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August 18 - Grand/DM Photos for Yearbook


August 18 - Ads for Yearbook



 Nat Cap Vertical Ad 

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Townhall Meeting Report


Our CFA President, Jerry Hamza, has had a busy month. He has spent quite a bit of time at the new CFA Central Office in Ohio. On July 18th he attended the CFA-Asia awards banquet in Bangkok, Thailand. On August 6th he attended the CFA-Europe awards banquet in Estonia. On August 13th he held a Townhall Meeting at the Hidden Peak Cat Club's show in Maryland. Here are some of Jerry's comments from the Townhall Meeting this past weekend.

The Manasquan NJ office has been closed. The new office in Alliance, Ohio, is open for business. Office hours are 9-to-5 (Eastern time zone) Monday through Friday and when you call, you should have a live person answering your call.  

Epoints should be current on Monday, August 15th. They got a bit behind due to the move. Breed Council Memberships should be up-to-date by the middle of this week. Registrations received prior to July 26th should have been processed by now, with the exception of cats being registered via pedigree which are now taking three to four weeks to process. Registrations are more current today than they have been in many years! By September 1st it is expected that all routine registrations will be processed the day there are received.

The new computer system is not ready so the old computer was moved to Alliance and staff has been trained to use it. The migration of data to the new computer system is taking longer than expected but we would rather take the time to get it right and make sure the entire system is working before going live.

Questions were asked and answered regarding the CFA National Cat Show.  See the article below for that information.

Show packages have been shipped to shows scheduled through the end of September. If your club is holding a show before then, check to make sure your package of forms, ring signs, etc. has been received. If not, contact Verna Dobbins.

Donna Jean Thompson started work as CFA's Manager of Operations on Monday, July 15th. Her email address is

 Townhall Meeting


Cats vs Dogs


PARADE magazine has taken on the Cats versus Dogs debate. Which are America's favorite? PARADE turns to science to put the age-old rivalry to the test. Which animal has more stamina? (Woof!) Which lives the longest? (Meow!) PARADE puts cats and dogs paw-to-paw to measure factors like agility, independence, sense of smell, and more. Each animal has its own special talents. Check out the full story on CatsCenterstage.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to start the story. 

2012 CFA Yearbook   

We need your support if CFA is going to continue to produce a Yearbook.  We need photos of your Grands and your DMs.  We need you to submit an ad.  This is an important publication for CFA.  It is a a resource used for many years.


Grand and DM photos are only $15 each.  You can submit them online at:



Yearbook ads can also be submitted online and paid for online at:












CFA National Cat Show



National Show LogoThe flyer is now available.


How will the breed wins be determined for the end-of-show awards?

Each judge will nominate a Best of Breed/Division from the entire show (one winner which could be a kitten, championship cat or premiership cat). At the end of the show the judges' selections will be tallied and a rosette will be awarded to the show's Best of Breed/Division winners.  

Will there be a Best-in-Show winner?

A special guest judge will handle the three highest scoring LH Kittens, SH Kittens, LH Championship, SH Championship, LH Premiership and SH Premiership (18 cats) and select a 2nd runner-up, first runner-up, and Best-in-Show winner.

Will there be breed booths?

Yes.  The Breed Council Secretaries have been asked to coordinate them and almost every breed will have a booth at the show. 

What about Iams/CFA Ambassador Cats?

Yes, the officially designated Iams/CFA Ambassador Cats are all invited to attend and anyone else interested in having a cat at the show which is not entered but can be out on display for the spectators to pet are all welcome.

CFA Clerking Committee



There's alot going on with the Clerking Committee! A big THANK YOU to the board for approving the following:

* Consolidation of Clerking Manuals into one document
* New clerking evaluation form
* Encouraging regions to continue/or start "Outstanding Clerk of the Year" award
* Online clerking tests


The consolidated clerking manuals are presently being analyzed by approximately 4 individuals throughout the country to make sure we get all the updates needed, as well as making sure the flow of the manual is consistent. I've received alot of excellent feedback, and hope to have the first draft to the board by the October meeting. 


The committee had submitted documentation to have one "Outstanding Clerk of the Year" (OCOTY) award. However, the board felt it would be better to encourage regions to continue this award, and those not presenting this, to help give them guidelines to start this award.


Online clerking tests - received very well with the board! The software has been identified, and hopefully will have some sample 'test takers' to play with the program. It was also suggested that the Judging program utilize this software - so I will be getting with them as well to perhaps use this program with them as well!


