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April 1 - Submission of Grand/DM/HHP photos for

June issue of Cat Talk


April 15 - Proposed Amendments / Resolutions must be received in CO

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Notes from the Board Meeting


The CFA Board of Directors meets monthly.  Check out what took place at the most recent meeting, March 13, 2012.

From Our President


My Fellow Fanciers,

Jerry2One of the most enjoyable parts of our fancy is the sport with the thrill of competing for titles, and regional and national wins. The shows are there to help us in our pursuit to advance our standards, but when was the last time you heard someone say, "Yeah I've been out every weekend advancing my standard!" The truth is that the competition is keen and the thrill of winning is very rewarding. However, in the heat of competition we must make sure we always keep our perspective. I am sure that by now you are familiar with sad event which involves a member of our cat family. To be more specific, a terrible accident occurred when a fancier attended a show on Saturday and drove to a different show on Sunday. He had an accident on his way home Sunday night. The fancier and cat survived, but there are serious injuries.  Read more ...

Proposed Show Rule Change 


Exclamation Point GreAt the March 13, 2012, meeting of the CFA Board of Directors they agreed to submit to the Delegates of the June, 2013, Annual a proposed Show Rule Change to lower the threshhold for awarding Top 15 final awards.  Check it out.



Central Office Report



Top of the Morning!


Central Office is participating in St. Pet's Day! St. Pet's Day is a food donation drive for the local shelters and thanks to the hard work of Donna Jean we are a local donation site. All of us here in the office will be doing our part as well and Donna Jean has made sure that our donations will go to a no kill shelter. We are happy to be able to participate in this wonderful community event.


Club Secretaries please be advised that ballots for CFA Officers and Regional Directors will be sent out on Monday, March 19, 2012 in with the ballots will be information in regards to the upcoming Annual. Please allow delivery time but should you not receive this information please email me at . 


We have 2 new members to our registration team, Catie Riddell and Judy Minich.   Please give them a warm welcome. The last month has been a busy one, we are happy to report that Registration is staying with in their 10 business day window for processing.


Some reminders to help them process your work quickly,


  • Please print legibly if we cannot read your paperwork it leaves everyone open to errors and delays
  •  Please provide contact information, phone numbers and/or email addresses
  •  Litter application - must have signatures


Jill, Catie and Judy will be happy to help you with all of your registration requests. Please let them know if they can be of any assistance.


Shirley and Donna are working hard on your scoring and getting ready for the end of the season, Diane and Julie are keeping our finances in perfect order, Kristi is hard at work getting all of the club information and shows licensed, and Kelly is using her creative talents with Cat Talk and the Almanac. Now, there are many other duties being performed here but I am just giving you the highlights- we are very fortunate to have such a wonderful group!


I look forward to being able to give you an update next month.


Verna M. Dobbins


2012 Annual Update


2012 AnnualPlans are well underway for our June event, and Sophia Staples, our webmistress extraordinaire, has been busy updating the Annual website with all the details. The website is your source for all things Annual - complete banquet information, details on our special Friday luncheon buffet, hospitality nights, a complete schedule of events, and more. Be sure to sign up for our Annual Blog when you're there and you'll always receive the latest information as soon as it becomes available, like the announcement of our fabulous new Stay in Style raffle.


Win a Luxury Suite for Your Stay at the Annual


That's right - we have arranged for a Wednesday through Sunday stay in a luxury suite at the beautiful Boston Marriott Quincy to be awarded to the lucky winner of our Stay in Style raffle.


Your 800 square feet suite is designed with floor to ceiling windows, a beautifully decorated living area complete with sofa, chair and ottoman, a separate bedroom, sofabed, desk/work area, 2 bathrooms, 3 phones, and 2 TVs. If you choose to share your good luck an additional rollaway bed is permitted - maximum occupancy is 4.


