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Mouse with Cake



 The first issue of this newsletter was sent out one year ago - January 2011. We have issued a newsletter each month since then.  Thanks to all who subscribed and to those who provided content & feedback. Thanks also to Sophia Staples for our new Header graphic and to Kelly Conger for our new Footer graphic.

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Upcoming Deadlines



February 1, 2012 - Club fees & membership list must be received in CO by this date for a club to be eligible to vote for CFA Officers and Regional Directors


February 1, 2012- April issue of Cat Talk cover contest, Grandstand, HHP Parade, and ads


March 15, 2012 - Deadline for declaring for CFA Officer or Regional Director.


Grand Cake


The photo above is of a grand cake for a black Persian Grand Premier who granded in one show in Nashville this past New Year's week-end. He and his sister are the first show cats for their owners, Marlene & Darlene Knight. Their niece did the sculpture based on a kitten photo. His name is Cacao Aidan. It's a pretty awesome grand cake

CFA Dues 


Dues R DueClub dues for 2012 ($120) are now due.  Membership Lists must also be submitted in order for clubs to be considered to be in good standing. Dues can be paid online and membership lists can be submitted by the club secretary by via FAX (330-680-4633) or the club secretary can email the list to Verna Dobbins.  Check here to see if your clubs is in good standing.  If you believe your club is in good standing and it's not listed, contact Verna Dobbins to get it straightened out. Some clubs believe that since they have a show licensed in 2012, their club is current.  Not necessarily so.  To license a show in 2012 the club dues must have been paid prior to licensing the show; however, the club's membership list may be outdated.  If your club did not submit a new membership list either in December, 2011, or this month, it is not considered to be in good standing.


Please note that addresses are updated for officers of clubs from membership lists and if the club sends in the info incorrectly our database is updated incorrectly.  Take a few seconds to review the membership list before you send it in to make sure it's correct.  A simple typo or old address could cause your club to miss an important piece of mail or email from CFA.


In order for a club to be eligible to vote for CFA Officers and Regional Director this Spring, dues and membership lists must be received in the CFA Central Office by February 1, 2012.

2012 Elections


Election 2012This year CFA clubs vote for CFA Officers and Regional Director for a two-year term, June 2012 through June 2014.  The deadline for declaring is March 15, 2012.  Declarations have already been received for some of these positions.  Check online to see who has already declared.


From the Director of Operations


Director of Operations


Breeders & Exhibitors: We have solved our problem with AOL and delivering your registration attachments. Keep in mind it may take as long as ten Business days upon receipt to complete your work. If that two week time frame has passed, check your spam filter and let us know if the work was sent as spam.


Club Secretaries: If you are an AOL subscriber and submitted your Club Membership List as an AOL Attachment prior to January 1st, please resubmit it at this time. We may have had a problem. 


We are aware of problems with the contents of the show packages and have addressed the issues. January, February and many of the March show boxes have been sent. Please check the contents upon arrival and let us know of missing items. Brian Buetel prepares the packages and may be reached via email at bbuetel@cfa.org.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation and assistance.



Donna Jean Thompson









We at CO hope that everyone had a very happy holiday season! We are back to work and eager to start the New Year.


We are still working every day to improve in all areas of operation. Included with this newsletter are registration tips and processes to help with any questions you may have. However, still feel free to call us with questions at any time.

This time of year brings many deadlines, the first of which is club dues and membership lists. These must be received in CO by February 1, 2012 for your club to be considered in good standing. As of the writing of this newsletter the list of clubs in good standing on the website is current with all RECEIVED by January 3, 2012. On January 16, 2012 the list will be updated with all RECEIVED by January 13, 2012.


Breed Council membership are now starting to be received also. Please note that the lists on our website have been cleared, new membership lists will start to appear as we enter them. Also, the link to renew is available on line for your convenience.


We will be posting to the website a new "BE ON THE LOOKOUT" a document we are sure you are all very familiar with. This will help all of us remember the time frames that guide CO.


That is it for now; we will continue to keep you up to date by way of this newsletter and please do not hesitate to contact us if we can assist in any way.


Thank you,

Verna M. Dobbins




On-Line Cat Registration

Prior to submission, be sure to verify that your information is correct as once you have submitted your registration it is considered "in process." Once you submit your information, you will receive an auto reply message. Please do not reply to that message.   If you have questions, please send your question to either Jmendenhall@cfa.org or tambrose@cfa.org. It is helpful if you include your order number and cattery number in your communication. Please Note: Central Office will need at least ten business days to process your order. Your certificates will be emailed and not mailed via the US Postal Service. Should you leave the email address blank you will receive a certificate by US Postal Service, please allow for delivery time.


