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Whether you're new to triathlon or simply want to kick up your skill sets, TriColumbia is here to help.
Introducing TriColumbia Training, providing clinics and training programs to prepare and support athletes at all levels (including kids) for endurance events. TriColumbia's coaching team is staffed by individuals who are recognized for their depth of experience and expertise in a single sport (swimming, biking or running.) These specialists work together to bring the same level of excellence to training that TriColumbia has brought to triathlon and running events for nearly 30 years.  Our goal is to produce the most effective training programs which will encompass all the components required to help you get to the top of your game.  Programs are designed to insure athletes participating in events have a positive experience during the preparation stage as well as on race day.

Upcoming clinics include:  

TriColumbia Kidz & Teens Triathlon Skills Clinic - June 4, 2011
TriColumbia Open Water Swim & Transition Clinic (for all levels) - June 5, 2011
TriColumbia Iron Girl/Sprint Triathlon Skills Clinic - June 18, 2011

Sign up today and see the difference our clinics can make for you!

Celebrate Life,

Robert Vigorito and The TriColumbia Team 

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TriColumbia Coaches

Anne Johnson, Director of Triathlon and Wellness Training, has a passion for helping athletes achieve fitness goals. She has a unique blend of operations and marketing experience in both the private and nonprofit sectors. In addition, she has played key leadership roles in the Junior League of Baltimore and Howard County Tourism. She is an Ironman finisher and has competed numerous times in the Ironman EagleMan 70.3, Columbia Triathlon and Iron Girl.  Anne has a USA Triathlon Level 1 Coaching Certification, and an IYCA Youth Fitness Specialist Level 1 Coach Certification.

Margaret "Mei Mei" Connor learned at an early age that water is a haven, and to be respected.  As a former High School All-American swimmer, Mei Mei continues to embrace her passion for any body of water - pool, lake, river and ocean.  Over 15 years ago, as a swim instructor and coach, it became evident to Mei Mei that many people struggle to swim in the water.  She coaches all levels of swimmers- beginner to Ironman - to help them achieve their desired goals. Mei Mei is a Masters swimmer, and a Level II Masters Swim Coach.

Suzy Serpico teaches Elementary P.E. for the Howard County School System.  Suzy is energized by the opportunity to educate people of all ages about the importance of living a healthy and physical lifestyle. She does this through teaching and mentoring the triathlon lifestyle. This is her passion.  According to USA Triathlon, Suzy is ranked 2nd overall female in the Mid-Atlantic Region and 1st age group female. Suzy is also ranked by USAT as 6th in the USA for females 30-34.

Pam Williams was a Division II All-American Swimmer, and 3 year collegiate All-Conference Swimmer - Division II.  She has over 15 years as a swim instructor specializing in Adult Fitness Swimming and Technique Instruction (Total Immersion Swimming).  Pam is recognized for her ability to help athletes at all levels become more efficient swimmers resulting in a more relaxed swimming technique which translates into significantly improved times. She has competed in numerous triathlons, and understands the unique challenges faced by the triathlete.  Pam also has competed in open water swims including the Bay Bridge 4.4 mile swim.

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Go Buggy at The ChesapeakeMan Endurance Festival          
If you're looking for a sprint level race to end your season of training, or simply looking for a fun way to fill your time while cheering on a friend or family member participating in the ChesapeakeMan Ultra,  AquaVelo, or Skipjack 75.2, TriColumbia's brand new Bugeye Sprint is for you! 