Only 100 Tickets will be sold! Ticket price is just $20, and tickets can only be purchased through the Annual website giving everyone in the Fancy, here and abroad, an opportunity to Stay at the 2012 Annual in Style. To purchase tickets visit the Annual website, You will receive a confirmation email upon completion of your purchase containing your ticket number(s). The winning ticket will be drawn by Sharon Roy, Region 1 Regional Director, at the Sign of the Cat show on April 24th.


Don't be left out - treat yourself and support the Annual - buy your ticket today!

Breed Council Responses


The Balinese Breed Council had the best response rate this year.  77% of their members mailed in their ballots this year.  The Russian Blues were close behind them with a 72% response.  The average was 54% this year.  How did the other Breed Councils fare?  Check it out

Lincoln State 2012

by Dayle Marsh


More than 1,400 visitors attended the Lincoln State Cat Club's (LSCC) 52nd Annual AB/HHP Benefit show February 25-26 at Harper College's Building M in Palatine, IL.


Approximately $1,000, the proceeds from this year's benefit raffle, will aid participating feline shelter's and rescues' neuter/spay programs; while a yet undetermined amount of gate proceeds will be distributed to the LSCC "Cure Chronic Kidney Disease" fund through the Morris Animal Foundation (an on-going fundraiser), and SOCK FIP. Any cat lover can still contribute to the MAF Kidney Disease fund, by going to the Lincoln State Cat Club web-site and clicking on the "Cure Kidney Disease" tab on the Home page. From there you can link to the Morris Animal Foundation web-site and make your tax deductable donation. Together we can defeat this monster!  Read more ...


Winn Feline Foundation

Submitted by Betty White


Winn honored Janet Wolf for her years of service as Executive Director at its February meeting. Janet pictured flanked by President Vicki Thayer and Past President Betty White.

Winn Feline Foundation has wanted to streamline its online donation system, and has finally launched a new system as of March 1st. It is designed to increase operational efficiency, communicate more effectively with loyal supporters, and expand Winn's reach to build awareness of the important work that your donations make possible every day. This new system makes it easier to donate and will require less manual support on the back-end, saving time and money. Check out the Winn website, clicking on "Donate Now." We want to know what you think, so please tell us at

And, Winn has endorsed Hank the Cat for Senate Campaign. We need this guy!

Agility 2012

Submitted by Jill Archibald

CFA Feline Agility Coordinator, Scorer


What an incredible season the CFA Feline Agility competition has been so far!!


Amazing cats of all types and sizes exploring the agility ring encouraged by owners, handlers, and row on row of spectators! It takes a special bond, understanding, and trust of each other for a cat and a human to accomplish the feat of completing the agility course together. Stairs, 4 jumps, two tunnels, two hoops and weaving poles arranged in a circle within a huge 20 by 30 foot cage, navigated cautiously at first, until the team can move through the course, at speed. It is quite an accomplishment and nearly impossible, or at least against all odds, that this can be done by the average person with the average cat who have developed this ability to work together to complete this exciting, fun, and challenging activity!  Read more ...


Check out the current standings!




Financial Assistance Available


Dr. Elsey's LogoThat's right, CFA's Feline Agility is sponsored by Dr. Elsey's.  Clubs can get financial help to cover the cost to have Agility including ring setup, Ringmaster, and steward.  Just contact Jill Archibald for the details. If you plan to have Agility at your show, be sure to let Kristi at the CFA Central Office know.

Cat Talk


June Cover Contest

Feb. 2012 CoverThe Cat Talk staff had so much trouble picking a cover from your entries for the April issue that we decided to have a special contest for the June issue as well. This time YOU vote! We've chosen 5 pictures - an American Shorthair, Birman, Maine Coon, Siamese, and Somali - and we want you to pick your favorite. Anyone can vote, so please share this link with your family, kitten buyers, email lists, facebook friends, anybody
and everybody! One vote per person. Voting starts now and closes at midnight on March 30th. So spread the word, share the link, and vote now:


In case you missed it, we recently sent an email blast for subscriptions. Cat Talk is CFA's only printed periodical, and we need your support to grow our magazine into something we can market to the general public. Please consider a subscription today! We included pdfs of several articles from prior issues with our recent email-subscription blast so that you can see what you are missing, and you can still access those here.


