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Upcoming Deadlines


June 1 - Ballots due to CO


June 1 - Photos due for Grandstand and Household Pet Parade for the August issue of Cat Talk.

June 10 - Ads due for the August issue of Cat Talk

Top 15

Largest Shows

2010-2011 Season


1) Garden State - 353

2) National Capital - 304

3) Dixieland Silver/Golden - 285

4) Hidden Peak - 274

5) San Diego - 248

6) Indy CC - 241

7) Lucky Tomcat - 240

8) Cotton States - 235

9) Regions 4/6 Gala - 232

10) Santa Monica - 224

11) Great Lakes Reg - 220

11) Phoenix FF - 220

13) Crab & Mallet - 215

14) Cat-A-Lina Cats - 213

15) The Dutch Purrpuss - 212


Based on CFA's Counts of Cats Present. See Monte Phillips' article in the August issue of "Cat Talk" for more statistics from the last show season.

Pet Expo 


Duncan on horse 

Manx "Duncan" knows no strangers! 


Star City Cat Fanciers had a booth at the Pet Expo in Roanoke VA on May 6-7, 2011.  This was the first such exhibition in their town and they were anxious to participate and let the many animal lovers in Roanoke learn more about pedigreed cats.  The club holds a show each January but the Expo gave them the opportunity to provide outreach to far more cat lovers than attend their annual cat show.  Charlotte Shelburne from the club coordinated the booth with help from a number of other club members.  The Southern Region provided the use of the regional CFA Booth and printed material.


There are a number of CFA clubs that participate in local Pet Expos around the country and other clubs are encouraged to join in.  For a small booth fee your club can bring a couple pedigreed cats and a few club members and let a whole new world know about our wonderful hobby and the fascinating breeds of cats being bred in their own area.  More...


Mini Meet The Breeds in Southwest


Regional Director Mike Shelton reports:


Mini MTBOn May 6th, Sue Dalangin,  a Himalayan breeder in the SW Region, invited exhibitors to attend a "Mini Meet the Breeds" get-together with her home-school group. This was a group of 12-15 home-schooled children and their parents, at a park in Perris, CA. In addition to Sue, the event was attended by Dee Dee Cantley with a Sphynx, Karen and Lou Wilkins with a Cornish Rex, Barb and Jim Miller with an Abysinnian, Mike Shelton with a Norwegian Forest Cat, and Candy Kalman with three of her Household Pets. Each of the participants spoke briefly to the kids and parents about their breeds, and what we get out of showing our cats. We all allowed anyone to pet and play with our cats, and answered numerous questions about pedigreed cats, cat shows, how to show a Household Pet, and anything else anyone wanted to know.

This was a great opportunity for us to reach out to the community and convey our love for our cats and what we do. Both the children and parents were very receptive to what we had to say, and I think this gave a very favorable impression of the cat fancy in general and CFA in particular. We are hoping we can have similar events in the future, with this group and with other, similar groups throughout the Region.  More Photos



Ribbon Cutting in Alliance, OH


Ribbon CutingOn Friday, June 10, 2011, CFA will have a ribbon cutting ceremony at the renovated office in Alliance, Ohio.  Everyone is invited!!  It will be from 2 - 4 pm.  Come check out the CFA Foundation's museum on the first floor and the new Central Office on the third floor. 



2011 Annual   


Delegate Drawing

'Delegate' drawing by Susan Perkins



The clock is ticking faster, and now we are just weeks away from "A Capital Idea!" Our plans are coming together and our committees are hard at work finalizing the details to insure you are able to make the most of your visit to the 2011 CFA Annual Meeting. We are looking forward to seeing many of you soon, and have just the thing to make your stay in Reston even more special!


If you have not yet made your hotel reservation, you may be too late for a room at the Hyatt, but check the Hotel Information on our Annual website for alternate hotels.


We have exciting news to share about our next fundraising raffles! How would you like to win 3 comp nights at our annual site, the Hyatt Regency, Reston Town Center? Or maybe a $100 gift certificate at the landmark "Clyde's" restaurant across from the hotel? These are very short-track raffles - just 3 weeks duration, and including a Memorial Day "email and phone-a-thon" so everyone across the U.S. and abroad has a chance to enter and win! Here are the




Save the Date! CFA Ambassador Reception!   


