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The New Year brings excitement as we look forward to the coming triathlon season.   Whether you have been thinking about improving your performance or you are new to the sport, take the time to sign up for one of TriColumbia's clinics! 
Celebrate LIFE!
Columbia Triathlon Association
Training Programs
Winter Clinics & Camps
Spring Clinics & Camps
Winter Programs 
Indoor Bike Class
Columbia, MD
Iron Girl Biker
Improve your bike performance by working on techniques that will make the difference

Eight Week Indoor Session on Trainers- Monday AM Session
Improve Conditioning
Improve Strength & Speed
 Improve Gearing & Cadence
 Price: $100
Swim Camp
Columbia, MD
IG SwimWave
Ideal for the athlete who is looking to be more efficient and less winded during the swim

Four Week Pool Session
Improve Technique & Efficiency
Improve Breathing Control
Improve Body Position & Rotation
Price: $120
Triathlon Basic Camp
Columbia, MD
timing clock
Ideal for the athlete who is new to the sport or looking for instruction and a training plan
   Four Week Session
Personalized Attention by Coaches
Improved Techniques in Swim, Bike & Run
3 Month Nutritional Plan
12 Week Training Program 
Price: $200
Spring Programs
Open Water Swim Clinics
Gunpowder State Park,
Chase, MD
May 19th, June 3rd & July
15th, 2012

CM Swim
Experience Open Water before Race Day
Practice and learn techniques so you are ready and comfortable on race day

Open Water Swim Strategies
Improving Breath Control
Improve Sighting
Techniques to Relax 
Price: $65

Give your life Endurance!
BOD POD- Mobile Be Fit-Test: Metabolic & Body Composition Tracking System. 
Is your Lean Mass Gain offsetting your fat loss on the scale?
Is your workout increasing your metabolism, making you a more efficient machine?The average person loses 3%-5% of their lean mass between the ages of 40-50.  This can significantly decrease the metabolism and slow the fat burning process.  However, it is preventable and reversible. 

Contact Be Fit-Test, LLC matt@befittest.com 410-353-2791 to schedule your appointment and receive a $5 discount on your test.  www.befittest.com for testing locations. 
Offer Expires: March 1st, 2012.  Print coupon and take to appointment for confirmation, check will be sent to you after session.