On Line Litter Registration

Prior to submission, be sure to verify that your information is correct as once you have submitted your registration, it is considered "in process." You will receive an auto reply message. Please do not reply to that message.   If you have questions, please send your question to Jmendenhall@cfa.org or tambrose@cfa.org. It is helpful if you include your order number and cattery number in your communication. When you register a litter online, we do not mail blue or yellow slips to you.  Instead, they are created as PDF documents which you can print yourself.   You will need to go to (http://secure.cfa.org/) to download and print. To print, click on the appropriate document icon to download the PDF file(s) to your computer using Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you do not have this program on your computer, you can download it FREE at http://www.Adobe.com.


Pending Registration

If your litter registration has been longer than ten days and you see that your on line registration is still "Pending," it may be that we need owner of sire confirmation. Once we receive the pertinent information including cat name, registration number and date of birth from the sire's owner via email, we will release the litter registration certificate.


Cat/Litter Registration Fax/Mail

With fax and U.S. Mail registrations, you can receive your cat registration by email if you include your email address on the application, otherwise, your certificate will be mailed after ten business days. Litter registrations cannot be emailed. Prior to submission, be sure to verify that your information is correct because once you have submitted your registration it is considered "in process." If you have questions, please send your question to Jmendenhall@cfa.org or tambrose@cfa.org. It is helpful if you include your cattery number.


Please feel free to call CFA at 330-680-4070. We would be glad to assist!  

Registration Reminders


Exclamation Point GreBelow are a few Registration Reminders to ensure that your registration is processed quickly:

  1. Please take your time and fill out the paperwork in its entirety and preferably in one communication. If you forget something or send information on a piece meal basis, it will definitely slow things down.
  2. Please make sure your method of payment is valid. Our staff wastes a lot of time chasing payments. This includes making sure you are using a valid card and all the numbers, expiration dates and codes are correct.
  3. Please write legibly. Your friends and loved ones may be used to the way you write.   But note, our staff needs clear letters and numbers.
  4. Please do not call us asking what color your cat is. You can describe it over the phone and even e-mail photos but our guess won't be any better than yours. (By the way, some of the photos are too funny. Maybe we can put them in an issue of Cat Talk and see if you could guess!)
  5. THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT. PLEASE INCLUDE COMPLETE CONTACT INFORMATION. We get so many registration requests without an e-mail address or phone number. In fact, both email and phone number would be helpful. Most of the time, answering questions is easier; it is finding the contact information that is time consuming for our staff. If you have a question about your registration, it is better to call than email.
  6. Please allow ten business days for regular processing. If you have sent your registration in for more than ten business days and have not heard anything, you can assume that something is probably amiss. Please send Donna Jean Thompson an e-mail at dthompson@cfa.org and copy Jerry Hamza at jjhamza@yahoo.com.  Please include your contact information and as much other PERTINRENT INFORMATION as possible.
  7. For on-line registrations, please do not respond back to the auto-reply, use registration@cfa.org if you have an inquiry.
  8. For aol users, we were having a problem with incoming and outgoing email, we have been in contact with aol and believe the problem has been fixed.


Foreign Registrations Checklist

  1. Please type or print your application for Central Office to ensure accuracy
  2. Completely fill out Sections A, B and C for a litter application
  3. Include cattery number, Section C
  4. Include Signature, Section B & C
  5. Include Email address, Section C
  6. Brokers: Please make sure everything is filled out completely prior to sending
  7. Allow 3 weeks for overseas mail


Our Numbers Nerd's Predictions

Monte says ...

NumbersWe've arrived at the end of December - two-thirds of the way through the show season. While the analysis for the top of the standings is provided, most interest is where will the bottom be for the top 25 in championship, kittens, and premiership. First, lets analyze the impact of the National Show on standings overall. Then we'll go over each competitive category's potential year-end requirements. Since this is based on only 2/3 of the show season, the predictions are the ones with the most likelihood of error; however, it usually carries an accuracy of plus or minus 10 percent of the final outcome.  More ...

Feline Historical Museum Plans Maneki Neko Exhibit


MN PosterA donation of 160+ "Japanese Welcoming Cats", plus the loan of additional figurines and other related items, will equal one of the largest public displays of Maneki Neko and assorted memorabilia when the CFA Foundation opens the doors on its first Special Collection Exhibit on February 1, 2012.