There are still alot more things going on with the clerking committee, such as revisiting the number of assignments various positions need to advance, a standardized outline for teaching clerking schools, online clerking schools, and several other projects!!  






WINN Feline Foundation


Winn LogoExciting times at Winn these days!   A strategic planning session by the Winn board in May identified a need to aim for the next level, that level being the ready recognition of the Foundation by everyone who owns a cat.   To do that, Winn is interviewing candidates for an as-yet-to-be-named position likened in the rest of the world to a CEO. The more people who know Winn, the more our endowment will grow and the more grants Winn can fund to help "every cat, every day."


Winn has always had strong support from CFA clubs,and your Foundation hopes you will keep Winn in mind when you close the books on your successful shows this year. All this excitement in the air is your doing, thanks to your continuing support.

CFA's Discount Program with Staples


StaplesWould you like to have a dedicated Account Manager to assist you with the printing you do for CFA? Are you interested in significantly reducing your club's printing costs? If so, join the Staples Business Discount Program! The Business Discount Program is free.  Read more about it.

Cat Talk


The Cover Contest is back on! Due to timing and resource constraints, we were unable to hold an auction for the October cover as we had planned. We will do this for a future issue, possibly February. For October, we will once again select a random photo from our subscribers for our cover. The deadline for entries is August 19th. If you already entered, you do not need to enter again. If you want to enter again just to be sure, that's fine too! Visit for contest rules and instructions.

Our December cover will be a special graphic design by Teresa Keiger. Teresa will choose from all of the contest submissions to create our holiday cover. If you want to  submit mulitple photos for consideration you can. More  details and deadlines in the next newsletter!

Do you have a story you think is interesting? A special accomplishment, a wild show experience, perhaps an editorial on an


Photo by Virginia Wheeldon

issue that interests you, or something you submitted to a newsletter or another magazine? Cat  Talk wants your story. This is your magazine with your  first person tales from the cat fancy. Send your stories to

Calling all shutterbugs - the Cat Talk staff is always on the lookout for good photos of cats, at home or at shows. Send us your stuff! You can submit low-res versions of photos, but we'll need a high-res image to print. If we decide to use your photo, we'll be in touch with the requirements. Send your photos to


CFA NewBee Program



NewBeeThe CFA NewBee Program needs you!

Many of you have probably heard of CFA's NewBee Program where exhibitors new to exhibiting cats can learn about showing cats, preparing for shows, and learn that the rewards of exhibiting aren't limited to just getting rosettes. We've continued to grow over the last few years and many of our original members are now advising some of our newest members! The program's Yahoo group has fostered a real sense of community and an understanding of exhibitor etiquette.

But, we need you help in promoting this program! With every electronic show 'package' that the entry clerk receives, there is a show catalog ad for the NewBee Program. It's included because one of the best places to reach new exhibitors is at the show. When we first released the ads, most clubs would include them in their catalogs. Now it seems that a large proportion of clubs are forgetting to include this information. Remember that almost every show could be the first show for a new exhibitor, and the ad may be the only way they discover the NewBee Program. Additionally, full page and half page ads are available for download at

I welcome any input that you may have on the CFA NewBee Program. You may contact me at

Teresa Keiger
CFA NewBee Program Chair 

Regional News

Region 1


Work is well underway on the 2012 Annual in Quincy Ma.  Several Committee Chairs have been established.  A link for volunteers in on the NAR Website.

The NAR currently has 2 fundraising raffles.  We have a beautiful hand made Afghan made and donated by Virginia Noblit.  You can see the afghan at several shows in the Southern Part of the region.  The winner will be drawn at the National Birman- Fyfe and Drum show in October.

Terrie Smith has  also started a fund raising raffle.  There will be two

winners.  Each winner receives both an Iphone ( Verizon or ATT)  and a Magellan GPS.  Thanks  to Nancy Frank for her donation of the two Magellan GPS Systems.  Please contact Terrie for tickets.  The winner will be drawn when all 600 tickets are sold.

Region 1 will also be offering a pin for sale.  Details as to price will
be forthcoming. The design is a take-off on the Spirit of '76 flag with 13 stars and stripes. We will be using 9 stars and stripes surrounding the CFA part of the CFA logo (for the 9 regions) and it will say Spirit of 2012. The CFA firmament shines brighter with the addition of our 9th star - Europe. Future Fund raising ideas will be coordinated by Debby Kusy.

Special thanks to Diana Wilder for designing the NAR ad pages for the CFA Yearbook featuring all the Top award winners .  It is really well done and sure to make Region 1 stand out!


