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Feb. 24 - Aby Breed Council ballot due at Central Office  


Feb. 29 - Photos of Breed Winners from the National Show for Cat Talk


March 15 - Deadline for declaring for CFA Officer or Regional Director 


The Way We Were


~~ 20 Years Ago  ~~


'92 Cat of the Year

Accepting Cat of the Year




Barbara Sumner
Barbara Sumner


Gary Veach
Gary Veach




~~ 30 Years Ago ~~


Larry Adkison
Larry Adkison


Stan Barnaby
Stan Barnaby


Loretta Baugh
Loretta Baugh
Cleveland Snow

Cleveland Persian Society

Jan. 21st

Central Office 


Coffee CupAs we get our coffee our day begins here in Central Office  


Central Office was honored to have the February Board meeting here in Alliance. We hope that our Board of Directors and visitors enjoyed their stay and that they were pleased with Central Office and the Museum. We are very proud of our wonderful building. It was a definite pleasure for us to have everyone here.


Donna Jean and I are continuing to educate the community about CFA. At the end of January we were invited to the Alliance Rotary Club where we were very well received. Donna Jean did a wonderful presentation as always.


Delegate packets will be mailed out on March 5, 2012, so please keep an eye out for them to arrive. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.


We are still making adjustments to improve our efficiency and we are seeing improvements with each passing day.   Registration is working diligently on quality control and we have made a few adjustments in the registration via pedigree area. We are very optimistic that these adjustments will help us with the efficiency of that department. We do apologize and acknowledge that right now we have a back log, but we have placed our focus in that area and are striving to make a change in that very shortly. We ask for your patience while we accomplish this task.


Registration does have a request. Will you please provide an email address and/or phone number when sending in your paperwork? This would help us to speed up any delay that may arise.


Kristi Wollam is now handling show licensing, clubs and breed council, she is off to a great start and I am confident she will do well. Please give her a warm welcome in regards to her new tasks.


I would like to take a moment and thank all of you for all of your help and guidance; your experiences help us to see the other side of what we do.


Until next month............

Verna M. Dobbins

National Show


National Show LogoThe show committee is already hard at work on the 2012 show.  It's scheduled for November 17-18 at the convention center in Columbus, Ohio.  This is a wonderful facility and our hall is one large room with only four columns in the entire space which is quite a contrast to our hall in 2011.   


The show manager is Tom Baugh.  If you are interested in working on the show or have questions, contact Tom at TLBaugh@live.com.


The show will be scored. The format will be 6-Allbreed and 4-Specialty rings for Championship and Premiership and 10-Specialty rings for Kittens.  Limit of 500 entries. HHPs are welcome. 


Each of CFA's nine Regions will select one judge, based on a vote of the clubs within that Region.  The show committee will select the 10th judge.  Voting wil take place in March.  Once the selections are made, the show committee will determine which judges will be assigned to Allbreed rings.


Entries will not be accepted until 12:01 AM Eastern time on September 10th.  Entries will only be accepted online or by FAX. No entries via USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.


Stay tuned for more information.


Show Rule Changes Effective Immediately


Show RulesAt the February, 2012, Board Meeting several Show Rules were revised.  These affect scoring cats with either a missing number or an incorrect number.  They go into effect immediately. 


One of the new rules is being referred to as "amnesty."  There were delays in obtaining registration numbers for kittens around the time of the Central Office's move from New Jersey to Ohio.  Kittens shown between June 30, 2011 through September 30, 2011 will be scored regardless of whether a registration number was issued or in the show catalog, upon payment of a $25 fee. Deadline for application of these points is March 5, 2012.  If you want to apply for points, send an email to Shirley Dent with the name of the cat and its registration number, the name and date of the show(s), entry number, and a credit card number to pay the $25 fee.


The Board also revised two Show Rules dealing with registration numbers.  Here are the amended Show Rules. Please note that if you want to obtain credit for points earned at a show earlier this season, before the rules were revised, you have until March 5, 2012, to apply.  Send Shirley Dent an email with your cat's name and registration number, the name and date of the show, and a credit card number to pay the $50 fee.  Please note this will be considered only if a correctly completed registration application for the cat in question was received in the Central Office no later than 21 days prior to the opening day of the show in question.



The official website for the 2012 CFA Annual is now up and running. Please visit the website and sign up for the Annual Blog. It will keep you informed as new information is added. 