The Maneki Neko on display will range in size from miniscule to almost three feet in height and are in a number of mediums, colors, decorations, and expressions. All will sport their trademark - the well-known raised paw, whether it be left or right.


What is the meaning of the various colors of Maneki Neko? What is their history? What does the Raised Paw mean? Visit the Maneki Neko Special Collection and learn the answers!


The Maneki Neko Collection will be open at the Feline Historical Museum, 260 East Main Street, Alliance, OH from February 1st until October 31st, 2012. 


Ambassador Program I-Cats Start Their Second Year
Karen Lane Reports 
Mark Rowe
Mark Rowe with his Somali I-Cat

Thanks to P&G Pet Care/Iams for their generous support and loyal commitment, for our CFA Iams Ambassador-Cat Program, also fondly called the I-Cats. The program has now doubled in size and will continue to grow in our second year.


Jaded at National Show
Cheryl Coleman with Jaded
In October 2010, this great program started with twelve active Iams Ambassador-Cats and now we are twenty-four strong, we are continuing to accept new applications. We hope to add an additional twelve I-Cats to our US program, for a total of thirty six; one of our new I-Cats lives in Hawaii. I-Cats are not chosen based on their region of residence but on their devotion to CFA and their commitment to this Iams partnership program. Our goal is to have I-Cats available at all CFA shows and also large Pet Expos in the very near future. Read more ...

Happy Birthday Cat Talk!


Birthday Cat
Photo by Michele Lukic
Cat Talk is one year old in February, and our second year will be even better than our first! We're planning some interesting contests for the cover. Over the next year, we'll be announcing specials for ads, a new blog to keep you up-to-date with the magazine, and more ways to get your cats' photos in print. We're investigating new print shops that will be able to ship directly after printing to cut down on delivery time. We're trying hard to bring you a professional product to make you proud of CFA.

We're having a special Cover Contest for April! Instead of selecting the winner at random, the staff will review all of the photos we have and pick a favorite. If you are a subscriber, you should submit all of the photos you want us to consider. Any photos previously submitted are still in the queue, so send us photos we don't already have. Information on how to submit photos is here:http://www.cfa.org/client/cattalkcontest.aspx . You can submit as many as you want. 


The Grandstand is a special feature that many of you expect and want to see in the magazine. However, participation was down in the February issue. We would really like to have at least a 2-page Grandstand in each issue, but we need your support! Please consider submitting grand photos for the April issue, the deadline is February 1st. Any grand or DM, any year. Directions are here: http://catalog.cfa.org/photos.shtml

It's renewal time! Those of you who started your subscriptions a year ago need to renew to receive the February issue. You can renew both your epoints and Cat Talk subscription here: http://catalog.cfa.org/cattalk-almanac.shtml . To avoid missing February, you should renew by January 15th. If you renew after that date, please be sure to put in the comments that you want your Cat Talk subscription to include February 2012.

Coming up in February:

- Part 2 of Joan Miller's coverage of Spay/Neuter in the US which is part of her discussion of the eleven elements of the No Kill Equation.

- coverage of the National Show, including an interview with show manager Jerry Hamza and many pages of beautiful photos from the show. Doug Bolton and Richard Katris (Chanan) have contributed some great shots.Socks


- February includes Presidents Day, and what better time to read about Cool Cats in the White House, by Cathy Scarbrough.

- Dennis Ganoe writes about the Northwest Region, a region with beautiful cats, beautiful people, and beautiful scenery. This area is a photographer's paradise, and Dennis begins a series telling us why we should all come to the Northwest Region for their great shows. Would you like to write about your home area? We'd love to read it!

Don't miss it! 

2012 Yearbook


The book is at the printer and is expected to be mailed to advertisers and those who purchased a Yearbook during the week of January, 23rd.  If you have not purchased one, you can order one online.

Winn Feline Foundation


Beth AdelmanThe 2011 Winn Media Appreciation Award recipient is cat behaviorist and prolific book editor, Beth Adelman. Beth has supported Winn's mission in many ways, from volunteering at Winn events in answering questions from the public to providing volunteer editorial and writing services for the Foundation. She continues to champion the furthering of cat health research, and also serves as one of the best interpreters of the results of Winn-funded studies to an eager cat-owning public.


