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September News From TriColumbia



Welcome to the September issue of the TriColumbia E-Newsletter. Fall is here and with it comes the end to our 2011 season.  In just about a week, our last 2011 event, The ChesapeakeMan Endurance Festival, will be completed.  We at TriColumbia salute and congratulate our amazing athletes, volunteers, charity teams, sponsors and supporters! Not only did our participants achieve their goals and create lifelong memories, but so many lives have been touched through the extraordinary fundraising and advocacy efforts of charities and teams, and by each athletes who chose to race with our non-profit. 


With the close of the 2011 season, comes the opening of the 2012 season. The 2012 Ironman 70.3 EagleMan, the 2012 Columbia Triathlon, and the Inaugural Iron Girl Columbia 1/2 Marathon & Coed 5K are now open for registration. These races are filling up quickly so don't delay - visit our website to sign up today! Check out our entire race calendar, and begin planning your 2012 season!     


Celebrate Life,

Robert Vigorito, Level 2 Race Director, and The TriColumbia Team  



Two New Events On The 2012 TriColumbia Race Calendar
Iron Girl Columbia Half Marathon TriColumbia is proud to announce two brand new additions to our 2012 Race Season - The Iron Girl Columbia 1/2 Marathon & Coed 5K on April 29, 2012, and The Blackwater Duathlon (USAT National Long Course Duathlon Championship) on June 3, 2012.

Building on the wildly popular, Iron Girl Columbia Triathlon, the 1/2 Marathon will be TriColumbia's second "Iron Girl" event among our family of races. Joan Benoit Samuelson, the inaugural Gold Medalist in the Women's Olympic Marathon, is the spokesperson, and will be running in the event as well.

The first of its kind in the Mid Atlantic, this inspirational all women's event is about empowering women toward a healthy lifestyle, and celebrating your unique grace as you journey toward the finish line. Join other women on the quest to live better, and challenge yourself to be the best that you can be!

Produced to benefit the Claudia Mayer Cancer Resource Center, Howard County General Hospital's resource to assist those living and coping with cancer, the Iron Girl Columbia 1/2 Marathon & 5K, seeks to raise money and awareness for this amazing facility. With a passion for women's health and fitness, Samuelson is pleased to be the face of this event.

The Blackwater Duathlon will take place on Maryland's Eastern Shore, and will travel through one of the most beautiful and revered wildlife refuges in the country.  This event has been chosen as the 2012 USAT National Long Course Duathlon Championship.  Registration will open on October 17, 2011. More information will be coming soon on our website, so stay tuned!

Charitiy Teams Raise Thousands Through Participation In TriColumbia Events
TriColumbia Logo web TriColumbia is thrilled to report that charity teams have raised thousands of dollars to support worthy causes. Charity teams included Team Circle, Team Embrace, Team Fight, Team PVA, Team ASA, TNT, Team Inspiration, CAF, Team Winter Growth, Team COLLEEN & ERIN, Team Ma Ficker, Blazeman Warriors, Team Conquer & Team WIN-THE-FIGHT. (check out their missions on our website.)

Team ASN supports the Active Survivors Network that connects people whose lives have been affected by serious illness, disease and accidents with the support and resources they need to remain active, and heightens public awareness of survivor disabilities through advocacy and education. Team ASN reports that the team raised $25,000 through participation at the Athleta Iron Girl Columbia Triathlon.  The funds will be used to support ASN programs including Yoga for Cancer. Team ASN at Iron Girl included athletes living with and/or surviving Breast Cancer, Brain Tumor, Crohn's, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Parkinson's and joint replacement, as well as a brand new mom, and 10 women over 50 and 7 first time triathletes!

Team Winter Growth, with only 5 members participating at the 2011 Athleta Iron Girl Columbia Triathlon has raised over $6000. so far. Funds will be used to provide senior day program services to those who are unable to afford them.

TriColumbia is a non-profit organization, and is proud to support these charities through both direct contributions as well as by providing slots to closed events.  Thank you for racing with TriColumbia and helping us make a difference in the lives of individuals in need.

Half Of Americans Projected To Be Obese in 2030 - Fitness Can Combat Trend

TriColumbia is committed to our mission of providing premier endurance events that promote lifelong health and fitness. Fitness and exercise can combat the growing epidemic of obesity that contributes to chronic health problems including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. We are pleased to have expanded our scope this year to include training and fitness programs for both children and adults.

