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Oct. 1 - Ads for Cat Talk (Dec. issue) 



Oct. 1 - Grand/DM/HHP photos for Cat Talk (Dec)


Oct. 1 - Cover Contest Submissions for Cat Talk (Dec)




CFA National Cat Show


National Show LogoWhile the show filled with 500 entries, you may still be able to enter if you get on the waiting list.  Filling this far in advance of the show guarantees that entries will be pulled.  The unknown is how many will be pulled and how many on the waiting list will be able to get entered as replacements. 


There are other ways you can partiicpate in this show.  Consider bringing a "Pet Me" cat to interact with the public.  The cat must be amenable to being petted by the public and you need to have your cat out on display and you need to answer questions from the public about your breed.  We are providing a free double cage and groom space for these cats.  Contact the entry clerk if you want to bring one.  We also have For Sale cages available.  We expect a large gate and we are advertising that pedigreed kittens will be available.  Another option is Agility.  Bring along a cat to participate in Agility.  Again, sale cages and Agility must be entered via the entry clerk.  


While it is not required for the CFA National Cat Show, we also encourage you to register as a CFA Ambassador and if you would like to have your cat serve as a Pet Me Cat under the Ambassador program, we are ready to accept applicationsThe mission of the CFA Ambassador Cat program is to educate the public and spread goodwill by engaging spectators in a positive way with pedigreed cats and CFA-sponsored cat shows.


Stay up-to-date via the show's blog. You can sign up to have notices sent to you when the blog is updated by selecting the envelope icon at the bottom of the right side of the blog.






Yep, we're taking ads.  A banner ad for a show is just $50 which includes a link to your show flyer or website.  If the ad brings you just one entry, it paid for itself.  Contact our editor to place a show ad.  Commercial ad space is also available.  Contact Roeann Fulkerson for details.

Website News

The color prefix chart has been updated with all the latest changes, as well as adding prefixes for our newest Miscellaneous breeds, the Burmilla and Chinese Li Hua.

The new Household Pet recording program is up and running, just waiting for you! Clicking on "Registration" on the top menu, will bring you to a page with links for registering your Pedigreed cat via blue slip or yellow slip, AND the new link for recording your Household Pet.


Cat Talk


Your input needed!

Shelly Ducharme, Xocol cattery, is looking for your travel tips for an upcoming article. Shelly says: "One thing that has always amazed me about our hobby is the ingenuity people use to travel with cats. I know that many of us who are newer would love to know all those great tricks and tips for traveling with cats, especially flying. What kind of pop up tents do you use? How do you deal with having litter and litter box in the airport, and then at the hotel? How do you "downsize" your normal traveling gear if you are flying? Flying has changed a lot too - flights are more crowded, security tighter - how has that changed how you travel? Many of us are driving more and flying less - what are the things you do extra for the cats on those long drives?"

Please send your tips and stories to Shelly; let's flood her inbox with good stuff!

December Cover

Cat Talk's December issue will have a special cover designed by Teresa Keiger. Teresa will review all of the submissions for the cover contest and choose a photo (or photos) for a special seasonal graphic. If you have already submitted a photo, you do not need to submit it again. But you may submit additional photos. The deadline for submission is October 1st. Please follow the instructions.

August CoverComing in the October issue

October features the Egyptian Mau and Havana Brown.

Joan Miller begins a multi-part series examining the 11 elements of the No Kill Equation originated by Nathan Winograd's No Kill Advocacy Center. Her series begins with a discussion of Feral Cat TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) and its development in the US.

Ann Segrest explains Veterans competition, Kathryn Brady gives tips on creating great show flyers, Cheryl Coleman discusses how she creates those great On The Road Again shows. And much more!

Back issues

Our February and June issues are sold out! We found a printer that can re-print as few as 25 copies, so if you want a copy of those issues, let us know and we'll keep a list until we have enough for a reprint. The price may be a little higher for re-prints, but email Jodell Raymond to get on the waiting list. We still have plenty of August, so if you missed it, you missed a great issue and can still order single copies at

Our Staff in Alliance


Alliance Staff 911


Back Row: (Left to right) Brian Buetel, Shawn DeLion, Michael Lynn, Kristi Wollam, Jill Mendenhall, Donna Jean Lewis, Julie Grasse, Verna Dobbins and Catie Riddell.