2012 Annual 

CFA's Top Ten Breeds


(Based on registrations from Jan.1, 2011 through Dec. 31, 2011)


  1. PersianPersian
  2. Exotic
  3. Maine Coon Cat
  4. Ragdoll
  5. Sphynx
  6. Siamese
  7. Abyssinian
  8. American Shorthair
  9. Cornish Rex
  10. Oriental 


Exotic  Maine Coon 

Cat Talk


The February issue of Cat Talk features a photo spread from the National Show. We'll include more photos in the April issue. We'd like to thank Doug Bolton for contributing so many gorgeous candid shots, like the one of the adorable Bombay ambassador cat included here.

Photo by Doug Bolton
Doug did a great job capturing the essence of the National Show, and we know many of you take photos at shows. If you have candid photos of your cats at home or from shows that you would like us to consider for print, please send them in. Photos must be hi-res and of good quality (focus, lighting, etc.), but you can submit low-res versions and we will contact you for the size & dpi of the photo we want to use. Send candids for our consideration to
mdsiamese@yahoo.com. We are particularly interested in birthing photos for an upcoming article. Cats being born, cats just born, anything to illustrate birthing those babies!

For the April issue, we plan to include photos of some of the breed winners from the National Show. If your cat was a Layoutbreed winner and you have a professional photo, please submit it to mdsiamese@yahoo.com. Photos must be 300 dpi, at least 2" x 3". Please include the name of your cat and the breed/division. We will include those that we can fit on a first come first in basis. Deadline for submission is February 29th - Leap Day!

CFA Yearbook


2012 Yearbook CoverThe 2012 Yearbook is now available.  It is CFA's chronicle of the 2010-2011 show season. We have returned to a hard cover but kept the graphics.  This year's cover art was provided by Jamie Perry who is a favorite among cat fanciers.  The book contains photos of the National Winners, many of the Regional winners, and has numerous ads with gorgeous, professional photos.  You can purchase this keepsake from the CFA website.


We are already at work on the 2013 Yearbook.  This year, for the first time, we are offering a special offer for your Grand photos.  Submit your grand photo to both the Yearbook and Cat Talk, for the regular fee of $15 per publication, and you will get your cat's photo added to the online breed profile for one year for free!  Be sure to take advantage of this special offer and let the world see your wonderful Grands.  Watch your mailbox for your special notification.

Monte's Predictions


NumbersWe've arrived at the end of January - three-quarters of the way through the show season. While the analysis for the top of the standings is provided, most interest is where will the bottom be for the top 25 in championship, kittens, and premiership. I'll go over each competitive category's year-end requirements and compare them to what I thought a month ago at the 2/3 point. These are still semi-accurate predictions, I won't really have the "good" predictions until we get to the predictor program's calculations of individual final scores for each competing cat that I track, and then it will tell me their placements, and hence, the top 25. Those results won't be out until mid-March. However, at this point, we're down to about plus or minus 5 percent error.  Read more.

CFA Foundation


CFAF LogoWe come across some interesting things in our research of the cat fancy! For example, the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center in Fremont, Ohio, has an original letter which documents the sending of the first Siamese to the USA in 1878. The cat, sent to Mrs. Hayes as a gift by a US diplomat in Thailand, is described in the letter as "one of the finest specimens of Siamese cats that I have been able to procure in this country."




Photo by MaryK
CFA President Hamza visiting the Maneki Neko exhibit in the CFAF Museum
(Photo by MaryK)

NewBee Program  



by Teresa Keiger
CFA NewBee Chair


NewBee LogoThe CFA NewBee Program (www.cfanewbee.org) continues to be a fun place for new exhibitors to navigate the waters of the cat fancy. We continue to attract several new members each week. Many of our group who we in the program from its inception are now seasoned exhibitors mentoring fledgling exhibitors themselves!
What the one thing that the NewBee Program needs is promotion because most new exhibitors aren't going to find us on their own. Show catalogs should be receiving an ad for the program (and if not, they're easily downloaded from www.cfanewbee.org/resources). For clubs and groups - why not download a banner and put it on your website?
If you'll just send new exhibitors to us, we'll get them hooked!


Staff Contacts


Need to know who does what at the CFA Central Office and their email address or phone number?  Here is a listing that should be helpful. 





Be sure to visit CFA's Facebook page.





