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August 1 - Breed Council dues


August 18 - Grand/DM Photos for Yearbook


August 18 - Ads for Yearbook

Top 12

 Number of cats per breed achieving National Awards for the 2010-2011 Show Season.


22 - Persian

6 - Exotic

6 - Maine Coon Cat

5 - American Shorthair

5 - Oriental

4 - Manx

3 - Bombay

3 - Russian Blue

2 - British Shorthair

2 - Japanese Bobtail

2 - Siamese

2 - Tonkinese

New Manager of Operations


DJTWith the close of the Manasqan office we bid farewell to many staff members who have served CFA well over the years.  At the same time we welcome new staff to the CFA operations.  That includes a new Manager of Operations for CFA's Central Office in Ohio.  She's a familiar face to many of us ... Donna Jean Thompson. 


Donna Jean brings to Alliance close to 50 years of involvement with CFA and an intimate knowledge of its functions as the world's largest registry of pedigreed cats.  She has experience at various levels of the organization, having served 14 years as the applicants and trainees administrator of the Judging Program, served as Persian Breed Council Secretary and also four years on the CFA Board of Directors.  She has held many club offices and show positions and brings grassroots knowledge to our new employees.  She recently co-chaired the incredible annual meeting, "CFA 2011: A Capital Idea!" in Reston, VA, and certainly the highlight of her stay at the Hyatt was receiving her 40-year pin for service as a CFA judge. More.  


Manasquan, New Jersey Staff

In a few weeks the Manasquan office will close.  Many of our staff members have been with CFA for decades.  Our newest employee is Jim Nicolaus who has served as the Manager of Operations since last Fall.  At the other end of the scale, Merilee Davis has worked for CFA since her mother, Jean Rose, ran operations from their kitchen table before CFA ever had office space.  Shirley Dent is the only employee moving from New Jersey to our new facility in Ohio.  While Shelly Borawski will remain as a full-time employee working on the Yearbook, she will do it from her home in New Jersey.  The rest of the staff will leave CFA when the office closes.  These employees have been incredibly dedicated to CFA and take with them a wealth of knowledge and experience.  They have been troupers and trained the new staff to take over.  We wish our departing employees the best in the future whether it be a new job or retirement.    We will definitely miss you.


Manasquan Staff 


Some of the Manasquan Staff

Standing from the left, Jim Nicolaus, Carol Ann Bertone, Kelly Jones, Gwen Foster & Shirley Michaud-Dent. Seated from the left, Shelly Borawski, Diane Vetterl, Connie Sellitto & Tricia Jones.


Alliance, Ohio Staff


CFA has hired a new staff to handle our work at the new office in Alliance, Ohio.   Check here to see a listing of the staff, what they handle, and their contact information.



National Cat Show


National Show LogoNovember 19-20 in Indianapolis.   It will be the only licensed show in CFA that weekend.  Ten rings: 6-AB and 4-Spec.  The show will be scored.   Monte Phillips is the entry clerk.  Jeanne Nangle is coordinating the vendors.  Show Manager Jerry Hamza said CFA will invest heavily in advertising the show and a tremendous gate is expected.  To entertain and educate the gate the Breed Councils are being asked to provide Breed Booths, the Iams Ambassador Cats are being invited to attend, there will be a Breed Presentation Ring with Joan Miller, Agility, and a special ring for Finals in which the judges will use a microphone.  Larry Johnson and Chanan will be present to photograph your cats.  At the end of the show awards will be made to the Best in each Breed/Division and a Best In Show will be selected.  More details as they become available. 



Sturdi Products


SturdiSturdi has long been a valued corporate affiliate.  At the recent 2011 Annual Meeting they had a popular booth that saw lots of business and they provided the always popular neck wallets for the Delegates.  They also provided $900 in door prizes given away at the party following the Saturday night awards banquet.   Many thanks to Rich & Penny for their continued support.  The winners of the door prizes were:

  • Dee Dee Cantley (CA) won the small carrier (Bordeaux in color)
  • Elaine Magee (NJ) won the Zebra-striped carrier
  •  Michael Shelton (CA) won the orange Sturdi cage
  • Jacqui Bennett (GA) won the "tattoo" pattern cage
  • Colin Cornwall (IL) won the "butterflies" pattern cage  