We apologize for two errors with our February 2012 issue. Page 15 - second highest scoring longhair cat in championship at the National Show was D'Eden Lover Pepito, black & white male Exotic, bred by Gaspard/Stewart, owned by Gaspard/Battesti. Page 18, bottom right -
the photo is of Bruno Picasso with his shaded silver Persian, Lion Blank Too Sexy of Dolceamore.

Judging Schools/Breed Awareness



Save The Dates!!! 


CFA JP Announces Three Judging Schools/Breed Awareness and Orientation Schools for 2012!

  • July 19-21, 2012 - In Somerset, NJ in conjunction with The Garden State Cat Club of New Jersey show. Look for registration information on the CFA website soon!
  • September 23-24, 2012 - in Ilsenburg, Germany in conjunction with the German CatWalk show to be held on September 22, 2012. Note: There will be NO HANDLING at this school as the school is set for SUNDAY and MONDAY following the show. Look for registration information mid-summer!
  • November 15-17, 2012 - In Columbus, OH in conjunction with the CFA National Show. Look for registration information mid-summer!

CFA Yearbook


The 2012 Yearbook is now available.  It's a must-have for every cat fancier.  If you have not purchased one, you can order one online.


Did you grand a cat this show season?  We've got a great deal for you.  Submit your Grand photo to the Yearbook for the regular fee of $15 and submit your Grand photo to Cat Talk magazine for the regular fee of $15 and your Grand photo will be included in the online Breed Profile for a full year FOR FREE !  It can be done online.

Clerking Program

Submitted by Cherly Coleman, Clerking Program Chair



Do you recognize the outstanding clerks in your region? Well, you should! Many Regional Award banquets give a special award to "Regional Clerk of the Year". This is to thank clerks who have maintained their clerking status, go beyond the 'call of duty' as a clerk, are highly regarded by judges, and many other items that make them special! Last year, the Southern Region gave out their first "Clerk of the Year" award. Regions such as the North Atlantic and Great Lakes have been doing this for years!! I think this is a great way to thank those hard-working clerks!

If you DON'T already award this, and you'd like to start recognizing clerks in YOUR region, please contact me, and I can put you in touch with the Regional contacts as to their criteria for selecting the clerks for this award.


CFA Website

Submitted by Kathy Durdick, Webmistress



wwwThe CFA site search function has been changed to use a Google custom search engine, so you should see MUCH improved results when searching for items.

  • Search results are now returned with both the page title, and a snippet of the page containing your search terms, so you can more easily see which of the results will actually give you the information for which you were
  • PDF documents are now able to be searched, and will be returned in the result list (this includes all the Board Meeting minutes, breed standards, forms, etc)
  • Results from all the CFA associated websites will be included in the search as well, such as the agility site, the catalog site, the CFA Foundation site, etc.


The agility site has a brand-new look!  Please stop by for a visit at

CFA Disaster Relief Fund

Submitted by Jan Rogers


The Austin Pets Alive group after the fires in Texas last September


This newsletter is quite timely, as it has been a year since the horrific Japanese earthquake and tsunami. The unbelievable devastation was far reaching and hard for us so far away to understand. The CFA Disaster Relief Fund was in touch with the people in Japan, and through the contacts with the regional director and others, a donation of $5000.00 was made to the Japanese Veterinary Association who was coordinating the distribution of funds for the people and organizations most in need. Our deepest thanks go to the three "Best" National Winners from last year, coordinated by Donna Isenberg, whose generous donation of $3000.00 to the fund has gone a long way. There was a genuine outpouring of well wishes and monetary donations from various clubs and individuals. Thank you especially to National Birman Fanciers, and several of their members who also donated funds for this effort.  Read more ...