Seated: (Left to right) Diane Cioci, Shirley Dent, Donna Jean Thompson, Kelly Conger and Lisa Sheridan


President Jerry Hamza spent all day Wednesday, September 7th, at the new CFA Central Office in Ohio registering litters. Nothing like having a hands-on president.  


Jerry Registering 

 (Thanks for the photo Verna)

CFAF CarriersCFAF Museum


The CFA Foundation Museum is now officially open to visitors. Hours are Tues & Wed from 10-6; Friday from 1-7; and on Saturday from 10-2.  If you are in the area, stop by for a visit.  Lots of fascinating items on display. The photo on the left shows several old cat carriers on display at the museum.  The carrier on top dates back to the early 1900s.  The Foundation also now owns over 160 Maneki Nekos (Japanese Lucky Cats).  For those on Facebook, check out their page.



Club Websites

Do you think your club's website could serve as an example for other clubs? If you think it deserves recognition, let us know and we could spotlight it here. Send us your website address. 



Media Coverage


Does your club generate good media coverage, perhaps as a tool for bringing spectators to your show or to cover other club-sponsored events?  Share it with our newsletter subscribers so we can learn from each other.  Send it to our editor.



The "Breeder Assistance Program" & Food Pantry


Submitted by John Bierrie, Committee Chair


Breeder Assistance ProgramOver the past several months, since taking on the "Breeder Assistance Program" (BAP) "Chairperson" position, I have found that there is a substantial amount of misunderstanding about what the "BAP" is and what it does. Over the next several months, through a series of articles, I hope to clear up some of these misconceptions. Once the misconceptions are eliminated, we will turn to addressing some of the issues that can cause problems, that require BAP assistance to begin with and then some ways on how to possibly avoid them.


With that in mind, I think it is probably best to take this opportunity to review the "basic" description of the programs, along with a bit of their history. Below, is a very general description of what the "Breeder Assistance Program" and "Food Pantry" programs are. Future articles will expand on these... Read More.

Winn Feline Foundation


Winn Logo

Winn, along with the American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMA), the Morris Animal Foundation, and the American Association of Feline Practitioners formed the Cat Health Network.  It is committed to improving feline health and welfare through funding of targeted health studies.  Read More.


 Winn hopes that many of you are planning to attend the Tufts University Canine and Feline Breeder Genetics Conference in Boston this coming weekend. To be held at the Omni Parker House on Friday and Saturday, the annual event has been co-sponsored by Winn for a number of years. It offers an extraordinary opportunity for the lively interaction of breeders and researchers on questions vital to the health of the cats (and dogs!) we all love.

CFA Judging School / Breed Awareness & Orientation School


TeacherInterested in becoming a CFA judge?  Just want to learn more about our breeds but not interested in becoming a judge?  This is the place for you.   It is scheduled for November 17 (Thursday) and November 18 (Friday) with Practical Lab "In the Ring" on Saturday, November 19 at the CFA National Cat Show. For more information, check here.



What's Hot




by Joan Miller, CFA Legislative Information Liaison


State Law makers are back from summer vacation!! By the second week in September the CFA Legislative Group was tracking 140 currently active state bills. Many bills have been enacted. Others died in committee, were withdrawn, defeated or held over to 2012. During the summer months some states ended their sessions and others were in recess. Once again we are monitoring the remaining bills around the country, watching for scheduled hearings and new introductions. The active bills include topics such as animal cruelty, rabies vaccination changes, puppy licenses, shelter microchip mandates, animal abuse registries, animal hoarding, animal shelter regulation, shelter sterilization, pet sales limits, pet dealer veterinary requirements, animal breeder regulation, warranty requirements for sellers and surcharges on the sale of pets. More. 

Ford's Theatre

Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Campaign 

Pave the Way for Lincoln's Legacy


by Carol Schwartz


CFA BrickAbraham Lincoln was the first President of the United States to have a cat as a pet at the President's home in Washington, D.C. "Tabby" was his pet's name. Abraham Lincoln loved cats and Mary, his wife, often said they were his hobby.

The bicentennial celebration of Ford's Theatre began in 1954 with President Dwight David Eisenhower recognizing the necessity of renovating and preserving America's most famous theatre. The President signed a congressional bill to restore it; and, the refurbished theater reopened in 1968.  Read more ...