Show $ponsorship 


Through the combined efforts of the CFA Business Development Committee and the CFA Club Marketing Committee a club show sponsorship award program funded by Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat Litters, Royal Canin and IAMS has been developed continuing into the 2011-2012 show season. Our CFA Corporate Partners have committed additional funds for modest financial support of club shows. To date, thirty-five clubs have been selected to participate with an additional twenty plus clubs having inquired about sponsorship support. There is a limited amount of funds yet available for 2011 and applications are being accepted for 2012. Applications are welcomed throughout the year and awards are made as long as funding is in place. More ... 



Denver Dumb Friends League


Submitted by Sue Riley



On Sat. July 9, the Denver  Dumb Friends League in Denver, CO  had their 3rd annual CatFest event.  CFA has participated all three years in this event.  It is part of the the nationwide CATalyst program which has a goal of educating the public as to the value of cats as companion animals.  In many cases shelters do not have nearly the problem of adopting out their dogs as they do their cats.  Much of the general public still does not view the cats as a valued companion.


The CFA contingent came with several breeds, which in many cases the public was allowed to touch and hold.  Breeders  discussed breed specifics, responsible breeding practices, CFA in general, CFA shows, household pet classes, agility and much more.  There were European Burmese, Ocicats, Abyssinians, Somalis, Maine  Coons, Manx, Birmans and Persians represented.    



CatFest 7Over 2,000 people attended the event which included vendors of cat related products, educational displays and booths by the Dumb Friends League on feline genetics, nutrition, cat behavior and other items. Also, 71 cats were adopted out and 31 kittens, making a grand total of 102 felines that found new homes.  A definite side benefit of this effort is that it helps build a working relationship between CFA and animal shelters by focusing on a common interest.





Yearbook Grand/DM Photos & Ads


The next Yearbook will be returning to a hard cover but this time it will have artwork, just as we had with the soft covers the past few years.  More than ever, this will be a book to keep and look back at for years to come.  We also expect to have the book available months earlier than last year.


Did you grand or DM a cat during the 2010-2011 show season?  If so, we want a photo of your cat for the next Yearbook.  You can do it online, but you must do it prior to August 18th.  $15 per photo.


What makes our Yearbook so eye-catching are all the ads.  Why not consider placing an ad?  You can also do that online.


Got questions?  Contact Shelly




Breed Council Dues Due

 It's right around the corner.  BC dues must be paid by August 1st or you will not be able to vote on the issues placed on this year's ballots.  You can join or renew online at:

CFA Star Award

CFA Star Award

At the just concluded 2011 Annual in Reston, the inaugural set of CFA Stars were recognized. The CFA Star program was developed in order to recognize individuals for outstanding service to the Association. The awardees were Rachel Anger, Beth Cassely, Kathy Durdick, Art Graafmans, Willa Hawke, Donna Isenberg, Mary Kolencik, Karen Lane, Rich Mastin, Monte Phillips and Jodell Raymond.


The recipients were nominated by members of the Board of Directors, and demonstrate the wide variety of ways in which the members of the CFA family contribute to its success. They have worked in the areas of fund-raising, publications, public outreach and many others, or in behind the scenes roles to promote CFA and its goals. This is the beginning of an on-going program. This year, each of the recipients received a Bronze Star. If any individual is recognized for a second time, they will receive a Silver Star, and a third award would merit a Gold Star. Each year, these outstanding individuals will be honored at the Annual Awards Banquet.


First RagaMuffin Grand!



1st RageMuffin GrandThe very first RagaMuffin to attain a CFA grand title is GP Ragtime Cats Dazzling Autumn, tortoiseshell & white spay, who was just 2 weeks shy of her 10th birthday when she granded at the Buccaneer Cat Fanciers show in Orlando FL on July 10, 2011.  The breeder and owner is Laura Gregory.






Young Again Pet Foods


Young Again (small)CFA welcomes Young Again Pet Foods as a corporate affiliate.   This company provides a unique cat food that is an all-natural carnivore-diet cat foods which are made with 100% meat protein and very limited or zero carbs.  Check it out.  The company offers you a 6% commission on food you purchase and on referrals you make.  CFA also benefits when you use the coupon code.  You also get a 10% discount on your first purchase.  Read more about it.