Ambassador Button

All are Welcome!


Friday, June 24, 2011

Immediately Following the Delegate's Meeting

Location TBA 


Stay Tuned for more information in the June Newsletter

 Aby - offers the world's largest selection of art and décor items for homes and businesses, as well as professional custom framing and mounting services - all at great prices.  They have an unparalleled selection of prints, posters, photography, fine art reproductions and limited edition prints features items for all decorating styles and all environments.  They recently added CFA photos to their line of products.  The photos are all owned by CFA.  Some were taken by Chanan several years ago at a show in Manhattan and others were taken for CFA through 4Kids productions. Check them out.  You may find your own cat among the great photos. 



One-Show Grands


Granding a cat is always special but it is even more so if the cat grands in one show.  During the 2010-2011 show season we had 122 cats accumulte all their grand points in one show.  An amazing 61 of them, or half, were owned in Europe!  Here is how they broke down: 




R1 - 8                

R2 - 6                

R3 - 3                 

R4 - 9               

R5 - 6

R6 - 8

R7 - 19

R8 - 0

E - 51

A - 2                    


Here is a list of all the cats by Region. 





Cat Talk Update



Special August Ad rates:

Great news for our August issue! We want August to be a special edition full of ads with your cats and their accomplishments from the season, so we are lowering the ad rates for August and extending the deadline for ads, grandstand and HHP parade photos to June 15th.   



Full Page: $200 

Half Page: $150

Quarter Page: $75

Eighth Page (i.e. Business Card): $25

Visit the CFA website for information on submitting your ad or photos. 


Coming in June: 







GC, BW, RW Castlegate Bedazzle


A new feature - What's The Difference? In this issue, Cathy Scarbrough explains the difference between Chincilla and Shaded Persians.  


Another new feature - Ask The Vet. Dr. Melinda Fleming joins Cat Talk with a regular column answering your questions. For future issues, you can submit questions, and if Dr. Fleming chooses yours to answer, Cat Talk will give you one free Grandstand or HHP Parade photo, or $15 off an ad, good for the following year. Send your questions to, no limit on how many you can submit or how many free photos you can win.  


Cat Talk's first Household Pet Parade! Exhibitors of HHPs can submit photos of their cats for this new feature for the same price as the Grandstand.   




Rampageous Stemmeblue

GP, RW Rampageous Stemmeblue


 Betty White tackles the subject of Breed

Perfection, Tammy Roark showcases the Somali breed, and Dick Gebhardt discusses the originsof the Exotic breed. Get the 411 on CFA's rules for delegates attending the annual, learn about a new Cattery Organization System developed for the CFA Breeders Assistance and Breed Rescue programs, and read Lisa-Maria Padilla's latest take on life in the cat fancy.


All of this and much much more in the June issue! Visit and subscribe today.






Cat Talk Quiz:

Think you know how to score your cat's points? Match wits with CFA's Numbers Nerd - Monte Phillips. Monte's next article in  Cat Talk explains how to calculate points with this example.  

You have an open Maine Coon

in Premiership at a 6 Allbreed ring show.  The count: 


34 LH cats in premiership

32 SH cats in premiership

12 LH opens/premiers

12 SH opens/premiers

7 Maine Coons in breed

5 Maine Coon opens/premiers 


Your cat's wins:

Ring 1 - Best of Breed, Best Maine Coon Premier, Best LH premier, 2nd Best AB premier, 6th Best Cat in Premiership 


Ring 2 - 2nd Best of Breed, 9th Best Cat in Premiership, 3rd Best AB premier

Ring 3 - Best of Breed, Best Maine Coon Premier, 2nd Best LH Premier

Ring 4 - Best of Breed, Best Maine Coon Premier, Best LH Premier, Best AB Premier

Ring 5 - 2nd Best of Breed but no purple ribbon 


Ring 6 - Best Maine Coon premier, no brown/orange ribbon

How many grand points and how many national/regional points does your Maine Coon receive? Do you have a one show grand? Check the June issue to see if you get the same answer as Monte!



