Are you ready for race season? 

We continue to have great feedback and interest in our swim clinics.  New clinic has been added to start April 22nd! 
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Training Programs
Spring-Summer Clinics
Spring-Summer Clinics & Camps
Spring-Summer  Programs 
Swim Clinic
Columbia, MD

Three Pool sessions
Improve Breathing & Control
Improve Body Position & Rotation
Price: $95
Coach: Pam Williams

Flat, Hot & Windy
May 6th
Cambridge, MD
Terenzo Bozzone 2010 finish


Enjoy the Black Water Refuge as you prepare for your long course race.
Mental Aspects of Training & Racing
Open Water Swim Strategies
Dealing with High Winds on a Flat Course
Run Sessions to Increase Speed
Methods to Handle High Heat & Humidity


Price: $125

Coaches: Tracy Maccherola, Rebecca Fox, Lois Narr, Samantha Maccherola


Open Water Clinics
May 19th, June 3rd, July 15th
Gunpowder State Park,
Chase, MD


Experience open water before race day!

You have spent the winter in a pool, now is the time to put what you learned this winter into practice into practice and learn techniques so you are ready for race day.

Open Water Swim Strategies
Improve Breath Control
Improve Sighting
Techniques to Relax 
Price: $65
Coach: Pam Williams
Spring-Summer Programs

Bike Clinics

June 2nd, July 8th, July 29th, Aug 5th

Columbia, MD


 "How to" successfully conquer Iron Girl/Celebration Bike Course


Coaches will work with each group to provide instruction on technique & will ride with group working on how to attack or survive course.  Alternate routes will be offered as an option on June 2nd & July 8th.  Multiple distances will be offered for all rides.  Group will be broken up into smaller groups.


Price: $25




Summer Camp
June 25th-29th
July 9th-13th
Columbia, MD
5th- 10th Grade Students
Five Day Summer Camp!
Participants will learn sport specific techniques and training tools while building a foundation for personal success as an athlete.  Camp promotes fun, safety, camaraderie & solid instruction.  Kids will develop their skills in swimming, biking, running and transition. Camp will also include other activities!
Price: $265-$305 per week
Train Safe & Have Fun!
EagleMan Runner 


Learn 2 Tri was conceived to address the concern about the rapid rise of obesity and inactivity that kids and teens are experiencing in our schools and outside of school.  TriColumbia has partnered with the Howard County Public School Office of Health and Physical Education and Dorchester County Public Schools in incorporating Learn 2 Tri as part of the physical education curriculum.  This program will engage students in all three triathlon activities (swim, bike and run) and will demonstrate the benefits of triathlon as a life time sport.  Learn 2 Tri provides students with the skills, knowledge and confidence to maintain an active lifestyle.  This fun-filled program focuses on promoting health and fitness to all students.  Please support the program by purchasing Lock Laces! 
Contact for more information.