 Hot Topics





By Joan Miller, CFA Legislative Information Liaison                                                              


Are Breeders in the Crosshairs?


This is an important topic that will be tackled at the upcoming Virginia Federation of Dog Clubs and Breeders' 40th Anniversary seminar on Saturday, July 23, 2011 in Charlottesville, VA.


We urge you to attend and learn more about how breeders can protect themselves from the onslaught of anti-breeder legislation and problems with animal control.  Even though the information may be slanted toward dog issues, the topics will be of great value to cat fanciers.  VFDCB is eager for participation from you. 


The seminar will be from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm at the Doubletree Hotel

990 Hilton Heights Rd

 Charlottesville, VA 22901

434 973-2121


Registration is reasonable - $30.00 at the door (early bird online registration has closed).  Email Sharyn Hutchens to be sure of a space.  More ... 




The Right Stuff


Do You Have the Right Stuff to be a CFA-Iams Ambassador Cat? Last October, CFA and P & G Pet Care/Iams launched the CFA-Iams Ambassador Cat Program.  We started with "lucky 13" Ambassador Cats for this program and, with the help of P & G Pet Care/ Iams we are looking at expanding this program and adding 12 more CFA-Iams Ambassador Cats. Read MoreGet the Application Form here.




Ambassador Program 


Ambasador pin

The CFA Ambassador Program is happy to announce an escalation in duties for one and to welcome a couple of new members to our Ambassador cadre.  Natalya Gnatyuk (Russian RC) has been advanced to the position of Regional Coordinator of the entire Ambassador Program in Europe. Frederic Goedert, well known Korat breeder is scheduled to become our Ambassador RC for France and south of Europe; i.e., Italy and Spain. Last but not least Welcome to Ken Cribbs, both a Siamese breeder and a respected businessman from Honolulu who will be launching the Ambassador Program in Hawaii.for us. More.




Cat Talk

Cat Talk

The August issue of Cat Talk is shaping up to be very special. With over 14 pages of extra ads and grand photos, the staff is having a mild layout crisis, a great thing! We expect to have 44 or 48 pages for the issue. Coverage will include the opening of the new Central Office, the annual, the season in review, and more! Some of the articles include:

  • Feline Diabetes Mellitus by Carolyn Jimenez - Carolyn discusses how to identify diabetes in your cat, treatment methods, and includes a step-by-step guide (with pictures) of how to check a cat's blood sugar level. This is the kind of article breeders will want to keep and have on hand for the future, you don't want to miss it.  [Mark, I attached a photo to go with this]
  • Featured Breeds - meet two of CFA's newest breeds, the LaPerm and Ragamuffin.
  • Siamese Reflections by Betty White - Betty is always a treat to hear at an event such as the Siamese Breed Council breakfast. Her speech this year is timeless, as usual, and Betty has shared it with Cat Talk.
  • The Year in Review & Photos from the Reston Annual

Our regulars, including Lisa-Maria Padilla, Dr. Melinda Fleming and Kathy Rutledge will have their columns in the magazine. Kathy can always use your tips and tricks for her "Great Ideas from the Fancy" column, please send her your ideas.


Our February and June issues are sold out! Due to demand, we may have to print more of June. If you subscribed or ordered individual copies of the June issue but have not received it yet, please contact

Katherine Bock as soon as possible so we can estimate how many to print, and please be patient. With the change in personnel and move of Central Office, we are having some minor difficulty with the subscription & single issue lists. But we'll work it out and get the magazine to all who have ordered it as soon as possible.





CFA Foundation

From David Mare, CFAF Museum President:

CFAF Logi w/ black borderExciting times at the museum are just beginning!

Most of you know that the CFA Foundation Museum was opened briefly last month for the well attended ribbon cutting ceremony .  Since that time CFAF members have been organizing an even better display which is being readied for the official opening of the CFA Headquarters in August.  You will not want to miss it.