Feline Agility


Dr. Elsey's

Dr Elsey Precious Cat has partnered with and funded CFA Feline Agility. Their generous funding will allow our Agility program to grow tremendously. Clubs should contact Jill Archibald through the CFA Feline Agility website, to book the event at their shows. Look forward to seeing more Feline Agilityand exciting info about Feline Agility. Our Agility is showing up in London, Nebraska and Oregon. Invite Agility to your show, the media and public love to attend and watch the cats run the course. 



Breed Awareness & Orientation School


The Judging Program Committee will be holding a Breed Awareness and Orientation School in conjunction with the National Show in Indianapolis in November 2011. More information will be available soon.   


Status on New Hires 


CFA has offered jobs to five new staff members who have accepted employment with CFA.  Their start dates will be staggered over the next few weeks; however, one started on Tuesday, 5/18/11. They will train in the Manasquan office for several weeks and then continue their employment at the Alliance office.  Interviews continue for more staff to replace current staff who have opted not to move with CFA to the new facility in Ohio.



Update on the Alliance OH Office


Rich Mastin provided the following report on 05/16/11:


- Carpets started going in today.
- All offices are painted.
- All drains have been snaked.
- Elevator work is complete and ready for tomorrow's inspection.

-   All Exterior Granite has been repaired/replaced/re-set, re-caulked and cleaned; it is now in the processes of being polished.

-  All Exterior metal on building is in the process of being cleaned and polished.

-  Windows; exterior frames to building have all been re-caulked and all glass to metal is in the processes of being  re-caulked inside & out.

-   Drywall in third floor offices is all hung.

-    Ceilings; more than ˝ of the offices grid, tiles and insulation is in.

-   Lighting; near ˝ of the offices are complete.

-   Computer cables to all office and server room are in.

-   Board room floor is in.

-    Bathrooms; gutted, ceilings and drywall complete and in the painting process, follors go in next week and then fixtures.

-   Solid surface floors in bathrooms and break-room begins Wednesday the 18th.

-   Security system (cameras, entry contacts, motion detectors and key pads) is in the process of being installed.

-   Exterior egress openings to fire escape have been cut.

-   Doors; third floor offices, bathrooms, fire escape and ground level exit have been ordered.

-   Replacing four more windows (two broken and two needing to be fire rated for fire escape).

-    Air defusers on third floor have been relocated and installed in offices where ceiling is ready.

-    Parking lot has been repaired and ready for striping.

-   All drains are being snaked and cleaned.

-   Fire escape on the back of the building and the modified sprinkler system for the basement is in the works.

-  Signage is the works.

- Offices should be ready for furniture on or near May 26th and computer system May 31st.



Legislation - What's Hot . . .


By Joan Miller, CFA Legislative Information Liaison                                                            



Trouble in Texas - HB 1451


The 1937 film, Trouble in Texas, starring Rita Hayworth and Tex Ritter, portrayed rodeo stars being killed with poisoned needles.   HB1451, dubbed the "HSUS Anti-Breeder - Pet Elimination Bill", targets cat and dog breeders in 2011.  Animal rights advocates are forcing HB1451 through the Texas legislature.  There is little time left to defeat this bill.  The legislative session ends on Monday May 30th.  



The ultimate anti-breeding goal is made clear by the President of Texas Humane Legislation Network (at a THLN Meeting, September 2010): "We have to take things slowly, passing laws in small increments. Just ensure that you get 'something' on the books, making it easier to pass increased provisions later."  THLN is the Texas HSUS affiliate and a strong backer of HB1451.   


CFA believes HB 1451 is fundamentally flawed and would be extremely burdensome for breeders with a complicated and expensive inspection/enforcement system.  We urge all cat fanciers in the United States to be aware of this bill.  If it passes in Texas it will be copied in other states. (more








Advertising for the Seacoast Cat Show in New Hampshire.




Star of the ad is Iams/CFA Ambassador Cat, GC,GP, NW Beauetchere Hopudance of Perzot owned by Shirley Peet and some others that don't matter to Hope.





















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