Magna cum Murder

crime writing festival

October 29-31, 2010

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Magna cum Murder
Halloween Costumes!
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Sponsored by
Ball State University
Muncie, Indiana

Magna cum Murder
Kathryn Kennison, Director

Steering Committee
Jama Kehoe Bigger
Austin Lugar
Nancy Lindley
Diane Watters
Kenny Jones
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Top Ten Reasons to Attend Magna this Year
(a la Dave Letterman - you know, the famous Ball State graduate!)

10.    You get to meet some of the world's best authors in one location.
9.       The cost of the entire conference is far less than a root canal, or maybe even a filling.
8.       The autumn foliage along the White River and around Ball State campus is beautiful.
7.       Muncie, Indiana is filled with wonderful, friendly, smart people. Wait until you meet the folks at the Horizon Convention Center!
6.       "Survivor" or "Dancing with the Stars" isn't on that weekend.
5.       Meet the author, buy the book, read the book, share the book.
4         You don't need eHarmony to find lots of people you have something in common with.
3.       It's the only crime writing festival actually held on Halloween.
2.       We missed seeing you because of last year's hiatus.

The Number #1 reason to attend Magna this year is....

So take a step forward, register online today at

As a crazy incentive, we will give a copy of our new cookbook, Suspiciously Delicious, to the next 20 participants who register and pay for the entire conference or a portion.
Halloween Costumes!

Since this year's Magna cum Murder is Halloween weekend, you can pack your favorite costume and wear it to the Saturday evening banquet!

There may be a parade or prizes involved.....
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