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January 2012 
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Jan. 24:  General Meeting

Feb. 14 Board Meeting

Feb. 28 General Meeting

Upcoming Trail Work Days
Our scheduled trail work days have ended for the winter season. Rest up and we'll get back to work in March or April. 
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MVTA in Pioneer Day Parade 2011
MVTA Members strut their style in the 2011 Pioneer Day Parade

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January General Meeting
Please come join us for the 1st general meeting of the year!
Our speaker for the night will be our own MVTA member Craig Rossiter who will show us pictures of horse camping, provide pertinent information, and share things
he has learned and possibly maps.
Tuesday, January 24th

Social time at 6:30pm; meeting will start at 7:00pm

Mt. Mikes Pizza, Placer Hills Rd., Meadow Vista

New Board Plans Events for Year

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, Christmas and a good start for the New Year! The MVTA Board had their first meeting of 2012 on January 10th, with one new member and some changing of positions for returning board members.


Barbara Peterson, our Treasurer from last year, has so graciously taken on the position of President. Claudia Booth, our previous President, has accepted the position of Vice President. Sherri Bloomfield, also on the board last year, has accepted the position of Treasurer. Our new member to the board is Andrew Gerhard, who brings to the board some good trail experience both in building, maintaining and through equestrian endurance. Returning members are Carrina Jones as our Secretary, and board members Craig Rossiter and Chris Sihner.


As always, our first board meeting of the year involves planning guest speakers for our General Meetings, and activities such as walks, runs, trail rides, horse shows, the Pioneer Day Parade, etc. We already have speaker suggestions for the first three months of this year and are working on securing them. We are open to suggestions for speakers at any of the upcoming meetings. Please send us a note if you have a suggestion or if you want to be our next speaker! It would be great to get a speaker from the Cyclist community.


The date for the Horse-N-Around Show is already set for Sunday, October 7th. Other events the board is working on, with no dates solidified yet are: a Run (humans), Poker Ride (equestrians), Dog Obstacle/Fun Day, and some organized Trail Hikes, Trail Rides and possibly some Camp outs. As always, we will participate in the Pioneer Day Parade and have a booth at the park. An organized Bike event would be nice, if we can find a member to volunteer to get it going. If you are interested, please contact us.
Trail Work and News
Even though the weather had been just great for hiking, cycling, horseback riding and even trimming of bushes and tree limbs, we decided to hold off on trail work. The return of rain will cause a huge blast of growth, so we are going to start at our normal time, which is usually March or April.

Meanwhile, if you find a problem on the trail, you can inform us via our website contact button. Please give as much detail as possible as to the problem and the location on the trail. We will gather up a group to take care of the problem as soon as we can. Remember, when out on the trail, if you take your small shears you can clip some of the small stuff as you go! Just make sure you are clipping plants on a designated trail and not on private property!

MV Arena / Dog Enclosure News 

Remember to pick up after your horses and dogs! There are doggie bags hanging on the gate in the Dog Enclosure. Please utilize them to pick up any doggie droppings and place them in any one of the garbage cans located near there. Horse owners, please pick up your horse manure from the Arena, Round Pen and Staging area. MVTA has provided manure rakes at both arenas and white buckets to collect the manure. Please dump the manure from the white bucket into the green trash can holders that are specifically for manure. Please do not place manure in the trash can that is for refuse, not manure.


Now that the rain has returned, please remember to let one dry day pass before you use the Arena or the Round Pen. Using them right after a rain day will cause our drainage to become impacted, causing puddles in the arena. Right now the drainage in the Arena and Round Pen is superb--let's keep it that way!

ALERT! Motorcyclist Harassing Horses

Equestrians beware! There have been a few incidents of a motorcyclist on Hillsdale Rd. coming up along side and/or behind rider and horse and gunning his motorcycle for the pure pleasure of watching the horses spook. If you see this, or it happens to you, please try to get as much information about the person and bike and report to the Sheriff's department. Suggestions have been made that if you have a camera on your phone to take a picture of the guy as he is causing havoc to riders. There is not much that MVTA can do about this problem, but the more calls the Sheriff receives and the more evidence obtained might cause the action to stop. Remember, call the Sheriff, do not confront this person on your own.


There is also a motorcyclist that uses the Sugar Pine Trail, which is a non-motorized trail; he should not be riding his bike there. If you see a motorbike on the trail, please get as much information as possible and contact the Sheriff's department. Again, our phone cameras are great tools for us out on the trail. The Sheriff's department is aware that the trail is for non-motorized use and they have acknowledged that they should be called. So please call and report.


Interested in obtaining a Tennessee Walking Horse, but can't find one at the right price? There might be a great opportunity for you. Please contact Claudia Booth, 530-637-1682, for further information.


Horse For Sale, Rescued TB, fleabitten white, big gelding (16H), has TB tattoo on inner lip and jockey has been in contact with rescue group. This horse rides very nicely, very soft in the mouth, very nice looking. Rescue is asking for a $500.00 adoption fee. Contact Claudia Booth 530-637-1682.



Making your Transaction Easier

Sherri Bloomfield, Realtor

Home (530) 878-0155

Office (530) 878-5100

16898 Placer Hills Rd.

Meadow Vista CA 95722

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