Winn Feline Foundation


Submitted by Betty White


Steve Dale & Roxy
Steve Dale & Roxy

Do you want to know the most common pet behavior complaints, or what solutions might be out there for that particular one and a host of others?Steve Dale has the data, after more than 17 years answering readers' questions in his Tribune Media Services newspaper column.Tribune, his syndicator, suggested that he write two ebooks based on that data."Good Cat!" and "Good Dog!" are available online wherever ebooks are sold, including Amazon.com, for a whopping $2.99 each.For more information about these two books and a further informative publication, check out the Winn website, www.winnfelinehealth.org, where you can also subscribe to the Winn enewsletter. 


Call of the Wild


by Kathleen Lawton
Show publicity/Secretary


GaryP at COTWOur two day feline extravaganza ended on a wonderful emotional
note, as young breeder Lisa Jones Garner, from Portland, was awarded this year's Marguerite Martin Memorial Pye Purr Award for Best British Shorthair for her superlative blue boy, GRC Castlcatz Grawp of Mugglecats. Over the years, this award has been given to breeders in
Northern and Southern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas and Hong Kong. It's a particular pleasure to see the award go to a young breeder who will have a future to help carry on the beautiful tradition of British Shorthairs.  Read more.


America NowAmerica Now


Check out this show on a local cable network.  They are scheduled to air the Top 3 Cat Breeds on 3/01/12 during the 2nd half-hour. If the show doesn't air in your town you can always watch the segment via

Spotlight on Websites


SpotlightCheck out the new site for CFA's Youth Feline Education Program.  The program was created for youth between the ages of 8 and 17.  The program is designed to allow youth to enjoy the cat fancy and excel at their own pace through the activities and age categories while enhancing their appreciation for felines and feline inspired professions. 




They are also on Facebook!

What's HotLegislation


 by Joan Miller, CFA Legislative Information Liaison




"BUMPY SURF" in Hawaii...........SB 2504 passed out of committee



Hawaii has a short legislative session. Bills tend to be reintroduced each year if they do not pass. Often nothing happens, but this year things are different. The cat/dog fancys and pet stores in Hawaii are facing over two dozen anti-pet seller proposals. Several are moving through committees with little consideration for the strong opposition.


SB 2504 is an example of the most onerous State mandatory spay/neuter bill ever proposed in the U.S. The bill, as introduced, required every seller of cats and dogs to microchip and sterilize all kittens and puppies prior to sale or transfer. Lobbysts representng HSUS and the Hawaiian Humane Society have joined forces and both organizations have influenced the author of SB 2504, Senator Clayton Hee.  Read more.



Steel City Kitties

Steel City Kitties' Snowy 1st Show

Feb. 11-12, 2012

Regional News 


Region 1


NAR LogoThis year's NAR Regional Awards Show and Banquet will be held Saturday, June 2nd, at the Sheraton in Stamford, CT. It will be a one-day, 6 ring show. More details will be coming soon.

Two years ago, we gave out the first annual Clerk of the Year award. This year, in memory of long time CFA and Region 1 clerk, Lois Wiltberger, the award will be renamed in her honor. A rotating plaque will be given out and the name of the year's recipient added each year. Region 1 Exhibitors, please send in your nominations for this award. Nominations should be sent to our Regional Secretary, Geri Fellerman.

It's also time to think about nominations for the 2012 SPOTLIGHT Award. This award goes yearly to an exhibitor who has given a lot of time and energy to helping Region 1 and CFA shine. Nominations for this award should be sent to Geri Fellerman as well.

Region 2


Puget SoundOur 6x6 show, Puget Sound/Fancy That Cat Clubs on April 14 & 15 will be offering a HHP recording service. The clubs will have a recording table complete with information and a computer with printer. The exhibitors that didn't get a free number at OCI will have a chance to record their Household Pets and spectators to the show will also be offered the service. This service will be featured in the clubs' advertising so people can come prepared with a picture of their HHP and the needed information to complete the recording. "We haven't worked out all the details but there will be drawings and prizes" states Terri Zittel, show EC. This endeavor is being headed by Meghan Noecker and Carroll Muck. Meghan has some wonderful information on showing HHPs and other cats. The members of Puget Sound and Fancy That Cat Clubs are very excited to be offering this service at our show. These clubs will again be promoting the PetMe cats. This aspect of the cat show has become incredibly popular with the spectators.