Youth Feline Education Program

Submitted by Kathy Dunham


Our First Season


 We have a number of young people enrolled and involved in all sort of activities all aimed at gaining scholarship money for their future.  The YFEP is divided into three different elements, Education, Community Service, and Care/Presentation of their beloved feline.  All of the elements are geared toward providing our students a well-rounded education in ownership, care and value of feline ownership.  Our students will study the basics of cat care and grooming and hopefully, successfully enter and show their cats at CFA shows.  Beside this basic showmanship and feline care, our young people are expected to participate in community service activities, such as volunteering at no-kill shelters and working with people looking to learn about basic feline care and ownership.  Our youngsters are encouraged to do reading and they have the opportunity to work with crafts and art projects.  Read more ...

CFA Foundation


 Check out the March issue of the Feline Historical  Museum's great Newsletter

What's HotLegislation

by Joan Miller, CFA Legislative Information Liaison



"Guardian" law in Maryland has failed - VICTORY !!


Maryland has become a hotbed for county ordinances that have serious implications for cat owners, breeders and cats. We fear the trend may be moving to the state level. The CFA Legislative Group has been tracking 12 Maryland bills in 2012. With an extremely short legislative session, Maryland bills move fast and pass; or they fail, but sometimes come up the next year.


We were thrilled that House Bill 912 received an "unfavorable Report" from the House Committee on Environmental Matters after the hearing on March 1st. The Senate will take no action; and the State website has marked the bill as "failed". Reports we've received are that this one may be "dead" for good. Read more ...


iPhone App



Yep, there is an App for CFA cats. It's just $1.99 from Apple's App Store. Check it out.


Here is how it is described on the Apple website: "Introducing CFA Cat Breeds, the official application of the Cat Fanciers' Association. Whether you are a true cat fancier, or you fancy from afar, this application is the best way to enjoy your favourite breeds and learn about new ones, all in the palm of your hand."


Regional News 


Region 2


Mentoring Committee Chair - NWR

Please welcome Diana Nelson to the position of Mentoring Committee Chair for the Northwest Region. While Diana accepted the chair only very recently, she has made her first "match" and is very excited about her new role in the region. If you are willing to mentor or needing a mentor please contact Diana at And, please say "thanks" the next time you see Diana! This is a labor intensive job and Diana is ready to do it! Also, a giant thank you to our former Mentoring Committee Chair, Sheryl Fann. She did an excellent job in the position and while we are very happy to see Diana come forward, we are sorry that Sheryl is no longer able to continue in this role. Sheryl did an excellent job in this role and Diana will start her tenture with the excellent work by Sheryl to develop upon.


2013 Annual Pins

To carry out the long tradition of Annual pins, the NWR Annual Committee has released the design of the 2013 Annual pin for sale in the region. National sales will begin at the 2012 Annual in Quincy, MA. Regional Director Ginger Meeker will have the pins for sale at the upcoming shows. The cost is $20 and all proceeds go to the funding of the 2013 Annual to be hosted by Region 2 in Vancouver, WA. In conjunction with the initial pin sales, R-2 will be holding a contest to "Name the Mascot". Name suggestions are to be sent to Ginger. Final date for submitting a name will be March 31, 2012. Those suggestions will be compiled and sent to the Annual Committee for final choice. 
More ...

Each year Call of the Wild Cat Club presents the Marguerite Martin trophy to the highest scoring BSH in show and has been a tradition for many years. This year, the award was presented by club president, Kathleen Lawton (left), to GC,RW Castlkatz Grawp of Mugglecats, owner (right) Lisa Lee Jones-Garner, a new breeder/exhibitor in Region 2.

Nominations for the 2012 Exhibitor of the Year Award (Spotlight Award) will be closing on April 1 (no foolin'). Criteria for nomination and on-line nomination forms can be located on the Region 2 website. Please nominate your choice for this award and help us recognize many of our superb fanciers in the NWR

The Region 2 2012 Regional Awards Show and Banquet will be held at the Vancouver, WA Hilton on June 2 and 3. This is the same venue in which we will be hosting the 2013 CFA Annual and this is a perfect opportunity to "test" all the facilities. All our welcome to join us as we
celebrate! Information on the show and flyer are on the NW website.