Interest from around the world has been expressed in this exciting new facility and a large collection of Japanese Maneki Neko "Happy Cats" (good luck cats) has recently been donated by one of the world's largest collectors.  This will give the CFAF museum the distinction of having the largest collection of any museum in the world!   A special exhibit is being planned to show this large collection (over 160) in a single exhibition!

The CFAF Board has discussed the possibility of rotating breed exhibits at the new museum by inviting the CFA Breed Councils  (through the BC Secretaries) to coordinate a major exhibit showing the development of their breeds from the earliest days with as much background information (pedigrees, early photographs, etc.) as possible. 

We are in the early stages of developing an Artist Registry at the museum and look forward to participation by artists from around the world who wish to feature and show their cat related artwork.

Remember that this is your museum - please plan a visit to beautiful Alliance, OH and say hello.  Hours of operation will be announced shortly.


WINN Co-Sponsors Another Breeder Opportunity


Winn LogoThis coming September marks the fifth year Tufts will present a genetics conference in Boston for dog and cat breeders.   Winn is pleased to again be a sponsor of this event.  The goals of the conference are twofold:             


  1. To bring together, in a formal lecture and informal discussion setting, international researchers who are working in the area of feline and canine gene-searching and genetic test implementation; and
  2. To bring together researchers, breed club representatives, breeders, and practicing veterinarians to further understanding and collaboration for future research in the area of feline and canine gene-searching and genetic test implementation. More ... 


New Tools in Veterinary Medicine

Vet GraphicThe recent newsletter of the National Alliance of Burmese Breeders included an interesting article by Karen Thomas about the use of surgical lasers and therapeutic lasers in veterinary medicine.  Karen is a successful Burmese breeder in the Atlanta area as well as a practicing vet.   NABB gave permission to reprint the article here.




Cat Designs on Custom Covers & Cases




Coveroo, an innovative consumer product company, is pioneering a new way to customize personal electronic devices. The company uses proprietary technology to apply high-quality artwork to covers and cases for your gadgets.  The result? Completely customized devices that match you.


Take your favorite cat wherever you go with these cool covers and cases.  Available for your iPhone, BlackBerry, iPod, iPad, and other devices. Choose from a variety of CFA™-supplied designs - or use your own photos!


For a limited time, get an exclusive discount just for CFA™ members. Save 10% on your order when you enter code: CFACATS10


Get them now at



Health Issue


Linda Crandall from CFA Corporate Affiliate PetPartners shares with us an interesting article by Dr. Jody Grookin from the North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine.  The topic is chronic diarrhea in young cats.  The article is printed here with the permission of Dr. Grookin.



Car Rentals



Budget Car RentalBudget now offers you a 30% discount when you use the CFA corporate discount number.  Our Budget Business Program #U285933 can be assigned to everyone's individual RapidRez Number when making reservations for rental. In addition to the discount you receive, CFA also receives income from Budget.  You can also sign up for their "Fastbreak" program which permits you to bypass the rental counter.  You can find a rental form already filled out with the CFA number and get a free upgrade here.



Cultivating Cool Cats 


by Joan Miller, Chair
CFA's outreach and education efforts help build awareness of CFA's concern for all cats including homeless cats.  I was thrilled to be invited to do a training presentation to 40 members of the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA staff on the afternoon of June 28th.  This is an acclaimed no-kill shelter in Virginia. The focus was on handling cats so they gain confidence and become more adoptable. Several of the cats were fearful or showed negative behavior.  After demonstrating several handling techniques, "wet hand" grooming and other methods the cats began to respond positively.  I also presented the "Basics of Feline Color and Pattern", since the shelter staff wants to correctly identify the cats adopted.  A second, similar, presentation was held at the Virginia Law School in the evening to a sell out crowd of more than 275 people.  The audience was mostly cat owners with many rescue and foster volunteers.  Only about 4 people owned pedigreed cats. The over 2 hour event was called "Cultivating Cool Cats" . I covered fundamental cat nature, how to bring out the best in cats as well as the basics of cat color/pattern, using PowerPoint and selected cats.  Handouts for these presentations are currently on the CASPCA home page







Joan Miller's presentation -- "Cultivating Cool Cats" 
Charlottesville, VA, June 28, 2011, on behalf of the
Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA




























Corporate Affiliations

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