Susan Little Book CoverWinn past president, Dr. Susan Little, is the author of a go-to resource for cat breeders, veterinarians, vet students, and anyone interested in the latest information regarding feline health. "The Cat Book" contains anything you might want to know about just about everything to do with cats! At well over 1300 pages, it is an encyclopedic collection of the most recent scientific research with contributors representing the best in feline medicine. The book is available at amazon.com.

CFA Website


wwwWebmistress Kathy Durdick reports on a couple recent changes to the CFA website:

The 2012 link buttons for Cattery of Excellence, Breed Council Members, etc, are available at http://www.cfa.org/client/exblinkbuttons.aspx.

The CFA catalog (http://catalog.cfa.org) has gotten a face lift and now matches the main CFA site.

Point Calculator


Mary Kolencik wrote a web page for calculating your cat's points from a show. This simple tool is streamlined for use on tablets and smartphones, although it will work on any browser that has javascript enabled. You can copy and paste the results from the page to an email or facebook post to share with all of your friends! Try it out at a show soon! http://www.marykats.net/tools/score.html 



The Annual Responsibilities Committee


Man with ListThe Annual Responsibilities Committee is in the process of reviewing all of the documentation regarding the production of an Annual Meeting. As part of that review process, the committee is looking at proposing recommendations and rationale for some areas of responsibility to revert back to Central Office.


In addition, the committee is taking the current Annual Meeting Responsibilities Document which defined and outlined respective areas of responsibility and is creating two separate handbooks which will serve as a step-by-step guide with corresponding worksheets. There will be one guide for the regions and one guide for CO. Past Committee chairs are invited to share any documents they found helpful and/or used in their preparations. Documents can be sent to Jodell Raymond no later than February 28, 2012.


In reviewing budget requirements, the Annual Responsibilities Committee is also recommending an increase in delegate fees from $20 per club, which was voted on in 2004, to $30 per club. The $10 increase will offset the rising costs of producing an event of this scale. Clubs wishing to support this proposed amendment can email Ann Caell by April 10, 2012.

Dr. Elsey's 2012 Support


Dr. Elsey's
Thank you
Dr. Bruce Elsey

Precious Cat Litter Company has expanded their support of CFA programs in 2012.  This includes:

  • An increase in show sponsorship to 35-40 shows. Clubs intested in funding should contact Bob Johnston to explain how they would use the funds.
  • Sponsorship of the delegate luncheon at this year's Annual
  • Premier-level support for the CFA National Cat Show
  • Strong advertising support for CFA's publications and website
  • Ongoing sponsorship for Agility
  • Continued financial support for the Breed Councils


What's HotLegislation

by Sharon A. Coleman, CFA Legislative Legal Analyst 


The National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy -

Transferred to SAWA (Society of Animal Welfare Administrators)


Note:  Sharon Coleman, Attorney, is part of the CFA Legislative Group, with George Eigenhauser and Joan Miller.  She is also an AKC legislative representative for California and President of The Animal Council (TAC).  The TAC website is an outstanding resource for legislative information, reference materials and data useful in understanding legislative issues..  TAC also has a blog and periodic e-Updates.  To subscribe go to the TAC website -   http://theanimalcouncil.org/   This article is printed with permission from Sharon Coleman and TAC from the December 30, 2011 TAC "Update"     

J. Miller


The last member organizations in the National Council:    AAFP, AHA, APPA, ASPCA, AVMA, AVEPM, CFA, HSUS, NACA, SAWA.


NATIONAL COUNCIL ON PET POPULATION, described on our web site as "National Council on Pet Population founded in 1993 consists of animal-related organizations brought together to work on mutual goals regarding homeless pets. National Council studies have been published in peer-reviewed journals and legitimize the field of pet population research, encouraging other scientists to address this issue in their work. The web site now has the studies which debunk some of the myths that have led to ill-conceived legislation and is a must-read to for understanding shelter population issues."  Read more ...



An Engineer's Guide to Cats
An Engineer's Guide to Cats
Two professional engineers illustrate the proper care and practical benefits of cats. None of the cats, humans, or engineers were mistreated in the making of this film. They were however, slightly annoyed.  (Viewed over 5 million times.)

Regional News 


Region 1


In an effort to raise money for the 2012 Annual, the Region has a raffle for 5 prizes:


1) a $500 VISA gift card (donated by Finicky Felines Society)
2) an Exercise bike - valued at around $200 (donated by Helene Schneider-Hester), still in the box.
3) Three beautiful Stained glass pieces, photos to be up on the NAR website soon (hopefully by this weekend), all three handmade and donated by Jane Wright-Nunn. Two of them (all but the one with the red hat) can be customized as to color by the winners.