We will also again this year offer the opportunity for you to sponsor the trophies and rosettes for your favorite winning cat(s) in the region ... Kittens/Championship/Premiership/Agility/Veterans/HHP, breed and color. That information will also be on the website a bit later this month. Placement may change but you should have a general idea soon. For the past few years we have had 100% sponsorship and we're hoping for that again this year. THANK you to all for your on-going generosity and support for our region.
I'd also like to take this opportunity to wish BETTY DENNY a wonderful 93rd birthday in March. She continues to amaze us with her vitality and function in the region. that's just wonderful!!!

Region 4


Teresa Signore SweeneyThe Great Lakes Region is proud to congratulate Teresa Sweeney on her advancement to Longhair Apprentice Judge.


Please plan to join us the second weekend in June, in Canton, Ohio for the Great Lakes Regional Show and Awards Dinner and banquet. The show and banquet will be held June 9-10 at the Canton Memorial Civic Center, in Canton, Ohio. Our banquet is formal to semiformal, with a gathering serving hot appetizers and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, followed by a great dinner and delightful program - all at a low price. Please check our website for information for the weekend.   Come early or stay late and travel the short distance to Alliance, Ohio to visit the new CFA Office and then see the lovely exhibits at the Feline Historical Museum. We will show you a GREAT time.


Speedy recovery wishes to Jim Flanik, from Northfield, Ohio who has been at many of our shows exhibiting his lovely Ragdoll, Enzo. Jim & Enzo survived a very serious automobile accident a few weeks ago while returning from a show in eastern Pennsylvania. Jim spent a week in the hospital and Enzo, after spending the night in the care of the Pennsylvania Turnpike personnel, continued his adventure with a visit to Joel & Camelle Chaney's home. Joel & Camelle drive to pick up, and to return Enzo, made sure Enzo was examined by a vet and stopped at the hospital to visit Jim.


Aren't cat fanciers great? Cat fanciers are caring, generous people who seem always ready to help when needed.

Region 7


A common sight at many shows is Lisa-Maria Padilla with one of her blue Abys on a leash, wandering the showhall greeting spectators, and doing their famous "roll" for a piece of dried chicken.  Check out the short video below (courtesy of MaryK).


 Click to View


Submitted by Gaby Lueppens


People coming from all over Europe, this is a large area, and most countries in Europe have show producing clubs.


In this season there were shows in Germany, Netherland, Belgium, Austria, Italy, France, Finland, Spain, Suisse, Sweden, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia and Malta.

Not often there are 2 CFA shows at the same weekend, so cat breeders from all over Europe showing their cats, come to the same shows and make every show weekend a multicultural event always showing the most beautiful cats together in a high competition.

Nearly 2 shows in each country during the season means travelling a lot for all exhibitors, some of them coming by plane, but most traveling by car through Europe .That means usually driving 10-15 hours through different countries with different laws, speed limits,tollsand many other adventures... to reach the show halls.  Read More ...

Corporate Affiliate News

P&G Pet Care Disaster Announces Relief Efforts for the Recent Tornadoes in the Midwest

P&G Pet Care is donating 15 tons of pet food to the Tri-State County Animal Response Team (C.A.R.T.) to assist with the relief efforts of the displaced animals from recent tornadoes. This donation consists of Innova, Iams, and Eukanuba dog and cat food products.

We thank P&G for acting on behalf of the animals and their owners who are traumatized beyond our capability to understand. We encourage the support of P&G's Disaster Assistance and ask that anyone who is able, continue to donate to CFA's Disaster Relief program as well as donating what they can to our BAP Food Bank, as we never know when we'll be the next victim of nature's wrath. Let's help each other, by helping the next person or animal in need.


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