Researchers from Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health used epidemiological and outcomes data in the literature to estimate the disease burdens that would result from the growing prevalence of obesity. They predict that if the current epidemic goes unchecked the health and economic toll will be huge.  The following impacts can be expected:
- 6 to 8.5 million more people with diabetes
- 5.7 to 7.3 million more cases of heart disease and stroke
- 490,000 to 670,000 additional cancers
- 26 to 55 million quality-adjusted life-years lost
Reduced productivity and increased medical costs would increase by hundreds of billions as well.


Major ALS Breakthrough Thanks In Part To Blazeman Foundation               

Blazeman Foundation Logo TriColumbia is excited to share news of a recent breakthrough in ALS research by Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine researchers, who have discovered a common cause of all forms of ALS.  The research has been funded, in part, by Blazeman Warriors who have raised funds for the Blazeman Foundation. The discovery is a broken down recycling protein system in the neurons of the spinal cord and brain in ALS patients.  This discovery will lead to targeted research to find treatments that will address this pathway. 

Read more about this exciting breakthrough here.

Make-A-Wish Foundation® Of The Mid Atlantic Made Lauren's Wish Come True

Make-A-Wish Triathlon logo Ten-year-old Lauren from Bristow, Virginia enjoys what many other 10-year-old girls enjoy: Judy Blume books, nachos, the Twilight series, and of course, the Jonas Brothers. When Lauren was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, her life changed to hospital visits, needles and treatments. She and her parents, along with her twin brother and little sister longed for some fun together. When Lauren found out that she was eligible for a wish from the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of the Mid-Atlantic, she knew a tropical adventure with her family was just the ticket.
 Lauren and her family packed their bags for a 7-day trip to the island of Oahu. Upon landing, they traveled to their fabulous hotel with leis around their neck, already forgetting the hospitals and treatments. Lauren had some must-do activities to check off her list during her stay in Hawaii: Boogie-boarding, attending a luau, hiking to a volcano, swimming in the Wet 'n' Wild theme park, and swimming with dolphins. Lauren was all smiles as she fulfilled each activity on her list. This is one trip that Lauren and her family will never forget.

The Make-A-Wish At Sea Colony is set to take place on September 24, 2011.  Proceeds from the event benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation® of the Mid-Atlantic and provide funding to help children like Lauren.
  RackjacketTriColumbia Protects The Environment

As many of you know, we have banned the use of plastic bags of any kind on bikes stored overnight in the transition areas. The bags fall off, blow off, or are simply left behind. If you attempt to use plastic bags, staff will remove them.
TriColumbia and Endurafit are pleased to announce a brand new product, The Rack Jacket, an alternative to using trash bags to cover your bike. We fully embrace the "leave no trace behind" concept, and strive to eliminate litter produced at our events. You may also use an old swim cap to over your bike seat if you like.
The Rack Jacket is the essential item for those of you who wish to protect your bike from the elements.

Key Benefits of the Rack Jacket are:
  • Designed specifically for triathlon bike racks
  • Made of highly water resistant ripstop nylon
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reusable
  • Cord locks and Velcro straps keep it securely fastened in windy conditions
  • Reasonably priced
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Team orders are welcome  
  Click here to order the rackjacket and other TriColumbia Gear

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event_schedule2012 Event Schedule
April 29, 2012 - Iron Girl Columbia 1/2 Marathon & Coed 5K - Registration is open

May 20, 2012 - Columbia Triathlon
Registration is open

June 3, 2012 - Blackwater Duathlon - USAT National Long Course Duathlon Championship - Registration opens on 10/17/11


June 10, 2012 - Ironman 70.3 EagleMan Triathlon & AquaVelo  - Registration is open.
**The EagleMan 2012 Aqua Velo has been named by the USAT Mid Atlantic Regional Committee as the 2012 Regional Championship.

June 24, 2012 - Celebrating Heroes Triathlon  Registration opens on 11/14/11

July 22, 2012 - TriColumbia Kidz Triathlon   Registration opens on 1/9/12 

August 19, 2012 - Iron Girl Columbia Triathlon -
Registration opens on 11/7/11

September 22, 2012  -Make-a-Wish Triathlon

September 29, 2012 - ChesapeakeMan Endurance Festival featuring the Ultra Distance Triathlon, Skipjack 75.2 Triathlon, AquaVelo, and The Bugeye Sprint - Registration opens on 1/2/12

** The ChesapeakeMan Ultra Distance Triathlon has been designated as the 2012 USAT Mid Atlantic Championship and was named by Triathlete Magazine as a "Best 140.6"

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