Bag of Dr Elsey's LitterDr. Elsey's


Respiratory Disease in cats is a frustrating medical condition for cats and owners alike.  Dr. Elsey's has developed a new low-dust litter in response to this condition.  CAT FANCY magazine selected the Dr. Elsey Respiratory Relief as their Editors Choice Product of the Year. Read more...

Club Marketing Committee - Media and Publicity Development Program


Marketing Strategy45 clubs have been awarded sponsorships in 7 regions. R1 (7), R2 (5), R3(7), R4 (6),R5 (2), R6 (5) and R7 (13) ..That's terrific!


The total award amount, thus far, is $39,000. Many thanks to Roeann Fulkerson, Bob Johnston. and the Business Development team for these sponsorships.The funds are designated to assist with publicity and advertising for the shows.


One club withdrew from consideration because they felt that other clubs could benefit more from the awards. The Club Marketing Committee applauds the Indy Cat Club for its' generosity.


If any clubs would like more information about award sponsorship please contact Bob Johnston at


Don't forget to check out the Club Media Kit & Publicity Guide on the CFA website. Lots of great ideas for advertising and publicity!

Iams Display at NatCap

Teri Thornsteinson and her Cornish Rex in the Iams display at National Capital

Revised Breed Brochure


2011 Breed ProfileThe CFA Breed Council Secretaries worked with the Publications Committee chair to revise the All-in-One breed brochure.  In the current version the text is below each photo.  The photos were selected by the BC Secretaries to reflect the unique aspects of each breed. The Central Office includes 50 free copies in the packages sent to shows.  You can also buy copies via the CFA website.  Cost is $10 for 100 copies plus postage.


Iams provided funding for this brochure for the second year in a row.

Regional News

Region 2

Pet Me KittyAt the Poppy State Cat Club show held August 13, the club in conjunction with the Regional Director, did a "Pet Me Kitty" event.  Cage banners and attachable cage signs directed spectators to the cages of cats waiting for their adoring fans. The banners could be seen throughout the show hall! All of the "Pet Me" cats and kittens were also entered into the show. Pre-show publicity announced this project to the exhibitors and MANY exhibitors were excited to participate. Some Pet Me Kitty 2exhibitors, with multiple entries, choose the cats most amenable to this process and through out the hall there was an active exchange between exhibitors and spectators. The spectators really enjoyed the event and one spectator was overheard talking on her cellphone..."You've gotta get down here! I just petted a SHOW cat and you could too."

Future "Pet Me Kitty" events are planned for the Seattle/Grandview Show in September 24-25, 2011 at the Clark County Events Center, Vancouver, WA and the Golden Gate Cat Show September 24, 2011 at the Robert Livermore Community Center in Livermore, CA.

Region 3


Texas has been plagued by wildfires in Austin & Bastrop, and three counties - Grimes, Waller and Montgomery. Thousands of homes have been destroyed. The temperatures are still triple digits and there has been no rain..We've been trying to assist those we can. One fancier in the Austin area lost everything--home and animals (Devon Rex, Sphynx, Abys) and dogs. The animals have not been found yet. The GSR Disaster Relief Fund is donating funds to that one family. I'm sure there will be others. This region really pulls together in times of need.

Region 7

Our Regional Purebred Rescue coordinator, Charlene Campbell, does a terrific job and we seldom hear of all the wonderful work she is doing to help with pedigreed cats in trouble.  She often incurs expenses (vets, etc.) and we were recently informed that in the past year or two her expenses have exceeded our donations by $4,000.   In an attempt to rectify this, the Region will be holding a raffle for a $500 Visa gift card.  Lynn Search has agreed to coordinate this raffle.  She will soon be announcing assistants from various parts of the Region.  Anyone who knows Lynn knows that fund-raising is an area in which she excels. Stay tuned for more details.


Presentation of Mask

Jacqui Bennett, Fire Dept. Rep, and RD Mark Hannon

At their September 3-4, 2011 show in Simpsonville SC, Regional Director Mark Hannon, on behalf of Ocicats International and Maine Street Cat Club, presented  a Surgi-vet Animal Resuscitation mask set to the Simpsonville Fire Dept.  The set consists of 3 varied size masks built specifically for animals and filled a void in the fire department's rescue equipment.  PetOxygen Masks are sponsored by CFA Disaster Relief. A club can purchase one and receive a "matching free" set up to 3 matching sets per club.

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