Region 2


Just a reminder that the Northwest Regional Fundraiser picnic for the 2013 annual is coming up in a few weeks, on Saturday, August 27th.  RSVPs are needed so adequate food can be purchased!

The picnic was a glorious succvess last year and raised a significant amount of money towards the Annual fund.


Date/Time: Saturday, August 27th, noon to 6:00 pm

Location:  Hudson-Parcher Park

               7503 Larson Rd.

               Rainer, OR

$3 parking fee for each car. $10 fee per person attending, direct to the 2013 annual fund.


Meat dishes will be supplied, along with paper plates, silverware, etc. Please bring a dish of some kind - dessert or salad. Please bring your own beverages - no alcohol allowed!

And finally, please bring something that Pam can auction off for the
annual fund, along with your checkbook so you can bid on items in the auction!!!


Region 4



We have booked the Sheraton Town Centre in downtown Toronto. We have a guaranteed room rate of $121. per night. The hotel is in the heart of all that happens in Toronto, near the Eaton Centre, theaters, all kinds of shopping and restaurants.


The Pan Am games are in Toronto in June that year. CFA has the rate reserved and locked, with no increase, from June 30 through July 6, 2015. The rates are also available for several days before and after our block dates. Various meetings are held, but the main dates are the Annual meeting on Friday, July 3 and the Awards banquet on Saturday, July 4.


The city will be revved and 'up' from the Pan Am Games, with another city wide event in early July (perhaps Nascar ???).


It is a great time to plan a trip to the largest, most cosmopolitan city in the Great Lakes Region, one that ranks 3rd in the world for live entertainment, has innumerable museums, a wonderful zoo, etc, etc, etc. You can stay for seven days, eat three meals a day and never eat the same cuisine twice, shop till you drop and know you are in one of the safest cities in North America.


If you don't have a passport, or prefer not to obtain one, you can get a Passport Card, which is good for travel to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda for only $55 total - plus it is good for 10 YEARS!! That's little more than the cost of an entry at a show, and you can use it to travel through and to shows in Canada.

$140 + $25
$110 = $25
Adult Passport Card
If you do NOT currently hold a valid Passport Book or Card
$30 + $25


Special thanks to Rich Mastin for the time and effort put into getting the terms we wanted and needed. His negotiating skills are truly incredible.


Region 7


It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to Donna Jean Thompson who after several decades of living in the Southern Region has accepted the position of CFA's Manager of Operations and she has moved to Ohio.  We wish her the best of luck with her new job and hope she enjoys life in the Great Lakes Region.


Charlene Campbell, our BAP-BRP Regional Coordinator, reports that over the years our Region has had a tremendous amount of rescue work.  Just in the past couple years our rescue effort has cost $4,145 more in expenses than we have brought in via donations.  That is after our Region made a recent $500 donation to this effort.  We are discussing with Charlene various ways to raise money to help cover our Region's costs in this important area.  We are considering a raffle for something that might interest a large number of people, perhaps a VISA Gift Card or perhaps a popular iPhone.  If you have ideas, please share them with Charlene




Phebe Low, International Division Asia/Latin America Rep, reports:


The 2011 CFA International Division Asia/Latin America Awards Banquet was held on July 18, 2011. The event was in a 5 star luxury SHANGRI-LA Hotel located at the riverside of Bangkok, capital of Thailand.   It was hosted by Cat Fanciers' Club of Thailand (CFCT), which would celebrate their 10th anniversary next year. Cat fanciers from Indonesia, Malaysia, China, USA and Hong Kong, our Judges, Liaison Dick Kallmeyer as well as our CFA President Jerry Hamza came across the miles to enjoy this wonderful party.


Thanks for the thoughtfulness and attentiveness of the host CFCT club President Sunan Sowprasertsuk, the Scretary Papahunkkorn Kuslopakorn (Watt) and the banquet committee! The decoration of the venue was fabulous. A lot of cats' exhibits and a row of cats sculptured in ice were displayed at the venue entrance, which was extremely grand and provided us great area for photo taking!   After speeches from honorable guests, a special performance of a Thai traditional puppet show was performed. They played on the stage and with guests for taking photos. Everyone enjoyed the party that night and thank to have such wonderful chance to get us together to relax when out of show hall competition.  


This was also the first event that International Division Fund of Asia/Latin America put into practice for event supporting and fund raising. It was encouraging that we raised more than US$1,300 from the event!!


Congratulations to this year spotlight award recipient Rachaphol Pongpairoj (AuN) Zenithi Cattery of Thailand!


We look forward to see you all in our division awards banquet next year!


Check out some photos from the show and banquet.



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