The Bugeye
140.6 Best Race logo brings the total events for the ChesapeakeMan Endurance Festival to four, one for every level of ability. Triathlon Magazine's March 2010 issue named the ChesapeakeMan Ultra Distance event a "140.6 Best Race," and The Ultra Distance event is the USAT Mid Atlantic Championship Ultra Distance race. Utilizing portions of TriColumbia's world-renown Ironman 70.3 EagleMan course, the festival takes place on September 24th, when the summer temperatures are easing.  All events are still open for registration; so don't miss this gem of an endurance festival, and come experience what everyone is raving about!
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TriColumbia Kidz Triathlon & The Maryland Youth Triathlon Series
TriColumbia Kidz Triathlon on July 24, 2011 will be part of the Maryland Youth Triathlon Series, the first of its kind youth triathlon series in Maryland, promoting sun-safe practices, encouraging healthy lifestyle choices through multisport, and showing kids that winning is finishing what you start!
MYTS logo
Kids, come get your swim, bike and run on! With four premier youth triathlons all within an hour of each other, there has never been a better time to try a triathlon - or add a second, third or fourth to your race calendar!  Hunter Lussi, teen spokesman for the MYTS will be present at each event, and all children competing in participating events will receive a copy of Hunter Lussi's book, America, Get Off The Couch.  All children completing two or more Maryland Youth Triathlon Series events will receive a certificate of recognition from the State of Maryland. Do three or more and get a sun safe MYTS hat. Receive an entry for each race completed to win a cool raffle prize worth $40. The more events you complete, the better your chances and the more fit you become! Individual event registrations are now open and space is limited, so sign up now.

And we have the training clinic to help every child cross the finish line with confidence.  Sign up for the  TriColumbia Kidz & Teens Triathlon Clinic on June 4, 2011 today!

Register for the TriColumbia Kidz Triathlon  
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TriColumbia Training Rides With Princeton Sports and The Mid-Maryland Tri Club

Princeton Sports the Official Bike Shop of The Columbia Triathlon for over 25 years, and the Mid-Maryland Triathlon Club, continue the Sunday morning training rides. Next Saturday, May 14th they will ride Columbia Triathlon route, and beginning on May 29th, they will ride the Celebration/Iron Girl route.

Everyone is welcome and no one is left behind. Instruction available for all levels of basic riding techniques, and a sag vehicle is available in case there are mechanical issues or if you just get tired.

Rides originate at Princeton Sports, 10730 Little Patuxent Parkway, Columbia, MD 21044. Rides will not take place in the rain. A road bike is recommended, and helmets and signed waivers are required.

Download a map of the route

Questions? Just contact Bike Department Manager, Zach Hyland at (410) 995-1894 or zach@princetonsports.com
Fitness Concepts logo
Training Tips from Fitness Concepts
The Ups and Downs of Hill Running
2011 by Ken Mierke
Imagine racing stride for stride with a runner who is just a bit stronger than you.  With heart rate redlined, breathing right on the edge of being out-of-control, and legs burning, you know you won't last much longer at this speed.  The road turns downhill and you squirt forward as if propelled by a rocket-booster, gapping your stunned opponent.  By the end of the downhill, you have a 20-yard lead, heart rate and breathing have returned to sustainable levels and your legs feel bouncy again.  This doesn't have to remain a fantasy.

Also, check out all products and clinics offered at www.FitnessWerx.com.  Enter discount code "CTA" at check out to receive a 10% discount!
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event_schedule2011 Event Schedule
May 22, 2011 - Columbia TriathlonGeneral Registration is now closed.

June 12, 2011 - Subaru Ironman 70.3 EagleMan Triathlon  General Registration for the triathlon is now closed, but there are limited additional Charity slots  available.
**The EagleMan 2011 Aqua Velo has been named by the USAT Mid Atlantic Regional Committee as the 2011 Regional Championship for 2011. Registration is still open for EagleMan Aqua Velo.

June 26, 2011 - Celebration Sprint Triathlon  Registration is open.

July 24, 2011 - TriColumbia Kidz Triathlon   Registration is open.

August 21, 2010 -Athleta Iron Girl Columbia Triathlon
General Registration is now closed, but there are limited additional Charity slots available.

September 24, 2011 - ChesapeakeMan Endurance Festival featuring the Ultra Distance Triathlon named by Triathlete Magazine as a "Best 140.6", Skipjack 75.2 Triathlon, and Aqua Velo, and The Bugeye Sprint
** The ChesapeakeMan Ultra Distance Triathlon has been designated as the 2011 USAT Mid Atlantic Championship. Registration is open.

September 24, 2011  -Make-a-Wish Triathlon

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Frequently Asked Questions & ResourcesFAQ's Question Mark
If you're not sure about some of the rules & regulations for CTA's races or if you're just looking for answers to commonly asked questions, download the FAQ  

Nutrition is a key component to proper training and racing. TriColumbia sponsor, Hammer Nutrition, has an extensive resource page 

If you still have questions about specific races, feel free to email us