Tickets are $5 each, 5 for $20, there will be five winners. First name drawn picks first, etc. Drawing will be held the end of February. You can order tickets by mailing Debbie Kusy a check, made out to "North Atlantic Region", to 153 Gay Street, Parkesburg, PA 19365. The tickets will be mailed to the purchasers.
Stained Glass
This is one of the stained glass pieces being raffled

Region 2


One thing I'm very happy to report is the LACK of negative signage in the showhall! In the last few shows attended, The PET ME signs have
replaced the negative "I dont bite...but my owner does" signage. I think our campaign to make the show hall a more spectator friendly venue

is working.

R-2 needs a volunteer to coordinate the Mentor Program for R-2...those wishing to find out more about the position please contact DAL Carol Krzanowski.Special thanks to Sheryl Fann for her hard work in this capacity and I regret she is no longer able to do this for the region. GREAT JOB SHERYL!

Oregon CatsThe Oregon Cat Fanciers, Inc show in February is offering sponsorship for 20 HHP recordings as part of their show promotion. This approach

offers support to HHP participants and supports CFA in a very special way. A giant thank you to OCI for their new ideas to make their show
bigger and better each year!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the hard working show producing clubs that, in spite of the economy, continue to put on high quality, wonderful shows for Region 2. Hats off to each of these groups that work tirelessly to produce shows for our Fanciers to attend.

With our 2013 Annual only about 17 months away, please remember that the region needs your support! Perhaps a raffle at your next show with the proceeds directed to the Annual Fund? Please send your checks to Tammy Roark and earmark the funds for the 2013 annual. Thanks to all who have contributed to this point. Contributers, both clubs and individuals, are acknowledged on the R-2 website so please say THANKS! to the folks that have already contributed and discuss at your next club meeting what you might do to help the region plan a truly memorable event. If you have an idea please direct it the Annual 2013 chair, Pam Moser.  

Region 3


Marge CollierBougalie Rebels Cat Club and Cenla Cat Fanciers held a 6x6 show this past weekend in Alexandria , LA . The show was in remembrance of Marge Collier who was a vital member of the Cenla Cat Fanciers and the GSR. A raffle was held to raise funds for her favorite charity, Cat Haven shelter. Although the shows entries were low, the GSR members and visitors came through as they always do. The raffle brought in $1,025 for Cat Haven in Marge's memory... a beautiful gift from her region and friends...

Region 7


We are looking for nominations for our Region's Exhibitor of the Year. 


NominateNominees can not be a judge nor board member
(past or present) and must be in good standing (can not have current suspension or board actions taken against individual).
Examples of support info for candidates

  • Goes above and beyond in voluntary activities
  • Participates in Ambassador program
  • Volunteers time and skills for CFA activities such as rescue, disaster relief, annual and regional banquet support, education, TNR, fund raising, mentoring new exhibitors.
Nominations can be made by clicking here.

Corporate Affiliate News

How Does Cat Hair Become Matted Fur?

By: Dr. Shelby Neely, DVM



FurminatorThe Basics of Cat Hair


Cat hair consists of 1 to 3 types of hair, plus the distinctive whiskers, which are also hairs. A brief review:


   - Guard hairs, also known as primary hairs, are the

   longer stiffer hairs that usually determine the basic

   color of your cat.


   - Undercoat, also known as secondary hairs, are the

   fluffier softer hair that keeps the cat warm. It's also

   known as down. This is the layer that is shed the most

   and will most easily mat. This is the layer of hair that is

   the source of cat hairballs because they ingest this as

   they groom themselves.


   - Awn are the finer hairs that usually form the basic coat

   of the cat.


   - And then, of course, there are the whiskers. 


Read more ...


Red Roof Inn


Something to Meow About!
Red Roof
Some hotels tolerate pets. Red Roof Inn welcomes them! And why is that? Because Red Roof Loves pets. We are proud to serve every member of your family as a guest, especially the furry and four legged kind. We understand that most pet owners view their pets as family members and at Red Roof Inn your pet stays free!
Did you know that every time you stay at a Red Roof Inn, a dollar percentage of that stay is sent back to the Cat Fanciers' Association? Click here for your special CFA Discount Code.

Corporate Affiliations

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