Also to be awarded at the Call of the Wild Show in Santa Rosa, CA, the Marguerite Martin awawrd for the best BSH in show. This award has been presented for many years now and it is truy coveted by those of us breeding and showing BSH! 

Earlier this season, a committee was put in place to look at the
Veterans class recognition awards and come up with recommendations to the region. Those recommendations are currently up on the R-2 website and created a minimim of 150 points over the course of the season.  Read more.



Region 3


Marsha Ammons sends this interesting tale ...


Cleburne Conference CenterWhen looking for an affordable show hall venue, think outside the box - a little further outside the box! Fort Worth Cat Club and Ozark Cat Fanciers had decided to do a 6X6 show in January 2012. However, the venue we had used for several years was unavailable for 2012. As a veteran show manager and show treasurer, I knew all too well the scarcity of animal-friendly, affordable halls in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Our show date also falls during the Fort Worth Stock Show, so we have to steer clear of the immediate Fort Worth area.  Read more.

Region 4


Canada FlagThe 2015 Annual Meeting Chairs, Rosina & Jim McGlynn, accompanied President Jerry Hamza, Lisa Smith, Ed & Jodell Raymond, Rich & Lisa Mastin and Tom & Loretta Baugh on a visit to the Sheraton Centre Toronto, site of the 2015 CFA Annual meeting. The hotel is situated in downtown Toronto, across from the Eaton Centre and within easy walking of a myriad choice of restaurants, attractions, theater, sporting events and night life. The hospitality at the hotel was outstanding and the banquet and meeting rooms will be open and spacious. The hotel sits atop a massive underground shopping center with many shops and restaurants.


Due to the fact that Toronto is host to the 2015 Pan Am games in June, the CFA annual will be held the first weekend in July. The event will span Canada Day (July 1) through the July 4th weekend. The city will be 'decked out' from the games AND the holiday and will be a festive and entertaining place. The Annual meeting is scheduled for July 3 with the Awards Banquet on July 4th. We have a secured, guaranteed rate of $121.00 per night from Tuesday, June 30 through Monday July 6, 2015. So - PLAN AHEAD - come to Toronto for a fun-filled time, at a truly incredible summer season rate. There is SO much to do you will struggle to find time to see or do it all. Toronto is one of the best rated cities in the world.


Don't want to get a passport? Passport cards are half the cost, are good for ten years (just like a passport), wallet sized, and can be used to enter the United States from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda at land border crossings or sea ports-of-entry. The passport card cannot be used for international air travel. Air travel from the US to/from Canada is considered international travel. The passport card may only be used for land and sea border entry points.


Delegates will find great fares to Toronto and we are anticipating a great turnout from Regions 8 & 9, as well as the International Division.


Plan to join us - get those passports or passport cards and come experience Great Lakes Region Hospitality.

Region 5


San Diego Cat FanciersThe San Diego Cat Fanciers held their annual show, Food and Water Bowl XX, January 28-29 in Del Mar. This show, the largest west of the Mississippi, was again a great spectacle for CFA, with over 340 entries, dozens of vendors, and of course the best cats CFA has to offer. The CFA Ambassador program was also out in full force, with CFA-Iams Ambassador Cats, Pet Me Cats, and showhall tours guided by Ambassadors. The club also put on its traditional Education Ring, headed by Joan Miller, with talks given by several CFA fanciers and judges.

SDCF has a long history of working with local shelters and rescues, and this year's show was no exception. At least 19 cats found their forever homes at this show. They also continued their tradition of a strong HHP class, with 51 entered. At the end of the show, the Best of the Best HHP award was earned by Phoebe, a dilute calico who went to her first show just five months ago. 

Region 7


Welcome to TampaThe Southern Region's annual awards event is being held the weekend of June 23-24, 2012 at the convention center in Tampa, Florida.  Laura Gregory worked out the logistics for us (Thanks, Laura!).  There will be a 2-day show plus the awards banquet on Saturday night. Stay tuned for more details. If you can help with the show, contact Laura.  If you can assist with the awards ceremony by helping with the awards booklet, helping hand out the awards off-stage, or in any other way, contact Teresa Keiger


Corporate Affiliate News

Sturdi Products


Sturdi ProductsDebuting The Incognito Pet Carrier and Celebrating 20 years - Along With Award Winning Lisa-Maria Padilla and Her Cat Twyla, at Global Pet Expo February 29-March 2, 2012.  Read the Press Release.

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