reductions on our other ads.  Check out our ad packet for all the details.  Our staff will be happy to design a great ad for you and it's included in the price.


Don't forget our great deal for including a photo of your Grands from the 2011-2012 show season.  Send your cat's photo to the Yearbook for $15 and send your cat's photo to Cat Talk for $15 and we will include your cat's photo with the online Breed Profile free of charge!  It can be done online.


If you didn't get your 2012 Yearbook yet, there are still some available.  Just go to the CFA website.

Winn Feline Foundation

Submitted by Betty White, Past President


 Winn Feline Foundation announces a record funding amount for its February 2012 cycle of grant awards! Meeting with its panel of scientific advisors in Houston, the Winn board evaluated 44 proposals from veterinary researchers around the world and awarded 10 grants totaling $174,018. The projects include two examining hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), one of which is a Ricky Fund project, and a Bria Fund project studying feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). Other projects look at chronic kidney disease (CKD), cancer, pain management, drug therapy, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), ringworm, feline herpesvirus, and "wool-sucking." For a complete listing and description of the projects, please go to the Winn website, www.winnfelinehealth.org

What's HotLegislation

by Joan Miller, CFA Legislative Information Liaison


"Data Mining" could impact breeders in the future


If you are not familiar with the term, "data mining", it is time to learn. Recently the US Department of Agriculture USDA/Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services (APHIS and Animal Care (AC) issued a request for proposals from contractors to provide services for "Internet data mining".


Their stated purpose was to scan the entire Internet to "identify persons suspected of conducting regulated activities without the required license or registration or illegal activities". The USDA/APHIS/AC licenses and inspects breeders who sell to brokers or pet stores according to the Animal Welfare Act. To our surprise, the data mining solicitation was abruptly cancelled on April 4th with no reason given. But the situation warrants being on the alert and getting up to speed about what data mining means. 


The CFA Legislative Group received emails expressing concerns about the "big brother" tone of the USDA solicitation. Pet law lists became paranoid over the imminent dangers of this concept especially considering the strong pressure from animal rights organizations for many years to pass federal legislation that would regulate breeders who sell directly to the public. Read More ...

Seen on Facebook
Someone forgot the no-food-after-midnight rule for this gremlin!
This is Celia Simpson's cinnamon oriental, Shermese Ozymandias,
from the UK

Regional News 


Region 1


From the recent Feline Forum Cat Club show, for your viewing pleasure:

Region 2


An 11 year old dynamo has hit the Region 2 cat show scene this last year. Her name is Mackenna "Mac" Goldsbary and she is participating in the Youth Education Feline Program. To learn more about this incredible young fancier please go here.

As part of the YFEP program, Mac will be completing with youth across the country and we know many grateful cats and kittens will be gearing up to "sing" her praises. RD Ginger Meeker had the opportunity of interviewing Mac at a region 2 show and asked her why she has such passion for her YFEP projects. Her answer was simple and heart-felt, "I can't take them all home and care for them so I need to do all I can to make sure they have a great life". Out of the mouth of babes!



A film crew stopped by the Call of the Wild show in February and the resulting video is a hit on YouTube. Click on Donna Fuller to view it.





Region 3


GSR Awards Show, June 9th, 2012Oklahoma Fair Park Carriage Hall,3001 General Pershing Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73017

Saturday Allbreed/HHP Judges: Carla Bizzell, Kathy Black, Kathy Calhoun, Wain Harding, Jan Rogers, Betty White


GSR Fundraiser Show, June 10th, 2012 Come dressed Retro on Sunday!!! (Whatever Retro means to you!!!!)

SundayAllbreed/HHP Judges: Rachel Anger, Jeff Janzen, Darrell Newkirk, Brian Pearson, Diana Rothermel, Wayne Trevathan


SUPER EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: 3 ENTRYS-BOTH SHOWS, FREE CAGE - $220!!! Must be postmarked or sent to paypal cfagsr@hotmail.com by 5/13/12

Per Show Fees: One Time Fees:

1st Entry $55

2nd Entry $50

3rd Entry $40

4th Entry/HHPs $30

cage (free with 3 entries) $20      

Double Sales Cage $40

Groom (free with 4 entries) $30

EOR (free for HC) $10

Multishow Discount: $5 per entry per show IF you enter both shows!


Show hours: 9am-5pm both days. Check in 7:30am-8:30am each morning.

We welcome CFA Prez Jerry Hamza to both our shows and banquet!


Banquet will be held at the Biltmore Hotel: 401 S Meridian (I-40 and Meridian), Oklahoma City, OK 800-522-6620 or 405-947-7681 $69.00/ night. No pet deposit. Includes free breakfast buffet.

Go to
www.cfaguflshore.org for more info on the show and/or banquet. Hope to see you all there!

Region 4


Region 4 is proud to congratulate CFA's newest Longhair Apprentice Judge - John Hiemstra from Northville, Michigan. John is well known in the region as a clerk, master clerk and Clerking School Instructor.


John has bred and shown Persians and Tonkinese, as well as a successful campaign two years ago with Highlander Tony Bennett, a lovely Maine Coon Cat neuter who was CFA's Best Cat in Premiership - the first Maine Coon Cat to receive a Best award in any of the three competitive categories.


Please be sure to check the Great Lakes Region website to see all of our upcoming shows, as well as information about the Great Lakes Region Celebration show and awards banquet in June.


You are all invited and we would be delighted to welcome you.

Region 5


The Southwest Region is having a fundraiser raffle! We are raffling off two Southwest Airlines standby passes and two Disneyland 2-day Park Hopper tickets. Come to Southern California for a getaway weekend!


Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20. If you're coming to California, you can get them from Mike Shelton at any of the remaining Region 5 shows the rest of the season. Not lucky enough to be coming West any time soon? You can buy them online, and we take PayPal! Contact Bonnie Wilson (CFASWR@cox.net) for details.
The winning ticket will be drawn at the SW Regional Awards Banquet, June 9 in sunny Palm Springs. Winner need not be present to win (but it will be more fun if you're there!).


Region 7 


Tampa, here we come!  Our Regional Awards show and banquet are being held in the Tampa Convention Center on June 23-24.  Check out the show flyer.  Judges are: Anger, Hutzler, Petty, G.Powell, Sumner, Williams, Zottoli, and TBA. We believe this may be the only show in CFA that weekend and the slate was selected in an attempt to draw entries. The showhall is incredible and the show committee is quite enthused. The show will be heavily advertised in order to attract a large gate. This is the first CFA show in Tampa in many years. This venue has proven to draw a large gate for dog shows and we think we can do the same. Make plans now to attend since this is going to be a great show.


Our awards banquet will also be held in the Tampa Convention Center.  The menu and prices are posted on our Regional website.   


We need sponsors for our awards.  Encourage your club to sponsor the awards for club members.  If you have a friend who is achieving an award, let them know how proud you are by sponsoring their award.   Info is available on our Regional website



Corporate Affiliate News

Staples' Discounts

CFA has made arrangements with Staples to offer our clubs and programs discounts on the many services and products they offer.  Need a catalog printed?  Signs announcing your show to put in shops around town?  Flyers?  Center streamers for your recycled rosettes can be printed and cut perfectly.  Check out this flyer for more information.

Your local Staples may not be familiar with these discounts.  To be sure you get the discounts, contact our liaison Angel Richardson at 888-224-3684, ext. 1196, or email her at Angelina.Richardson@Staples.com .


Corporate Affiliations

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